No. 47 Phone Holster – Leather – Large


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Last Chance Sale - Original Price $88.50 - Last Chance Price $62.00: Black leather is no longer available.  

No. 47 Phone Holster – Leather

The No. 47 Phone Holster is made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of polished leather. Buckle strap detail. Soft pigskin lining. Nickel silver hardware. Belt loop on back holds your phone securely to your belt. (Accommodates up to 1.5 inch wide belt.) Ball stud closure.

Inside Dimensions – Large: 2.75″ Tall x 5.75″ Wide x 1″ Deep

(Please measure your device and compare dimensions to ensure a proper fit.)

Large size accommodates:

  • iPhone® 4/4S (Phone only or phone with case)
  • iPhone® 5/5S/5C (Phone only or phone with case)
  • iPhone® SE (Phone only or phone with case)
  • iPhone® 6/6S (Phone only – no case)
  • iPhone® 7/7S (Phone only – no case)
  • iPhone® 8 (Phone only – no case)

(U.S. Patent D643210)

iPhone® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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Last Chance Sale items are non-returnable.

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  1. I bought the phone holster for my husband about 1 1/2 years ago and he wears it every day! Recently one of the grommets came off so I contacted the company and had an immediate response. I sent it to them, they repaired it quickly and returned it ASAP! the care that I feel I received was amazing! Great communication until I received the holster and they even sent a couple of nice little gifts for me! I highly recommend this great company and their beautifully made products. Thank you Colonel Littleton!


  2. Received my vintage brown case yesterday and put it to work today. Fits my iPhone X I think a small case on it as well. Just can’t get over the quality and craftsmanship of everything. Delivery was super fast and friendly service. Will not be the last time I purchase from the Col. Thanks for awesome American made products.

    arson933 (verified owner)

  3. Love the case. 5th product from Colonel Littleton. All well made and i still use today. Quality products and great company.

    madd528 (verified owner)

  4. Just a short follow up to my previous post. I got my iPhone X on release day, and I have been using my #47 large case now for several days. The iPhone X does indeed fit in the #47 large case and it fits even with a small case on the phone (magbak magnetic). The horizontal style is so much more comfortable to use than my previous vertical colonel cases. A tight fit, a winner for the colonel. I recommend this case.

    davidalan99 (verified owner)

  5. Just a short follow up to my previous post. I got my iPhone X on release day, and I have been using my #47 large case now for several days. The iPhone X does indeed fit in the #47 large case and it fits even with a small case on the phone (magbak magnetic). The horizontal style is so much more comfortable to use than my previous vertical colonel cases. A tight fit, a winner for the colonel.

    davidalan99 (verified owner)

  6. Just ordered the #47 large for my new iPhone X. This will be my third case from the Colonel. Over the 5 years or so that I have used these cases, no have ever failed me, it’s just that I have changed iPhones from regular to,plus and now to X. I know the X was not listed as supported, but we shall see.

    davidalan99 (verified owner)

  7. Fantastic 2 day delivery…The workmanship is excellent…Fits iPhone 6 with thin protective case perfect. Very pleased.


  8. Great service…Great item…Thank you again!

    Sp162800 (verified owner)

  9. Great product!! Can’t beat the smell of good quality leather products from the Col.


  10. Sometimes in life you get what you pay for, and this is one of those times.
    Very pleased with the phone case.
    I just ordered 3 of the smaller sizes. Two of the black clip on type that I will clip on the sun visors in my Jeep & Silverado to keep my registration & insurance cards inside.
    And a brown one with the belt loop to attach to my deer rifle sling to keep shells in.
    Customer service was great and extremely fast delivery.
    Thanks ! Don


  11. My # 47 case is of the finest quality and the best smelling leather!


  12. What an awsome iphone case! Now I need a great looking belt to go with it.


  13. There is nothing on earth as rewarding as eternal
    quality. Moonpies have been a food group for
    me for 62 years. The No. 47 Phone Case
    ranks with the best. Thank you !

