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Father’s Day Remembrances

I could never slip anything past my Dad. He “had my number” from the get-go. I think that’s because we were cut out of the same cloth.

My Dad gave me many gifts… a love of pocket knives, automobiles, motorcycles and all things mechanical… a natural curiosity about how things work and why… a fascination with people, and a belief, no matter what my shortcomings, that I could do anything.

This will be my first Father’s Day without my Dad. He passed away in October of 2009 just shy of his 94th birthday. On Father’s Day I will ponder the priceless gifts he gave me that are forever etched into my memory and are a part of who I am. And, I will honor him by staying true to the life lessons he taught and the values he instilled in me.

This Father’s Day countless millions the world over will be seeking a way to honor their Dad. I suggest a special gift that shows appreciation for those priceless gifts passed on from our fathers that become more meaningful as time goes by.