Rancher’s Brands

Authentic rancher’s brands create a one-of-a-kind piece.

One of our most popular categories in our PRIVATE STOCK COLLECTION features leather products made from hides with RANCHER’S BRANDS.

These are authentic rancher’s brands from the hide of a western steer that are handcrafted into the design of each product right here in our Lynnville, TN workshop.

There’s a lot of romance there, since it takes you back to the cowboy culture of the old American West.

Back in those days, cattle represented the most viable means of livelihood for many people; and since cattle were kept on the open range, ranchers branded their cattle to prove ownership.

Since opportunity for relatively quick cash existed, cattle rustling was probably the most prevalent crime of the day.

Cattle rustling was considered a serious offense and many an unfortunate rustler was strung up on the spot from the handiest tree by vigilant groups who had their own ideas about frontier justice.

A 150-year-old American tradition.

Marking cattle with a ranch brand goes back as early as 2000 B.C. The custom of branding cattle in America was actually adopted from Mexico where ranchers would mark their herds with their family coat-of-arms. As the cattle industry moved northward into Texas and the U.S., branding became widely accepted as a way of designating ownership.

There are thousands of cattle brands today that are officially registered in the United States.

A rancher’s mark is recorded with the state in which they live; therefore, similar brands can exist in different parts of the country, though, how the owner interprets their brand can vary.

It’s pretty fascinating to know how to read one.

It’s like deciphering inscriptions on the walls of ancient Egyptian tombs. Brands are read from left to right, from the top down, and from outside in. They include symbols or letters placed a certain way that represent “Rockin” or “Lazy,” like the “Lazy J” or “Bar T.”

When a hide comes our way with a rancher’s brand it becomes part of our exclusive PRIVATE STOCK COLLECTION.

Colonel personally looks at each branded hide with an artistic eye and decides which product would show off the brand to its best advantage. Then, it’s handcrafted by our leathersmiths into a truly one-of-a-kind piece right here in our Lynnville, TN workshop.

Here are a few of the products we’ve had that include a unique brand. When you think about it, the markings could easily take on personal meaning to someone who purchases a Col. Littleton Private Stock product. Maybe it’s marked with your initials, resembles something familiar, or it just speaks to you. Either way, there is not another one out there like it.

The Private Stock Collection is available only on our website and in our Private Stock Retail Store in downtown Lynnville. Check the Private Stock section of our website to see what’s new!

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