    TNSOUTHWELL (verified owner)

  14. I decided to try this case after going through so many of inferior quality. I have never been happier with a mobile telephone case as I am with this one. It is well designed, incredibly durable and robustly constructed.


  15. Another exceptional product from the Colonel. I purchased the 47 Large for my iPhone 6s. Arrived on time and well packaged. Over the years from briefcase, to journals, to phone cases, I have never been dissapointed. These days it is very difficult to find a well made, stylish, and functional case because every time a new phone is announced the size changes just enough to insure nothing matches. This case has room to accommodate a variety of phones with a thin protective cover, and looks great. As this fine leather case ages it will only look better. Wish that worked for me. Thanks!

    jecoleman (verified owner)

  16. # 47 like the style and Finnish ,fast shipping . I have another phone holster a #p 51 and its top notch


  17. Just received my No. 47 holster, and as usual it arrived comically fast – I kind of felt like the Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons waiting for his package from Acme. Anyway, the case is terrific, as I’ve come to expect from everything I order from here. It’s roomier than I expected depth-wise, but that just means I can also carry an extra cable or ear-piece. I’m a little on the fence about the strap – I understand the logic behind it which was the reason I purchased this model, but in person it seems like a weak-link in an otherwise flawless chain. I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong, but I just wanted to be honest in my review. I know from experience that it will only look better with time and use. Wish I could say the same for the items it will be holding.
    Actually, I think the Colonel’s cases are the only ones worth having – they do everything they’re supposed to do and they do it while looking good.

    Jay (verified owner)

  18. I purchased this while back, the No. 47 Phone Holster – Belt Loop Model, I do not use the belt loop, I prefer to just carrying in my pant or coat pocket. As this item ages, it gets character a patina that is incredible; I love it.

    Milic (verified owner)

  19. Pastor Rivera ; April 20, 2016

    I ordered a phone holster and a key wallet both excellent products will purchase again.

    nestor.rivera (verified owner)

  20. i purchased a phone case excellent product

    nestor.rivera (verified owner)

  21. My wife ordered this case for my birthday. The Quality is superb!!! I can’t help but think that the Inspector “GL” took pride in sending it out to me. Great to know products from a Company like yours is still available. Thank you.


  22. WOW! Great phone case that I love. Got it the very next day and the quality was superb.

    gjordan5399 (verified owner)

  23. Cute cute cute! Bought this for our daughter. She loves it! Plenty of room for her iPhone 5s plus her money. Super durable and well made. Thanks!


  24. I received my No. 47 Phone Holster – Belt Loop Model a few hours ago and I (as always) am very impressed with it. MY I-phone fits fine and it has enough room to accommodate a fairly large protective case (my cover is fairly small). That was the only concern I had when ordering, was how much space the #47 would have to accommodate my phone.

    It is another Leather Master Piece…thanks for a quality product that has been produced with craft and skill and unbelievable great looks.


    Julian (verified owner)

  25. I ordered this phone case for my husband as a bday gift to match his Col portfolio. He loves his portfolio and has been using it for years, it only becomes more lovely with time. We are so pleased with the phone case. It is beautiful. The quality of craftsmanship is unparalleled. I ordered it on a Tues, we received it on Wed! The Col’s products are superb. Also, beautifully packaged. Thanks!

    Kathryn (verified owner)

  26. Just makes you feel good, it’s that good.
    Anytime you take possession of an item that you know to be well made, and then see it endure and wear “in” instead of wearing out with daily use, well, that makes for a very good feeling. My wife gave me this holster as a gift two years ago and it has worked superbly well, and provided those good feelings in spades! No signs of wearing out anytime soon- that’s saying a lot for any leather item no matter how ell made..Well done, folks.


  27. Practical and Stylish
    This phone case has been an excellent find. I have used it now for over two years and it still has no flaws. It has aged some through use but now it has character. In the past I have found that by the time a product gets the character that makes it yours it also has broken seams and buttons that have fallen off. This phone case has all of its original seams and the closure is still intact. Thanks Colonel for another superior product.


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