No. 27 Leather Pocket Journal

Handy pocket journal – perfect size for your daily journey and will easily fit in most bags.



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    • Full-grain American Steerhide, dry-milled for softness
    • Includes Archive Storage Box
    • Journal and Archive Box may be personalized
    • 6”H x 4”W
    • 3 Ruled pocket journal fillers included
    • Made in America
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

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No. 27 Leather Pocket Journal in Vintage Brown

For those of you who still believe in writing it down and like the idea of leaving something that is uniquely you for future generations, this is your product.

“The idea for a series of journals with their own archival system has been marinating in my mind for years. Think about it . . . if you had a box of your great-grandfather’s handwritten, daily journals what would you take for them?”

– Colonel Littleton

From a practical standpoint, journals are an invaluable tool. I use them daily, because an idea not jotted down when you think about it is often lost forever. Easy to carry; handy on location; great for recording names, numbers, sketches, ideas, to-do’s, etc. Store completed journal registers safely and securely in the archive box.

Leather journal cover, made in Colonel’s Workshop of soft and pliable dry-milled leather, fits our journal like a book cover. Also works with other journals of similar size. Available in vintage brown. Use it today and preserve it for the ages. May be personalized with three block initials on leather journal in right, lower front corner and three initials and year engraved on archive box.Product packaging also includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag.
Outside Dimensions: 6″ H x 4″ W
Pocket Journal holds 5.5″ H x 3.5″ W journal fillers.

No. 27 Pocket Journal includes:
-Leather Journal Cover
-3 Ruled Pocket Journal Fillers, Spine-Stitched with Red Thread (Each filler contains 60 ruled pages)
-Archive Box with Leather Strap Closure
-50 Index Cards
-No. 2 4/8 Wooden Pencil
-3 Brass Paper Clips to Mark Your Place
-Drawstring Cloth Bag that will secure completed Journals

Refill options available:

-4 Ruled, Unruled or Graph Journal Fillers (Click Here to Shop register refills)

-Archive Box with 9 registers and 50 notecards (Click Here to Shop Archive Box refill options)

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  1. I have received my pocket journal with my initials, and I couldn’t be happier! The leather just feels great and it’s a perfect size. So many of the little things in life go unrecorded or forgotten, and my hope is that this will help me correct that wrong.


  2. Bought the #27 Pocket Journal as a gift for an intern that worked for our team. The quality of workmanship and unique packaging make this one of the best send off gifts ever. We own lots of Colonel Littleton products and have NEVER been disappointed!!

    kirk_lloyd (verified owner)

  3. Just received No. 27 vintage brown pocket journal, and what a great craftsmanship. This the greatest pocket journal, notepad I have ever owned. I know I will get many years of everyday use.

    wizarddenny (verified owner)

  4. One of my husband’s favorite treasures is a leather pocket journal of his great grandfather. As a farmer he would write down the daily weather and condition of crops. He was thrilled with this one from Colonel Littleton. And the archive box is such a great way to keep them. In this digital world, it’s nice to see a written hand.
    Kathryn Phillips

    kathrynpacephillips (verified owner)

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for! Perfect size, amazing quality, and great customer service. I used a gift certificate and called customer service to place the order. Joyce was extremely helpful! The finishing touch is the engraved archive box which will surely get filled with plenty of memories in the years to come.


  6. Bought as a graduation gift for my nephew… think I’ll keep it for myself! Beautiful craftsmanship. Delighted with the quality and thanks for the mini moon pie, DELICIOUS!!


  7. Just bought several of the No. 27 Journals as gifts.
    Absolutely perfect!
    Wonderful service too!

    jsiverling (verified owner)

  8. This was exactly what I was looking for. I like the idea of leaving journals but this will also be an elegant accoutrement for business meetings. I plan to use it for both purposes! The quality is excellent and I think the concept of leaving journals behind is brilliant.

    dtorline001 (verified owner)

  9. Bought this for my father-in-law with the registry box. When it came in, i immediately went and bought myself the American Alligator version of this item. If you are looking for the perfect size for everyday carry, it fits in your casual wear and even business pockets with ease. I’m sure most people will carry in a work bag, but if you are going on a hike or a day trip and want to keep it handy, it is that perfect combo between the 23 and 28. High Quality leather…as with all Col. products.

    heathwoodruff2712 (verified owner)

  10. Beautiful leather notebook cover. One of the nicest leather covers I have bought, and I’ve bought many. Quick shipping too, despite the Covid19 virus. Thanks!

    jvanrosendaal (verified owner)

  11. After far too long drooling over this pocket journal set I finally placed my order. I am beyond pleased with what I received. I ordered the saddle tan color and it’s absolutely perfect. Hide colors often vary, but my example came in as a golden honey color. I initially thought I would use the Colonel Littleton registers until they were full and then switch to my go-to…other Made in USA similar sized books, but no! The paper in these is superior quality. I’ll be reordering the 9 register/archive box refill set when I fill them. What a thoughtfully curated set of products! Thank you, Colonel. I’ll be back again and again.

