man writing on 10 american cherry wood and leather writing board
man writing on 10 american cherry wood and leather writing board
no10 american cherry wood writing board with leather straps
no10 american cherry wood writing board with leather straps and personalized plate
no10 american cherry wood writing board with leather corner pockets
no10 american cherry wood and leather writing board
no10 american cherry wood writing board with leather straps
no10 american cherry wood writing board with leather straps

No. 10 Writing Board

Set up anywhere with this leather trimmed wooden lap desk – great for laptops, tablets, & books!



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    • American Cherry with brass, copper, and leather 
    • Lap desk dimensions: 20″ x 16” x 0.5″, 3 lbs
    • Conveniently holds pen/pencil, cards, notes, papers, etc.
    • May be personalized with up to 3 initials on solid brass plate
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

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Ultra Convenient Wooden Lap Desk, No. 10 Writing Board

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that’s how this lap desk was born. Perfectly suited to writing from a chair and loaded with conveniences like rare earth magnets, straps and gutter for securing writing utensils, brass screws to hold an assortment of papers, and more – it’s no wonder this writing board is a Colonel favorite! So unique he’s even patented it (U.S. Patent D657419).

Since I write from a chair more often than at a desk, I expended a little creative effort to make my life easier. The result is the No. 10 Writing Board Lap Desk.

– Colonel Littleton

Four brass screws spaced across the top hold an assortment of papers, while four leather straps secure your writing instrument. There’s also a pencil gutter and two small leather corner pockets to hold cards or notes. A copper tube at the bottom prevents your book or papers from sliding off the board. Two rare earth magnets on each side hold paper clips, pens, scissors, etc. The Writing Board is also handy for supporting your laptop or iPad®*.

  • Handmade American Cherry lap desk: 20″ x 16” x 0.5″, 3 lbs
  • Made in Lynnville, TN, USA by one of our local craftsmen
  • May be personalized with three initials on brass plate
  • Warranted

*iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
U.S. Patent D657419

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  1. I purchased back in 2020 – apologies for being tardy but thought I submitted a review. Being at home more with the bug going around, I was looking at options for a “mobile desk” and being used to the Colonel’s quality, I opted for the No. 10. Very pleased and the more I use it, the more I prefer to sitting at my regular desk.

    allen4501 (verified owner)

  2. Just received my new #10 writing board. As always, the customer service, shipping and product are superior. This winter I am looking forward to sitting beside fire and not dropping my books to the floor when I fall asleep.


  3. Used my new number 10 writing board for the first time today and I am very pleased with the quality and appearance of the product. The desk is well made and solid with a warm color. The brass screws work very well holding note cards and paper. I look forward to many years of use. Thank you for another fine product.

    dgiov (verified owner)

  4. Ordered this for my wife as a gift. She is always sending out cards of all types and no desk to work on. She loves it to keep all items organized in one place. We are very pleased with the beauty and craftsmanship. Also had it personalized. Great product and very unique!

    Clint Burge (verified owner)

  5. I have wanted a No. 10 writing board for a number of years, and my wife surprised me with one for Christmas this year. I like it more than I expected. It is perfect for so many tasks when it’s time to escape the home office.


  6. Try it, you will love it. Had to order a second one for my wife… she wanted to confiscate mine.


  7. After looking at the #10 board for several years I decided to add it to my Col Littleton collection. I can say I love it, whether using it on my lap to hold my iPad, Mac book or a hard copy reading book or paying bills it does the trick. My wife questions some of my purchases, I think in this case, she really likes it, who knows, Santa might just bring her one. It is the perfect size for at home, the number 9 could be added to my work tool box.
    Keep doing what you do well Col.


    bushtrailrider (verified owner)

  8. Received my board today. What an amazing piece of practical equipment. In the auction and land business this is a vital piece, in my opinion.

    The beauty and craftsmanship is amazing. The coaster was a nice treat and the moon pie was even more of a surprise.

    Col. Littleton has a customer for life with me. It is only my hope to one day shake his hand.


