How Long Will It Last


How Long Will it Last?



If we’re talking about your favorite pair of jeans… maybe three or four years, depending on how many barbed-wire fences you cross. A good pickup truck… perhaps seven or eight years, unless the driver is under age twenty five. Then you can probably subtract a couple of years. Cheap boots… maybe not even until the cows come home.When I was a boy, I thought an all-day sucker should last all day. Mine never did. Sunday sermons and English peas, on the other hand, seemed to last an eternity.

At fifteen, I thought the blonde in my history class would be mine forever. However, after a couple of weeks I was history in her book.

I guess I’ve always been partial to things with staying power. A good hat, for instance, seems to hold its own. A well-made leather saddle will outlast both your horse and your ability to get on it.

Good upbringing seems to stick with you, and true friendships last a lifetime.

When I went into business, I wanted to make things that would last and become more meaningful as time goes by… things that would be around long enough to be handed down to your children and grandchildren and be cherished as family heirlooms. That’s important to me.

So, how long will something last? If we’re talking about a streak of good luck, sunny weather or a bull market on Wall Street… don’t bet the family farm on what the experts say.

But, I reckon if we’re talking about a good friendship or a Colonel Littleton product, you can pretty well expect them to last for a long, long time.





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