    BravoDelta (verified owner)

  12. Could not be more thrilled with the quality of your products or your customer service. Bought this item for my son who is a new father. He was thrilled and is looking forward to ordering refills for years to come. Thank you.

    toddradabaugh721 (verified owner)

  13. My company stumbled across Colonel Littleton a few years back and have been ordering from them ever since! We give out a new gift, each year, to our clients and they LOVE seeing the Colonel package. We ordered the pocket journal this year, and I came back in to order an additional one for a personal gift. The quality is unmatched and the customer service is impeccable. If you buy once, I promise you’ll buy again! Colonel Littleton is a Tennessee gem!
    Emily Johnson Moghadam


  14. I use this every day and would not be caught without it. I even brought it with me when having a suit made to make sure the pocket dimensions would be correct for it! If you take a lot of phone calls or cell phone calls in a day this is perfect to take notes on the fly and it ages magnificently.


  15. This is my second purchase from Colonel Littleton. I could not be happier. I have always wanted to keep a journal, but never bothered. I see myself writing on a daily basis.

    jberuk (verified owner)

  16. Exceptional service and quality with a journal that exceeded my expectations in every way! These will be my go to gift for family and friends in the future. Excellent idea for the “hard to buy for”. Thanks to the Colonel for mastering a great product and stellar customer service!

    aaronkubicek (verified owner)

  17. This coming from a guy that has journaled for 50+ years and an admitted paper snob. You can name it and I’ve either got it, acquired it or used it: Moleskine, Leuchtterm, Shinola, Endeavor, Rhodia…the list goes on and on. For what truly is a journal but essentially a great cover (preferably leather) and great paper…that’s it. It’s really just the intersection of two, equally-yoked items. And so many get ONE of the pieces right…and NOT the other. Rhodia, Clairefontaine and Tomoe River are universally recognized as the best papers on earth…yet they have lousy covers or stapled spines or a dearth of other issues that give them no ‘character’. InkLeaf, Gfeller, Five Star Leather, Taranishi and others make GREAT covers, yet only to incorporate the other’s paper into. So, what the Colonel offers is truly unique: a GREAT cover and GREAT paper! That sounds so simplistic but it’s been my Grail search to find someone that really did it right, front-to-back, and this little journal hits it out of the ballpark. The leather is sumptuous, honest and fantastic value for the price point. The paper is fountain pen friendly and, most importantly, lays flat for easy writing access to both pages! At this price point, this is probably the best value in pocket journals out there and that market is crowded indeed. Add the Colonel’s exceptional service and Moon Pie inclusion and it’s a stellar value. I cannot recommend this little journal highly enough!

    pruitthall (verified owner)

  18. Amazing quality. I am so glad I bought this for my husband. It is truly a great product idea. The items box is impressive I immediately said WOW. The entire product details is superb, and the shipping was fast, and great. The communication from the start is simply amazing.


  19. I purchased products from Col. Littleton and another high-end family owned business at exactly the same time. Col. Littleton’s team responded immediately, shipped first, and delivered a superior product that was packaged beautifully. Awesome work! Top notch!

    srisch (verified owner)

  20. The first time I heard of Col. Littleton was last week. I managed to get one of the number 27 notebook covers second hand. I didn’t have much hope, because every other pocket notebook cover I’ve ever had is either too hard (needs tons of breaking in) or weighs a lot. I have back problems so every ounce has to be considered. This cover is smooth, soft, and best of all it’s thin and light, but is obviously made of quality leather. Perfect!!


  21. I love this No.27. It is incredible quality and cannot get messed up. I’ve carried mine every day for over a year and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I use Mole Skin journals to put in it so I can get a few hundred pages. Fits great.


