black and brown leather front pocket wallet with flap on wood shelf
black and brown leather front pocket wallet with flap on wood shelf
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with cards and cash
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with product stamp
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with initial personalization stamp
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with cash
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
black leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
black leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with cash and cards
black leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
black leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap
black leather front pocket wallet with fold over flap with stamp on back

Front Pocket Wallet with Fold-Over Flap



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Front Pocket Wallet with Fold-Over Flap

When I first designed the front pocket wallet, they all had the fold-over flap. Then, for a few years I only made wallets without the fold-over flap. Each style has its devotees; so being the nice guy I am, I decided to make everyone happy by making both.

If you’ve never carried one, I predict you’ll quickly become addicted to the ease and security of the front pocket wallet. It’s compact enough to carry in your front pocket, but large enough to hold folding money, driver’s license and two or three essential credit cards. When you think about it, what else do you really need?

Handmade from brown or black native American steer hide, tanned right here in Tennessee. Dry milled to achieve incredible softness. Lined in polished leather. Two pockets. Edge stitched. 3.875 H” x 3″ W. Handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop. Product packaging includes a protective drawstring cotton canvas dust bag.

This item is also available in American Buffalo

Available in American Alligator as well.

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  1. I have bought many Items from the Col. This wallet is like all other Col. Products. Truly spectacular, well thought out and truly a delight to use. You will be surprised how terrific this wallet is.


  2. Very pleased, could not be happier! Very well made and works perfectly, can easily take out bills without taking them all out.


  3. This is a very comfortable wallet that fits just right in your front pocket. Easy to access cards and money. I’ve had a few guys ask me where I got it from already. Best of all, no bulk at all. Thank you Colonel!!

    rickcloses4u (verified owner)

  4. I have bought many items from the Colonel and love every one. I use them all the time and intend to order more… if you ever buy an item, you will buy more fantastic craftsmanship. Awesome items.


  5. Front Pocket Wallet with Fold-Over Flap: WHEN LESS IS TRULY MORE!

    I’ve always ascribed to Newton’s First Law, as amended by Messrs Murphy and Sun Tzu: If it’s working, don’t mess with it, particularly if you’ve had the same wallet since 1979.

    There’s a Seinfeld episode (a cautionary, defunct TV show about nothing but four insufferable, self-loathing, self-absorbed, inbred, urbanized baby boomers), where George’s wallet assumes outsized proportions as a personal organizer/butler/valet with predictable results.

    For me, it was a day of mixed emotions when the CL FPWwF-OF arrived and I commenced the transfer of custody from tried and true velcro-fastened synthetic canvas to sleek, meticulously-crafted and coiffed buffalo. But for the contents that made the cut, they now reside in a far, far, far better place.

    Part of the genius of Colonel Littleton as an American lifestyle curator is the open invitation to declutter and edit your daily doings. Rather than investing your hard-earned dollars on works by minimalist artists like Newman (not the Seinfeld one), Mondrian, or Ellsworth Kelly, you’ll feel like Ben Franklin when a CL masterpiece finds its way into your holdings.

    Sometimes a little Littleton goes a long ways on the road less traveled.


  6. Visited Lynnville for first time and discovered Colonel Littleton’s store downtown. Bought this wallet for my husband and he loves it – just what he’s been wanting. So glad to have such a first class establishment in Tennessee!


  7. I am very pleased with this wallet! Over the years I have purchased a variety of front-pocket wallets, money clips, etc. but now the search is over! The Colonel’s wallet fits in my pocket nicely and the workmanship is stellar. This is an item that I plan on carrying for years to come. Also, the customer experience was great, and the product shipped to me very quickly. Even the packaging was classy!

    mikepace34 (verified owner)

  8. Great front pocket wallet. I have carried a number of front pocket wallets over the years. This is by far the best. High quality product, holds more than expected.


  9. My FPW is going on 10 years and still solid. Gets a bit gamey in the summertime though. just put in a container on coffee grounds for a day or two and its all good. Thanks for a great product.


