black and brown leather front pocket wallet on wood shelf
black and brown leather front pocket wallet on wood shelf
vintage brown leather front pocket wallet coming out of man's pocket
Brown leather front pocket wallet front full of 10 bills in front pocket.
Brown leather front pocket wallet empty front with 3 embossed initials centered.
Brown leather front pocket wallet back side with Col. Littleton logo embossed in center.
Brown leather front pocket wallet side with 10 cards and 10 bills.
Brown leather front pocket wallet top with 3 cards and 2 bills inside pockets.
Brown leather front pocket wallet empty open at top two pockets.
Leather front pocket wallet cream gift bag and brown gift box.
Black leather front pocket wallet front with 3 embossed initials centered.
Black leather front pocket wallet front with 3 cards and 2 bills inside pockets.
Black leather front pocket wallet back side with Col. Littleton logo embossed in center.
Black leather front pocket wallet top with 3 cards and 2 bills inside pockets.
Black leather front pocket wallet empty open at top two pockets.

Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Lightweight, slim & reliable wallet. Carry all the essentials in full-grain American steerhide.



Free U.S. Ground Shipping
100% Warranted
    • Full-grain, dry-milled American steerhide
    • Front and back pockets for cash and up to 10 cards
    • Wallet dimensions: 3.75″ H x 3” W
    • May be personalized with up to 3 embossed initials
  • Shipping & Information
  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

    We will email your tracking number when your package leaves our facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your order at

The Best Leather Front Pocket Wallet Available

Lightweight (about .5 oz), secure, made in America, full-grain steerhide, space for cash & cards – what more could you ask for? 

Designed for your front pocket, it carries folding money, driver’s license and up to nine additional cards. If you’ve never carried a front pocket wallet, we predict you’ll quickly become addicted to the ease and security of this reliable, compact wallet. 

Functionality & Design

Handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville TN, USA with our full-grain, dry-milled American steerhide and lined with polished steerhide. Our special leather develops character and patina with use. The more you carry it, the better it looks. 

This wallet is also available in American Alligator and American Buffalo.

  • Wallet dimensions 3.75” H x 3” W
  • Front pocket for folded cash, back pocket for cards
  • Full-grain American vegetable-tanned steerhide in Vintage Brown or Black
  • Leather naturally tanned to develop a rich, lived-in look and patina. It is also dry-milled to achieve a soft, slightly pebbled finish
  • Edge stitched for strength and durability
  • Product packaging includes a protective drawstring cotton canvas dust bag
  • May be personalized with three embossed initials centered on the front
  • Warranted

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  1. Have had two of these not because they wear out but want to pass on to both children. Great product.

    bobmorris255 (verified owner)

  2. Great craftsmanship and detail. The Buffalo hide is soft, the seams are perfect. Placing dollar bills into their space is easy and there is plenty of space for the credit cards and ID’s. Wonderful product. I will buy again.


  3. This is my second Front Pocket Wallet. My first lasted over 10 years of daily use, five of those years were spent living in Singapore and 3 living in the Netherlands. I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied I am with this product. I am not a rear pocket wallet guy and have tried numerous others that only lasted a year or two. You will not find another made from better quality and craftsmanship anywhere! This one is the real deal!

    Thank you, Col.

    dwatson5902 (verified owner)

  4. I purchased three monogrammed front pocket wallets as high school graduation gifts. They were well received, and I like the design so much that I will purchase again. Great gift.

    hardenbergh (verified owner)

  5. Received this unexpectedly as a gift and I absolutely love it. Quality leather and the craftsmanship should keep me happy for many years to come. Love the minimalistic style so that I can only carry what I need.


  6. I’ve been looking forward to receiving the wallet for the past few days. Upon opening the box, I was excited to find an amazing product. There is nothing artificial or fake about this wallet, it’s the real deal. There is no artificial lining, no man-made materials, just pure quality leather. I absolutely love the wallet and more than likely will be getting belts and other products from Colonel Littleton. It’s so refreshing to find leather that’s of a high quality with great customer service.