  9. Wow, I received mine today. I’m very impressed with the quality. I’m certain to use this for many years to come. Also, the customer service was outstanding. Thanks so much for an exceptional product.

    stallingsphotography (verified owner)

  10. I am writing this review on my IPad using my No. 10 Writing Board. It is extremely well-made and easy to use. I bought this since I am now working from home, for the first time in my 30-year career. I hesitated buying it because of the price; but, I decided to go ahead and purchase it and I am so glad that I did! Not only is it good for writing, but also for reading and working on my IPad. I look forward to having this for many years to come.

    jffarmer1 (verified owner)

  11. Since the quarantine nothing to do but shop online. I own many, many pieces of the the colonels collection and the #10 writing board is one of my newest. I received this old world piece of art and I can say it is better in person than you can imagine.

    I take it with me from room to room and is light and extremely sturdy. Worth every penny!

    Thanks for the old world quality Colonel…..

    David S

    David S (verified owner)

  12. Why did I wait so long to purchase this perfect home office tool!!! Used it for two days and I could not be happier. Beautiful and rugged. Thought it may be too heavy for my lap and legs, but it is lighter than it looks. Hope to get up to Lynnville from Athens once this lock down is past. Thank you all and stay safe.

    p.s. This rainy Thursday is leather care day. Using the gift bottle of “Leather Care” packed with my purchase. Thanks again.

    Michael (verified owner)

  13. Like everything the Colonel creates, this wonderful board hearkens back to an era where craftsmanship and execution were watchwords to live by. The design of this board is timeless, the execution and design are flawless, its utility is endless, and the craftsmanship is far beyond merely superb. I went with the larger version, while my wife was enthralled to receive and use the medium version, which I will probably add for travel purposes as well. The attention to detail and numerous added features all add to the enjoyment of these products. We simply cannot tell you how much we appreciate the Colonel and his colleagues making these timeless, unique, useful, and exquisite designs available. These boards truly put the fun back in writing, whether pen, pencil, or iPad, and make the writing process comfortable no matter the seating arrangement. Thanks Colonel!!!!!!

    Gary (verified owner)

  14. This is the most luxurious and useful writing tool I have ever purchased! The quality is exquisite. I was so happy with this product, that I ordered a smaller board to use while on the road! Thank you again, Colonel Littleton family for creating such wonderful items!

    jemgttexas (verified owner)

  15. Just as described and perfect for working late or writing in your favorite journal. The craftsmanship is at standards expected of this high end company. Every detail is useful and as described. Highly recommend to anyone who works away from their desk from time to time.

    jsmit197 (verified owner)

  16. What a beautiful work of art and so functional. It’s like a piece of furniture. I love using it for reading and study. It came packaged with so much care. And a surprise of a package of Col Littleton’s coffee. I wish I had purchased sooner. So happy to have it now.

    angelband (verified owner)

  17. Excellent quality as always and very functional. It is a good size, but I wish was little larger.

    jimmykemp74 (verified owner)

  18. Alright. I admit it. I work in the office and I work in the living room as well. I also write in my journal in the same room. I can spend time with my wife and still get things done. I had a nice lap table but it wasn’t large enough to allow the journal or paper to be moved out of the way while I made notes on other papers. I wondered about the thickness of this board, if this is comfortable to use, etc. It looked nice in the picture and it seems to have some nice amenities, but….. I have many Littleton items and so I took the chance. I love this board. My wife looked at it and said that it looked better than in the picture. She is right. No need to shop for anything else. This satisfies my needs nicely.


  19. So if you’re reading this review… You are already hooked. Buy this! Stop deliberating. It is not too much.
    I have been using it every day for over a month and absolutely love it. Worth every penny… What is a letter to those you love worth? This will help you be inspired.

    Perfect size and weight. Great product – I am glad that I invested…. the return has been more that I imagined!