  10. I ordered the Front Pocket Wallet w/flap in Vintage Brown with initials. Perfect from start to finish. Super communication of order progression, next day shipping as I live in TN.
    I’ve had about four front pocket wallets with the magnetic flip to hold folding money. They wear out after a year or so…
    The Col. Littleton wallet is so well built and functional. I was skeptical all my cards would fit but thirteen cards fit perfect. At least six were credit card type cards. No issue with holding folding currency either!
    I recommend this without reservation!
    Thank you everyone at Col. Littleton!

    rylstar98 (verified owner)

  11. Perfect size for the front pocket. All cards and cash secure in a very high quality item from The Colonel.

    randyschiltz (verified owner)

  12. Great wallet to help overcome the traditional bulky wallet most men carry. The wallet fits great in my front pocket and keeps a low profile no matter what pair of pants I am wearing. Currently my wallet is maxed out holding 10 credit cards and multiple bills. I have owned my wallet for about 2 years and I am impressed with it so much that I have recently purchased one for my dad and brother. Also, looking forward to the day that I can give one to my son.

    shaerobb (verified owner)

  13. Great quality product. The stitching work reminds me of my Mercedes. Love the size as well as the smell of fine leather.


  14. For Christmas I ordered the Front Pocket Wallet in all three colors for the special men in my life. I received them this week and was delighted to see the rich colors…the feel of the leather grain…and the personalized engraved initials. It is so satisfying to know I am giving a quality product that will actually be used and appreciated for years to come!


  15. My husband has carried this wallet for over five years now. It has aged to a beautiful patina that he often is complimented on. We have ordered them for our four sons for Christmas presents! They’re all at an age that they appreciate their daddy’s fine taste and want a piece of their own.

    tondasolomon (verified owner)

  16. My wife bought the new front pocket wallet with fold-over flap for my 50th BD as a replacement to the original w/o flap that was at least 10 years old. The old one was worn slap out after a many sweat-soaked miles in my front pocket (it may have been washed a few times too!) At any rate the new one is a welcome replacement. Same Colonel quality for sure and it seems to be a skosh bigger in the card compartment which is welcomed upgrade as the “vintage” one had to be stretched to get all my other “necessaries” crammed in there. Looking forward to another 10+ years of not having anything in my back pocket.


  17. Just bought this fold-over front pocket wallet yesterday at the Colonel’s retail store in Lynnville, TN. I used to carry a traditional wallet in my back pocket, but gave it up 20 years ago and kept money and cards in my front pocket. I’ve noticed that the magnetic strips on my cards are eroding from rubbing together in my pocket so I started looking at card wallets online at the normal retail stores. What I found were over-priced products made of inferior materials. When my wife and I happened upon Colonel Littleton’s retail store and I saw this wallet I had to have it. I expect it to last for years if not decades. The leather is top-notch and the workmanship is excellent.


  18. Bought this as a gift. The shipping was extremely fast, even with the personalization. The leather is butter soft and such beautiful craftsmanship. This is truly the best company to buy something special that will be treasured.


  19. I have purchased many items from you. I have never been disappointed at the quality of materials orcworknanship. I am truly amazed at the speed which you process an order and get it to my front door. The best customer service I have EVER experienced!! Very well done!! Excellent work!!

    hmbg (verified owner)

  20. This is the 2nd wallet of this style, I have owned from Col. Littleton. The first one lasted me about 10 years, my Wife convinced me go ahead and purchase and I am so glad I did. I tried other wallets for my needs, but none equaled what I got with the Col. Littleton wallet. Perfect every time.


  21. I bought this wallet for my husband. He thinks of it as his special occasion wallet. It is well made and he likes the design.


  22. I received this wallet as a birthday gift yesterday and absolutely love it! The quality of this product is immediately evident when you take it out of the packaging. We have purchased several Colonel products over the years and this is another nice addition. American made, nice detailing, and Colonel’s unique touch will make this an everyday carry item that you’ll be able to pass down!


  23. I just received my new front pocket wallet and initially I was a little concerned about it’s ability to hold my cc’s. No worries, easily hold 7 cards and fits perfectly in front pocket. Love the size and hand of the wallet.

    tdmiller99 (verified owner)

  24. Just received my front pocket with flap. I carry only 1 credit card, drivers license and couple of business cards and a little cash so it perfectly fits my needs. This wallet is STELLAR — the highest quality and beautifully made just like the other products I’ve purchased from the Colonel

    James (verified owner)

  25. The finest piece of cow hide; incredible craftsmanship and incomparable service!! The product is exactly as described and is absolutely perfect for front pocket wear!

    scott712 (verified owner)

  26. You have a great product but the customer service and attention that I received were second to none. Keep striving to be stellar!

    paulnielsen51 (verified owner)

  27. I don’t know what I ever did without this item. I keep any denomination of money #20 and over in my wallet, but once I break a $20 bill, it goes in my front pocket wallet. Until I had one, I just folded it up and stuck it in my pocket, but now it is organized and my bills don’t get “dog eared.” For those of us who are well organized and can’t stand disorder, a front pocket wallet is an invaluable item for a man of class! Lastly, our company worked with Col Littleton to add our company logo on the front. Well worth the money for this high quality item!


