Father’s Day Stellar Dad Tribute

We enjoyed reading and appreciate all the entries we received for our Father’s Day “Stellar Dad” Tribute.

Congratulations to Philip Kresler, our overall winner who will receive a personalized No. 2 Shave Kit. Runners-up, who will receive a personalized No. 5 Foxfire Knife, include Rodger Klein, Michael Alltrop and Michael Boggs. Winners will be contacted directly by Col. Littleton.

(Colonel has a little something for the rest of the participants, too!)

Thanks to DVL Seigenthaler for judging the entries

The Winning Entries:

Philip Kresler: “The best advice my father ever gave me was to treat people the way you want to be treated. He gave me an old silver dollar that was worn smooth. He carried it with him during World War II. My grandfather gave it to him before he shipped out and said it would bring him good luck and bring him home alive. It worked. He passed away several years ago and he gave the silver dollar to me just before he died.”

Michael Boggs / mboggs14: This is my dad’s 1963 Fender Strat that he passed down to me a few years ago. He played it in high school, then put it in a garage for almost 40 years. When I told him I was looking for an electric guitar, he told me he had an old one that I could “learn” on. It was this guitar. He had no idea that this guitar was such a great instrument. It means even more to me today since we lost him 6 months ago. When I play it, it reminds me of him.

Rodger Klein: My father was part of the 87th Infantry Division (General Patton’s 3rd Army) in WWII. He never talked about his wartime service much except for the things that were somewhat funny. In the year 2,000 I did some reading about the 87th on the internet and determined that my father probably won the Bronze Star for Valor. One day when I was at his house, I asked him about that and he said “no, I don’t think I won any medals except for the Purple Heart.” I just let it go that day, but I did follow-up with the Army Records Center in St. Louis and found out that he was in fact awarded several medals including the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Bronze Star, the European Campaign Medal with three Battle Stars as well as several others. Working with the records center I was able to obtain all of his decorations and had them framed for him. This framed display hung in his home until his death and they now hang in my home. He was a decorated combat veteran who saw action in the Saar Valley, the Siege at Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge. In approximately 130 days of actual combat, his unit lost over 1,100 men. He never spoke of any of this, but he was a real hero and I am very proud that he was my dad.

Michael Alltop: The best thing a father can give his kids is the gift of time. During my senior year of high school, Dad cleared his schedule so that he could attend every one of my basketball games. For a man who worked two jobs and was constantly on the go, this was no small feat. It meant the world to me that no matter where the game or what the weather, Dad would be there in full voice. Before that time, I knew he loved me. Every once in a while we would hug or even say “I love you.” But it was because of his sacrificial actions that I really understood how deeply he loved me. His encouragement and support during the last year of my childhood broadened my perspective on the blessings, opportunities, and responsibilities of fatherhood. Now that I have children of my own, I know that the gift of time is free but not without cost. It takes work to stop working and focus on your kids. Lucky for me, I had a great role model. A father’s gift of time is a treasure. Its value is beyond compare. ‪

Winners may contact us at customerservice@colonellittleton.com to receive their item.

Colonel sends a big “Thanks” to all those who participated and wishes all Dads a “Happy Father’s Day!”

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