  22. Superb quality and a truly gorgeous product. It’s now my every day carry and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    edwardjread (verified owner)

  23. This was my first purchase from the colonel. The packaging was awesome and the added moo pie and coaster was a very nice touch. The journal
    Itself is a very nice piece. I often have to meet with clients at lunch and it’s hard to carry a portfolio around with me. This is perfect for jotting things down and it looks very classy. The smell is amazing just like you’d expect. My only complaint is the soft and pliable leather. This is mentioned in the description, however, I really didn’t think it would be a big issue for me. I have several products from saddle back leather and I have really enjoyed seeing the patina grow on those items. I enjoy having to “break” the leather in. I hope this still
    Happens with this journal because it really is a great piece. I will definitely be purchasing more items from the colonel. Next time I will read more thoroughly. Overall a great piece and I would recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

    rrayburn (verified owner)

  24. I was pleased to receive the order within one business day. This is my second purchase from the online store and I’m impressed by how quickly this company ships. The journal came with several inserts and notecards and was packaged inside an attractive box. It’s meant to store completed interests. The leather was tough but very supple. Probably the most supple leather I’ve seen from a Col Littleton product. I highly recommend it.

    alexandroni (verified owner)

  25. This pocket journal is the perfect size to fit in my inside sport coat or suit coat pocket so I am ready to make a quick note when needed without having to carry a larger composition notebook of portfolio. As usual, the quality is outstanding!

    dschulte (verified owner)

  26. Very pleased with the No. 27 Journal – just received it yesterday. From start to finish, the buying process was perfect. Even received a “thank you” note from a real person in Customer Service. The packaging set a new standard for other companies to follow. In terms of the journal itself, the leather is sharp, has rugged character, and already feels broken-in. It will be a great companion when I read my Bible in the mornings and as I go about my day. Thank you, Colonel Littleton, for all the effort you make to provide a great product and great service.

    andrew1 (verified owner)

  27. Received as a gift with monogram from my wife and sons. The Col. Littleton presentation is always impressive, from the speed of shipping to the shipping and storage box to the actual product. The journal is small enough to carry easily, and I like being able to carry 3×5 index cards so I can take and share notes. There is something very satisfying about having such a quality journal to take handwritten notes.


  28. Wonderful gift for my husband. He loves to keep notes and to-do lists for our businesses and this is just what he needed. I love to see him pull it out and use it because it is so professional and timeless.


  29. This is not my first order and certainly won’t be the last! As I have come to expect, the quality is superb as is the packaging, expedition of the order, and of course, the stellar customer service that is so very rare. This is a gift for my husband and I know it will age beautifully as have all the products we’ve purchased over the years. These truly are heirlooms and you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Colonel, and all the staff!

    D. Brooks

    robbyanddina (verified owner)

  30. I’m baffled by the 5 star reviews on this product. Maybe these reviewers have not purchased many CL products. The mark was simply missed on this product, and I say this as an avid supporter and consumer of numerous Col Littleton items over the past 5 or so years which are usually of superb quality. The quality of this item ended with the elegant packaging; this is the first CL product that has failed to meet or exceed my expectations. The “soft and pliable” dry milled leather feels flimsy and cheap; this leather is not anywhere near the quality of the leather used on my other CL products (belts, wallets, portfolios, etc.). The fit of the leather cover on the journal insert is loose and poor (only covers about half of the insert’s front/back so the insert nearly pops out when you open the cover). The item description says it fits like a book cover, but I strongly disagree. In hindsight from looking at the website photos it appears that the No. 23 cover is designed using the high quality polished leather that I have come to expect from CL products, and it appears to have a much better fitment over the journal inserts than the No. 27 (covers the whole front/back covers of the journal insert instead of half). Unfortunately my No. 27 is monogrammed, and I received it as a gift from my wife so I cannot exchange it for the No. 23. I just wanted to share my findings with others considering purchasing this. I highly recommend considering the No. 23 cover instead of this No. 27.

    Note from Col. Littleton: Thank you for your feedback. The No. 27 Pocket Journal is constructed with a soft, dry milled leather giving it a smoother and more flexible hand. Whereas, the No. 23 Pocket Journal features polished leather with pigskin lining. Overall, the No. 23 Journal is smaller than the No. 27 Journal, but both come with custom notebook inserts that may be reordered. will be happy to help with any questions about our leather journal options.