  28. Yes, the Colonel has out done himself again! For those of us men who do not want to lug around a bulky wallet but yet carry 10+ cards and a few dollars…..this is the one! American buffalo, will it ever wear out?


  29. Just received my wallet and looking forward to many years of use. The flap feature will be a welcome feature to help secure my cards and bills.

    Thanks for a great product!


  30. I’ve had this wallet for 7 years now. It has aged nicely, but is about to the point of replacement….probably because I’ve been hard on it without any up keep measures. I do however keep 15-20 cards in it on a daily basis, not the 2-3 stated on the product page.


  31. This wallet is the perfect pocket size and holds bills very nicely. The quality of the leather is superb. I appreciate an American made product and combined with the great customer service this make for a great product.

    connorjones1 (verified owner)

  32. I have had one of these front pocket Wallets for going on 8 years now. I did have one stolen from me and if the statement I am about to type doesn’t speak loud enough for how much I think these wallets are worth I don’t know what will. I ordered a new front pocket wallet before I had my credit cards replaced that day. I believe that you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps and the products he indulges in. Many might see the price tag on some of your items and be a little taken aback but I have now had my second front pocket wallet for 6 years and there is not so much as a stitch out of place. The only thing that I have done to it over the years is once every 6 or 9 months I will use a little leather cleaner and put a little neutral leather polish on it. The polish has just helped me keep my keys which I have to take in and out of my pocket often from scoring the leather. I just received a No. 1 grip and No. 18 portfolio today and was beyond impressed. Always impeccable service. I now have to save up for the briefcase. These items are heirlooms. This may seem like I am dragging on and I may be but these are the best men’s products I have ever seen. They are American made and I can tell you if nothing else when you pick up a Col. Littleton product you know the people making it took pride in doing so. My hat is off to you all.


  33. Purcell – Chicago
    I must say, every time I get a delivered order from this company I feel like a kid on Christmas! The amount of time and effort they put into just the packaging and notes (and Moon Pie of course) is amazing. I am a customer for life. This front wallet is fantastic, just the right size and very unique – even the leather smell takes me back to simpler time. Thanks Colonel Littleton and keep up the fantastic work!

    pkram98 (verified owner)

  34. I ordered the front pocket wallet with flap and the #20 portfolio on Tuesday, Feb. 7th, received a really nice personalized email Wednesday, the 8th acknowledging the order from Judy and the product showed up as promised Friday, Feb. 10th in southeast Texas. There is a lot of attention given to the packaging & presentation when you get it. Each item is individually boxed, in a protective bag with literature about the products & the company. Then you get to the product, which is made with the absolute quality in mind. Both products exceeded my expectations, I absolutely love the size of the wallet and the softness of the leather, it held everything I wanted to carry with a little extra space. The portfolio is the perfect size for my intended purpose & will last multiple lifetimes. Now want to get a couple belts. Doing business with Colonel Littleton takes me back in time to when it was like doing business in small town America, quality products, fantastic service, with people that make you feel like a neighbor. Now going to enjoy my Moon Pie! Thanks, I’ll be back.

    brad2 (verified owner)

  35. I just received my front pocket wallet with the fold-over flap. First thing I did was looked in the gift bag and found the moon pie and coaster, Thank you very much for the gift’s. Then I read every card in the bag, then I opened the box my wallet was in and read every card in that box before I ever took my Wallet out of the very pretty sack it was in. after reading the cards it just made it feel more personal, not like something you would buy from any other company. Then my Wallet was just so nice, I could tell from the moment I saw it and held it that it was the highest quality front pocket wallet I have ever had and could tell I will get many years of service out of it. Just by this one item I have ordered I know I will be a return customer for years. I want to say Thank You Col Littleton and to your Staff. Tim

    tham642 (verified owner)