  20. As an author, I decided to purchase Colonel Littleton’s Writing Board, as a gift to myself for the completion of my 3rd book. “After all,” I reasoned to my wife, “I have to sign many of the books that are sent out and, because of that, I need something to write on.” Little did I know that I was going to use Colonel Littleton’s Writing Board almost every day and for a multitude of purposes! Classy, well built, functional, and BEAUTIFUL… you just don’t get too much better than this, folks!

    barjudah (verified owner)

  21. I had my eye on this writing board for a while, and I finally decided to buy it. Like others, I was somewhat concerned about its size at first, but that fear was put to rest when I put the board to use. It really is remarkably light, and it’s incredibly smooth to write on. The holding screws at the top are perfect (I use the two on the right to hold legal pad paper when taking notes or brainstorming). The copper rod on the bottom is similarly excellent. The only improvement I could think of would possibly be more firmly affixing the copper rod to the bottom. It’s firmly held in place by leather straps/encasing, but there’s a very minuscule gap between the rod and the board so a single sheet of paper could slide through. Nevertheless, the rod is perfect for keeping books and other things in place. Heartily recommend!

    dan.farlow (verified owner)

  22. I received this for Christmas. I was initially concerned that the size or weight would make this too bulky to be functional. I was wrong. The board is just the right size to be useful. Not too big or too small. For being all wood, it is surprisingly light. Lots of useful features make settling in an writing a joy.


  23. Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect construction, PERFECT ITEM!!! Love, love, love it!!! Thanks, Col. 🙂

    rbutler143 (verified owner)

  24. WOW!! We ordered this for my father-in-law as a Father’s day gift. It was unbelievable and an unbelievable hit. It was perfect. Needless to say I will have to have one for myself very soon.

  25. It’s exactly what it looks like, but better.

    I was worried that it might be too heavy, since it’s made out of wood, but it’s actually very light. The construction is solid and the hardware looks amazing.

    It’s perfect for drawing and writing while on the couch while watching a Blu-Ray of Star Trek The Next Generation.

    Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to take their workstation with them onto the couch. 😀

    arctic105 (verified owner)

  26. This writing desk is perfect. Everything is perfect about it. I use it daily to pay bills, write notes all from the couch or chair. I keep all my things i need on it and i bring it all over the house… Extremely useful and well worth the money.

    jpilot62 (verified owner)

  27. This is a beautiful piece. Just right for getting a few paperwork items done while relaxing in my chair.

    jbklawyer (verified owner)

  28. This little desk has quickly become my favorite possession. Saved up for it, and thought is it worth that this for a lap desk? It’s here and I’m carrying this thing all over the house. Fits perfect when I’m in my LazyBoy chair. Get to do some
    more good old fashioned handwriting. Impressive and functional.

    meh333 (verified owner)

  29. Received my No. 10 Writing Board Dec.2016. The craftsmanship is second to none and the details exemplary. I included my monogram which was a fitting crown to a spectacular lap desk. The rare earth magnets are super strong as is the hardware & leather details. You won’t go wrong ordering this piece!


  30. Got this for Christmas, and it rocks. It is a perfect size, with the right accessories, in the best places, which combines into an amazing writing board. The biggest issue is that my dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, gets jealous when he can’t jump into my lap and barks at me until I move the writing board. Not a bad problem to have…
    Great work and great craftsmanship.


  31. I too, contemplated purchasing this writing board for quite a long time. I saved up to treat myself, and what I had perceived to be a luxury item, has now turned out to be a necessity, leaving me wondering how I ever survived without it. Like all of the colonel’s items, the quality exceeds expectations. The cost is commensurate with the quality, and to be honest, given the options available in the marketplace, I would be willing to pay twice as much knowing I am receiving an heirloom quality item secure in the knowledge it is being made in AMERICA by our own skilled craftsmen who actually take pride in applying their craft to create a high quality item, which will last for years! Saving now to buy one for my son as well! Glad to have this company as an option, colonel,

    brianj400 (verified owner)

    Purchase this early for his birthday. He is in his JAZZY CHAIR most of the day and it will work out well for doing things in his wheel chair as well as his time in a hospital bed. So glad our son gave us gifts from THE COL. Your items are excellent for gifts or for myself. Enjoyed the “MOON PIE” too!