  31. I always love the colonels products, it just has quality all over the product and even the mailing box. I will always be a returning customer. Aloha….gail


  32. As an field notes journal aficionado, the No. 27 Journal was a natural addition to my collection. It is clearly one of the best. The leather is soft, yet sturdy and the size is perfect. Add to this the really neat storage box and beautifully red-stiched pocket journals and this maybe the best journal package available. Customer service and delivery was perfect. Don’t even give this a second thought … best money you ever spent.


  33. As always, the highest quality product delivered timely and great communication throughout. Beautiful soft leather and a very useful piece. Gift for an old friend – he’s going to love it!

    Keith (verified owner)

  34. Purchased for my husband. The perfect size! And, like all of the other items (2 brief cases, 2 purses, belt, etc.) all are of the best quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thank you Colonel.

    P.S. Love your coffee!


  35. I purchased this a few days ago – arrived very fast, I have been searching for months for something like this. Absolutely love it! Very pleased and fits back pocket perfect. Also, customer service was simply amazing! Very impressed with complete order process. Thanks for a wonderful product.

    wfsmith22 (verified owner)

  36. This is a excellent pocket companion for writing down notes. Superb leather craftsmanship and USA Made. I have ordered several items from the Colonel for myself and purchased a few for gifts. Thank you again Colonel and your excellent staff.

    gabea416 (verified owner)

  37. As a person who still writes things down, this was a very practical find for me, better than the usual leather jotter that I have used with index cards. The workmanship is superior, and I love the soft leather which sits gently in my front pocket.

    For me it’s not going to be a diary…i.e. my ancestors won’t need to know that I bought a dozen eggs today.

    For me it is a journal for scrawling ideas, things to do, facts, and phone numbers. But better than a typical to-do list, it provides a recent record of information to refer to often over the next week or so. After that I rip out a few pages and start over.

    The front and back notebook covers tend to flop out of place, but a few index cards help with that.

    Thank you for this unique and practical companion who lives in my pocket and saves my memory— like an ectopic brain.

    Paul (verified owner)

  38. Received the journal as a gift. It is perfect for carrying so it is available when ever a thought should need jotted down. Excellent quality and even monogrammed.

    lzym (verified owner)

  39. Simply beautiful, I love everything about this journal.


  40. I ordered 2 of these as gifts for friends and they arrived within 2 days of the order. I was contacted beforehand to get a better shipping address. These are wonderful journals and the service from the Colonel is outstanding. They have made me a customer for life!

    hmgallivan (verified owner)

  41. Picked this up at your Lynville store last Friday after Thanksgiving. The young lady who assisted me was wonderful! Asked if I wanted it monogrammed and since I am from Alabama offered to ship it to me for free after it was personalized (also meant that I did not have to pay sales tax!). It arrived today (Monday) and I could not be happier. The quality is top notch and I love the case, ditty bag, refills and pencil that came with it – you even engraved the brass plate on the storage box! I am sure that this will not be the last thing that I get from the Colonel – I have my eye on one of the grips or perhaps one of your great briefcases. If you haven’t shopped at the Lynville headquarters, drop what you are doing and go – the town is charming and the store and personnel are the best!


  42. Like EVERYTHING I’ve ever bought from Colonel Littleton, the No. 27 Journal was even better in real life than it looked on the website. The packaging and presentation was impeccable as always.


  43. We purchased this for our daughter who began college this year. The Col. provides nothing but quality!!. This journal will last her a lifetime. It will be an heirloom.

    William (verified owner)

  44. I purchased the No. 27 Journal on a Friday (w/ monogram). It was promptly delivered the following Tuesday. Due to my quirky address, Ms. Judy of Customer Support, ensured proper delivery through excellent communications. Opening the well-packed Journal was a treat. The first thing was the wonderful smell of leather (I ordered the “Vintage Brown”). In a Red Bag, the Colonel was kind enough to send include a Moon Pie! Boxed as per the website photo’s was everything listed. The Leather Journal binder itself is handsomely crafted. The monograms were perfect! Everything including the notebooks, paper clips, note cards, pencil, storage box and bag exude nothing less than quality, indeed, what the Colonel is known for. Enclosed also was a note from Ms. Polly. She ensured everything was proper. The storage box is much larger and grander than I expected so it was a pleasant surprise. I am a consummate note taker and journaler and as such have already received compliments from strangers whilst out-and-about. You will not be disappointed should you order the No. 27 Journal! Thank you Colonel.

    David (verified owner)

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Our Warranty

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Our Craftsmanship

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