  36. Well Colonel, I received my front pocket wallet with the fold over flap exactly one week ago today. I wanted to give it a workout for a week before I left this note. It is, in a word, stellar. I currently have 8 bills and 10 cards in it. No, I don’t have 10 credit cards. That would not be fiscally prudent. Suffice it to say, that all necessary forms of legal, medical, financial and big-box store identification are contained therein. I had carried my previous front pocket wallet with a magnetic clip for 20 years before I decided a change was in order. I did more than a bunch of research before I chose this product. The swaying factors were the reviews, your youtube videos and your website demeanor. It didn’t hurt that you manufacture in a small town in the South. This wallet is everything I hoped it would be: light, compact, sturdy and beautiful. The packaging is flat-out genius. I have a man-crush on your company and will be a devout customer for the rest of my days.

    dlott25 (verified owner)

  37. dtillinghast (verified owner) – January 13, 2017:

    I consider myself a self-described “leather connoisseur”. I have never hesitated to spend hard earned dollars on products of superior quality and wish I was more articulate and able to describe Colonel Littleton products the way it deserves.

    The entire story—

    My wife and I were in Nashville this year for our anniversary over New Years. We stayed at the Omni Hotel and there is a store within the hotel that carries the Colonel Littleton brand. We strolled through the shop and fell in love at first touch. His leathers are of the highest superiority available. The chosen hardware is heavy, solid and made to a level that will last forever.

    As we looked around, I came across this No. 83 Leather Book Bag. The size of the bag was perfect and light weight. I use it as my everyday carry “man bag” because it helps me stay organized. The leather is “glove soft” but thick enough to last a lifetime. I looked at the price and thought, I love it, but don’t need it. To my delight, my wife wanted to purchase if for me as an anniversary present. Wow!!!

    So, it began… I now own:

    No. 83 Bookbag
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Brown
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Black
    No. 28 Leather Pocket Journal – Vintage Brown
    No. 9 Journal – Brown (Not for me, for the wife for her birthday)
    Front Pocket Wallet with Fold-Over Flap – Brown

    All I can say is Colonel, keep up the good work, shut up and take my money!!!!


  38. Amazing Product. I received this wallet as a Christmas present in December 2015. In January 2016, I attended Army Basic Combat Training in Oklahoma. I kept my Driver’s License and CAC card in this wallet, and then kept the wallet in the left breast pocket of my OCP’s. I had this wallet on me every single day of Basic, it held up through thousands of push-ups, low crawling through mud, and many miles of ruck marching.

    I cannot adequately express the level of quality craftsmanship that must have gone into this product. I am getting married in September of 2017 and plan to purchase this wallet as a gift for my groomsman!

    You will not be disappointed with this purchase!


  39. You just don’t get this quality very often. I was blown away but not only that, but the amount of connection I got from the Colonel Littleton crew. They sent me a free coaster, catalog, product information, and why they do what they do. It’s been a great experience with the wallet, and the company.


  40. Great wallet. Very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I appreciate the thought that went into the design and production. I also enjoyed visiting the website and the first rate customer service. I will be making future purchases from a great company.

    mcgrawx4 (verified owner)

  41. Great customer service – beautiful product!

    cmt4905 (verified owner)

  42. I have had my front pocket wallet for years. It has aged beautifully. I showed it to a friend and he just loved it. I’m gifting my order to him. Thanks for a great product. Sure wish you had the old style with the rivet, that is what I have and it could not be better!


  43. Replacing the coach wallet with money clip that my husband and I bought for him on our honeymoon 10 years ago with this classic piece. I like that it is simple and understated but high-quality and personalized.

    chrissi.cicerelle (verified owner)

  44. $60 for 2 pieces of leather stitched together!? Come on! It’s nothing special. Thankfully my wife returned it after I told her I could never use it knowing the damn thing cost $60. Not to mention my $10 wallet has lasted 15 years.


