“A Traveler’s Story”

Video Transcript

Colonel: “Last year, a gentleman in uh, Huntsville, Alabama, and he ordered one of our travel bags. And so he had to leave that afternoon, and so he packed a bag and went to the airport, and it was on uh, the Thanksgiving weekend which is I think the largest travel day of the year or something, that Saturday or something. And so he was in line, he finally got up to check his luggage through and the guys took his bag aside there, you know, and looked at it and the guy called another guy over and they looked at it with him. And you know, this bag has some copper tubing on it and everything and so he kind of volunteered and said, ‘hey, that’s my bag. Is there something, you know, wrong?’, and um, people, you know, were lined up, huge line and everything. And the guys said, ‘where did you get this bag?’ And he said ‘well, it’s a Colonel Littleton bag’, and he said, ‘we’ve never seen anything like it. This is the greatest bag we’ve ever seen.’ You know, and all the people for Thanksgiving were waiting in line and they were admiring this Colonel Littleton bag. So, when you hear stories like that, I think that’s kind of neat. “

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