    REBELTHEBEAGLE (verified owner)

  33. As others have noted, the writing board appears small when you first receive it, but turns out to be the perfect size. The design is spot on, and the workmanship is gorgeous. My teen-age son (who helped pick it out) said he wants it when I die. I’m planning to get decades of use from it first–and have no doubt it will last.


  34. Just the right size. Wonderful with a lap top computer as it keeps the computer’s air vent clear for cooling. Copper tube keeps pencils etc from rolling off, develops a nice patina and is comfortable on the wrist. Great for writing or using a portable computer.


  35. Received this writing board for my birthday and truly love it. My job requires a lot of reading, writing, and editing. Often I am far more productive sitting in my comfortable leather chair instead of at my desk. This board allows me to easily rest my pens, pencil, and highlighter as well as paperclips and such while I work. It is the perfect size and very comfortable. Great design Colonel!

    Ed (verified owner)

  36. Absolutely Amazing !!
    Received my No. 10 writing board from my wife as a surprise birthday gift. Had my eye on it for a while.
    Every item of the Colonels carries high expectations but this like ALL others exceeds them. Absolutely Exquisite, High attention to detail, and Very functional. You wont go wrong in choosing this one.
    Well done Colonel !!


  37. My wife and I purchased each other this writing board for our 52nd wedding anniversary, and we both love them. The craftsmanship is superb and they are perfect for writing and holding reading material as we relax in our favorite easy chairs. Another excellent product from the Colonel.


  38. Perfect to keep beside your favorite chair and write on, put laptop on, etc. Recommend…

    David L (verified owner)

  39. I looked at this for a couple of years and finally decided that I would use it often enough to make it worthwhile. It has significantly exceeded my expectations. I should not be surprised because every Colonel Littleton product has. The writing board work incredibly well and looks great! Thanks Colonel

    Bob (verified owner)

  40. A great writing board. Like many others, I had concerns with the apparent size but rest assured, when the board arrives, you will find it to be a perfect size. Just used it last night to sit in my chair and write out this years Christmas cards. Pen stayed stowed away, stamps and envelopes stay anchored under the brass screws, all while I wrote. It’s a wonderful gift for someone.


  41. At home I write while in my chair. Now that I have the No. 10 Writing Board every thing is organized for efficient and enjoyable writing.

    jandjsimmons (verified owner)

  42. I received my No. 10 Writing Board from my wife for Father’s Day. I love it! At first glance it appears small. However, if this is a concern for you, rest assured it is just right fitting comfortably in the seat of your lap. The cherry wood accented by the copper, brass, and leather combine functionality, elegance, class, and durability. I would recommend this for all especially readers and writers, particularly fountain pen enthusiasts. The first item in of my Col Littleton collection but certainly not the last.

    Travis (verified owner)

  43. David Nov 1st 2014
    Solves many problems and is a work of art.I use it to write in my number 10 journal and spend my hour or so in comfort with the word of God,all right on my lap desk, Thank You Colonel Littleton. Should have bought this long ago!

    David (verified owner)

  44. Great Portable Desk
    I use my new board every night. Outstanding craftsmanship and quality. Should last a lifetime.
    Thank you.


  45. TEN Stars!
    My wife bought this for me as a wedding present a few years ago (2010), and it is absolutely fantastic. Too pricey for me to purchase for myself, which makes this a perfect gift for someone else. Definitely one of my favorite personal possessions. Thank you Kelli!


  46. Comfortable Writing Tool
    I use this table all of the time because I watch a lot of television. The table allows me to do both, write and watch. It is beautiful craftsmanship and very sturdy.


  47. Great writing Board
    I use my writing board every night. Love the copper tube paper holder on the bottom of the board. It will be used for many years to come.

    Great Job!


  48. Better than hoped for
    When it was delivered, I was at first shocked at how small the box was. I thought it would be bigger. But as soon as I sat down on the couch with the writing board resting on my knees, I realized that it was just the right size. Not too big nor too small-perfect. I absolutely love it.


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