  45. I purchased this for my father. He was very pleased. I found the leather was very pliable and soft. It will certainly help with comfort. He seemed very fond of the leather scent. The packaging was pretty thoughtful. I enjoyed reading up on the history of the company. You know you found a great company when they provide great customer service.

    kelvin.caban (verified owner)

  46. I ordered this with monogramming as a gift for Dad and I can’t wait to give it to him. I liked it so much, that if I hadn’t had it monogrammed, I might have kept it for myself! It is awesome! Unique, classy and definately not your mass produced wallet. I had a little issue initially but it was resolved immediately and a new wallet was at my front door two days later. You guys rock and so does this wallet! Thank you.

    kims326 (verified owner)

  47. I really like this wallet! I converted to wearing wallet in my front pocket around 10 years ago, and have always used regular wallets, and they have always felt way too large. I was very nervous this would be too minimal, and it is not at all. I currently have 6 credit cards, 3 business cards, and 6 bills and one folded check. all this fits fine.

    I feel like the opening for the bills should be on the other side if your right handed. I wonder if it could be made this way. Also, I think the stamp could be more minimal, with just the Col. Littleton stamp, and not the EST 1987, Front Pocket Wallet, *WARRENTED* LYNVILLE, TN USA.

    None the less, if this wears out, I will absolutely buy another one.


  48. I have used this wallet daily for the past 17 years and it is still going strong… highly recommended.

    I can not think of anything I own that has better craftsmanship. If this one is ever stolen I will be sure to buy another.


  49. My lovely wife bought me the front pocket wallet for Valentine’s Day. I have wanted one for years. Incredible quality and craftsmanship. Customer service was exceptional. The packaging and product presentation was unmatched. Highly recommend the product and the company! Thank you!


  50. I was able to get the last Lizard front pocket wallet so I am so lucky. What a masterful piece, I have been looking for something “different” that has an unique composure and this wallet is it. I am so happy, I am going to order another wallet.


  51. Excellent product
    Very well made and designed

    bob1 (verified owner)

  52. Fantastic wallet. Purchased for husband and he is very pleased.

    Holly (verified owner)

  53. I have been field testing this wallet for about 2 years now. I am 100% pleased with it. I love the slim design and tough but classy look. It fits well in any pocket, front our back. I have found myself cutting down on the extra clutter that I used to stuff my wallet with and this one holds everything that I NEED perfectly. As a bonus it has aged wonderfully with a patina and is buttery soft. I would recommend this wallet to anyone. Merry Christmas!


  54. I purchased this wallet for my brother after showing him my buffalo wallet without the flap. I raved about mine and he said without knowing they made it with a fold over flap that he would feel safer if it had a flap. So I bought him this wallet as a surprise. He was so happy he couldn’t believe I got it for him. He’s always complained about how big regular wallets are and has searched all over for something thin and small because he carries a few bills and 2-4 credit cards. Since he’s hated carrying wallets he forgotten them at home and had cards fall out and get lost. He loves this wallet, buy it!! He says the size is slim and he forgets he’s even carrying it.

    patycake1221 (verified owner)

  55. I bought this wallet a year ago after my doctor told me to GET YOUR WALLET OUT OF YOUR BACK POCKET! because of my back problem. I love this wallet and the workmanship and customer service from Colonel Littleton is astounding!


  56. Just ordered my 2nd wallet I have just about worked out my old one, I have used every type wallet this is by far the most convenient ever no more bulge in back pocket.
    I Reccomend to anyone tired of old style wallets


  57. This is the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Despite the thin profile, this wallet can hold both cash/bills and up to six or seven cards. I agree with others that the quality is unmatched and my wallet has held up extremely well over the past year. The flap adds a degree of security and nicely contains the contents of the wallet. For those seeking a high quality thin profile wallet, this product is the definitively the best on the market.


  58. I admit it. I’m a wallet addict. I own a lot of wallets and this one is my favorite. I have 3 of these front pocket wallets now….the first was the brown one with the rivet on the money flap. The second was the brown one without the rivet and I just bought the black one, again without the rivet. It’s just simple – one pocket, one money area and a flap that secures it all. I also love the smell of this leather. i don’t know what the Colonel does but this smells better than Saddleback Leather. I hope this lasts forever….if it doesn’t, then I hope the Colonel will sell this wallet forever!

    Also want to give a shout out to Customer Service. They are terrific.

    Stephanie (verified owner)

  59. Another terrific product from the Colonel. I have zombie hands from an illness. i needed a simple way to hold my cash and credit cards/ids that was also secure. The folder over front pocket wallet fits the bill perfectly. My cash fits very neatly in the front and the pocket holds 7 to 8 cards and/or id. Oh yeah, my zombie fingers and hands have far less problem extracting cash or cards from this well designed wallet. Fits neatly in front pants pocket or my jacket pocket. Another winner from the Colonel.

    James (verified owner)

  60. Well, what can I say? This product is very nice and the customer service is even better. I can fit six cards and plenty of bills in this wallet. The leather is high quality and feels great. Fast turn around time and free shipping as well. I highly recommend the product and the company!

    Steven (verified owner)

  61. This is by far the best wallet I’ve ever owned. It accomodates 6 or 7 cards and a few bills with no problem whatsoever. I’ve had it for probably a couple of years, and it only seems to get better with age. Worth every penny of the $60!!


  62. I’ve only had this wallet for about 4 months, but overall this wallet has met all of my expectations. It feels very nice and soft. The quality in the stitching was very good, I felt justified in spending $68. I currently have around 5-8 cards and 6 bills and I have no trouble whatsoever with space. In addition to that, it still maintains a very slim profile. All in all I love this.


  63. wonderful wallet
    This wallet was great when I purchased it several years ago and it is more appreciated today than it was then


  64. Fantastic
    I can’t get over how much I love my front pocket wallet. I have been using a regular back pocket wallet for my entire life and I am 59 years old. I wish I had done this earlier. The quality of this wallet is unmatched. The stitching and color is perfect. You can tell that this wallet will stand up to the test of time. I usually carry about 8 bills and 5 to 6 cards (including drivers license) and this wallet handles it perfectly. Don’t think I will ever go back to a back pocket wallet again. Takes a few days to get used to it being in your front pocket but it’s worth it. Thanks Col. Littleton for a great product.


  65. Best wallet I’ve ever owned
    I have had this wallet (or at least a very similar Col Littleton model with the fold over flap) for the past 15 years, and have used it daily. It has held up perfectly — it has been washed several times and gotten soaked in water many more and remains as handsome and durable as the day I received it as a gift.

    I would recommend it to anybody, it will be the last wallet you ever buy.


  66. -Excellent Wallets-
    I’ve owned a lot of wallets over the years and I’ve finally found the right one! I first ordered the front pocket wallet without the fold over, after I received this one I got even more interested in the fold over so I ordered it a few days later. Well, this is the finest front pocket wallet I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned plenty of them. I can carry 5 cards easily and enough cash to get me by. This is also one great looking wallet, 1 st. Class all the way. BTW, the ladies I talked to set 1 st. Class also, they went out of the way to treat me with all the courtesy and respect you could hope for and they are very knowledgeable about the products. I’ll be ordering again soon and I wish Col. Littleton and his staff the best.
    Sincerely: T. White…Ohio


  67. Quick little wallet
    Even I do not use this as designed (front pocket wallet) it works for those in the minimalist wallet market. I usually carry a few cards and tid-bit of cash this one fits the bill. The leather come softened and ready to roll with not much break-in required.


  68. LOSE the pin!!
    I LOVE the Front Pocket Wallet! Super slim, premium leather, and a style I absolutely dig!

    My only complaint is the PIN used on this version of the Front Pocket Wallet. Because of the pin credit cards/cards do not seat centered in the wallet and cash is a bit tougher to seat fully in the wallet. Also the Flap cannot sit centered due to the tension caused by the pin. Even if it meant double stitching or perhaps a stronger thread I’d prefer it without the pin so it does not affect the overall symmetry of the wallet.

    This wallet, MINUS the pin, is my ideal wallet.

    I still think highly of this wallet, but the lack of symmetry due to the pin is a slight eyesore for those who are a bit nit picky for a finer product as such.


  69. Good Prodi
    I like the front pocket wallet with fold over flap but would recommend the Colonel widen the wallet by a quarter inch and then you have a truly practical life long product. Wallet is too narrow and folded over bills stick out of the side. Quarter inch more of leather would be perfect. Make the change and I will buy another as I have purchased quite a few products from your company and have been very pleased.


  70. Prepare to answer lots of questions
    I’ve had mine for years and people have commented on it from British Columbia to the Bahamas. The older it gets, the more handsome it looks.


  71. I’m in love!
    I’ve had my wallet since Christmas and I love it so much I’m sure it will be the last wallet I own.


  72. Wow!
    Far and away the nicest, highest quality front pocket wallet I have ever had. Superior craftsmanship and materials. Wouldn’t expect anything less from Col. Littleton. I’ll be back!


  73. Very excellent product
    I purchased this wallet and was glad I did. Was very hesitant at first but this is the last wallet I will be buying. Very happy with it and the leather craftsmanship is excellent. I carry 8 cards which include: several credit, license, work id and health insurance. I am able to carry 5-one dollar, 2-five dollar, 2-ten dollar and 2-twenty dollar bills with out it being to bulky. Customer service is #1 and Sandy goes beyond the call of duty to help you. If you decide to purchase it, you will definitely not regret it.


  74. Good wallet with just a bit of room for improvement
    I purchased my wallet a couple of months ago but decided to “test” it before I posted a review. Since I’ve been carrying it around for some weeks now, I wanted to post my thoughts.

    First, the positive:

    1) Shipping was fast and the wallet was packaged very nicely. If this had been a gift for someone, I could have kept it in its box and probably just slapped on a bow.

    2) At least from the front, it’s a very good looking wallet – right down to the stitching. It looks exactly like the pictures on the site, and seems to be put together very solidly. It even has that “new” leather smell to it.

    3) It has done a very good job of holding my cards and some money in it. Right now I’m carrying 5 cards/ID and a slip of paper, and has kept it all securely in the wallet while maintaining a nice, slim profile. It allows me to keep the essentials on hand without a massive wallet bulging in my pocket.

    There are a few minor negatives that kept me from giving a full 5 stars.

    1) I was very disappointed to flip over the wallet and see a huge “Col Littleton” brand covering half the backside. While I understand that most products have some product branding on it, having so much space taken up by the company name, logo, EST Date, and location really detracts from the wallet’s look.

    2) The wallet isn’t great for carrying anything more then a minimal amount of cash. If I have a small number of bills, I can fit them in the front pocket without difficulty, but if I have a large amount it’s hard to fold up and fit in without causing an obvious bulge. Maybe I just need to learn to fold my bills better but it can be a bit of a pain to deal with.

    All in all I’m happy with my purchase and would recommend it to someone looking for a minimalist wallet.


  75. Great Product & Service
    I just received my front pocket wallet with the fold-over flap. Since I wanted my initials on the wallet, I was surprised that it shipped the same day I ordered it. I’m a long-time marketing guy, so I was very impressed with the packaging, printed materials and the moon pie that came with the wallet. Very cool. I’m even more impressed with the quality of the wallet. I love how it looks, how it fits in my pocket and the fact that it comfortably holds my cash, 5 credit cards, three insurance cards and my driver’s license. Thank you for a great product and prompt service.


  76. Slim and secure
    I purchased a brown front pocket wallet with fold-over flap a while back. I splurged and had my initials added at the time of purchase. I am completely pleased. It is slim enough to almost be unnoticable in my front pocket, regardless if i’m wearing jeans or khakis. It hold all of the cards I need and enough cash to last a week. It has aged beautifully. It has gotten a little darker over time and conformed to the stack of cards I keep in it. I wish I could post a photo showing how it looks compared to a new one to give an idea of how well it has held up. All in all, I highly recommend this if you are at all thinking of getting a high quality front pocket wallet.


  77. Awesome
    I really love my front pocket wallet with the fold over flap. I bought it about a year ago and it has held up well and looks new, despite the abuse I put it through. Most of all, it keeps everything secure and tight, giving me the confidence I need that nothing important is falling out. I easily fit my license, registration, insurance card, credit card and Starbucks card in the back and in the front fold I still have plenty of room for a wod of cash. I would highly recommend it. The quality of this wallet exceeded my expectations. You’ll love it!!


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Our Warranty

We are committed to producing quality, handcrafted products that showcase our time-honored standards of excellence and deep respect for the Americana tradition. Col. Littleton products go through rigorous testing and numerous quality inspections before being shipped to our customers. Should you receive a Col. Littleton product that is defective in materials or workmanship, you can count on us to make it right. Our guarantee is limited to the cost of the product itself. It also does not cover normal wear and tear. We feel if you just plain “wore it out,” you got your money’s worth. Also, we cannot be responsible for an item which has suffered through alteration, damage due to improper cleaning, improper use, mishandling or accident. If we made a mistake in personalizing your product or if the product is defective in materials or workmanship, of course we’ll replace it. Otherwise, personalized products are not returnable.

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Our Leather
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Our Craftsmanship

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