  7. The first front pocket wallet I received was from a friend as a Christmas gift. It’s an excellent product, handsome and durable, and comfortable as well. I highly recommend this as a graduation, birthday, holiday or groomsmen’s gift.

    rpmdjm6 (verified owner)

  8. This is my husbands second Col Littleton wallet and he would not want to use another type of wallet. This is an excellent product and an excellent place to shop for quality leather items for me and him. We are definitely Col Littleton fans! Thanks for the great quality and service.


  9. This product and even company goes above and beyond expectations. The wallet is high quality American leather and feels great. It holds cash and cards comfortably while providing easy access as well as a great carry experience. They include several little gifts which just add to the whole package. Finally, the customer service is amazing. I highly recommend any product from Colonel Littleton.

    sharkbaitfarrell (verified owner)

  10. I heard about Col. Littleton from a friend and went online to check them out. I ordered a front pocket wallet on a Friday and it was delivered to my house on Saturday! The wallet is beautiful and is perfect for what I need. It holds all the cards and cash that I need to carry and doesn’t take up a lot of room in my pocket. This wallet is very well made and I expect it to last for a very long time. Thanks Col. Littleton!

    troy.sparks78 (verified owner)

  11. Couldn’t be happier with the quality and design of this wallet. I’d moved to card holders over 10 years ago, preferring a lower profile in favor of carrying cash. This wallet is very compact but still has plenty of room for bills. I was stunned how quickly I received the order, especially with customization. The packaging, coaster and moon pie were also incredible touches. I’d give Col. Littleton 10 stars, if I could!


  12. I ordered the buffalo front pocket wallet and love it. It is high quality and a classic addition to my world. When my oldest son was ready for a good first wallet that will last, I knew he deserved one as well.

    ayankowsky (verified owner)

  13. Two friends, neither of whom know the other, told me about Col. Littleton. Intrigued, visited store in Lynnville. Bought only laser engraved coffee mug, but drooled over Front Pocket Wallet.

    NEVER–EVER liked anything but a handkerchief in back pocket. Carry driver license, bankcard, healthcare, biz cards in shirt pocket. Trouble is–get a jostle and ALL go flying.

    ORDERED FPW W5-2 online, chose free shipping. In minutes came an email of thanks for the order and expect delivery in a few days. BUT–FPW W5-2 arrived in two days. . . along with requisite MOON PIE, and several explanatory items.

    FPW W5-2 is PERFECT SOLUTION, Cards and folding money secure and quickly accessible. . . extremely high quality material and workmanship.

    ADDITIONALLY. . . from his story of beginnings in 1987, The Col. knows people appreciate fine goods finely packaged and well presented.

    In the words of the film, ‘I’ll be back!”

    jroberthall (verified owner)

  14. I didn’t by this wallet, my father did. Neither of us likes things in our back pocket. I have gone through many wallets in my EDC. While I like the look of my dad’s wallet, I always thought it would be damaged or destroyed easily while being carried alongside my other EDC Items. Long story short, my father passed away this year and I thought this would be a nice memento to remember him. Little did I know this would be a permanent addition to my EDC. The leather is strong and ages beautiful. My hope is this wallet lasts forever as its a great memento and reminder of my father.


  15. When I saw one of my sons using a money clip and he expressed frustration about how it digs in his leg when seated, I immediately thought the Colonel would have a solution. This wallet was the answer and I bought one for each of my five sons. They love them and use them regularly. The quality of your products convinces me they will probably pass them on to their sons!

    Don Davis (verified owner)

  16. The best wallet EVER made! I have been using a CL front pocket wallet for almost a decade now and have no complaints. My wife did get me a new one with my initials on it two years ago and it is holding up just as well as my old one. It shines up great after using the leather care kit every few months.


  17. love this wallet, great quality and perfect size.

    garland.williams (verified owner)

  18. I’m really enjoying this wallet. It’s slim, simple and sturdy.


  19. I recently received a second Col. Littleton front pocket wallet for Christmas. This is to replace the one that I received for Christmas over 10 years ago. I have tried other front pocket wallets during that time but I have always gone back to Col. Littleton because it is simple and holds up. The other would typically fall apart within a few months. I highly recommend this wallet if you are looking for a front pocket wallet. Whether you are carrying $10 and a couple of cards or $1,000 and a bunch of cards, this wallet will not fail you. It’s just like America.


  20. Just the right size. Very cool.


  21. What beautiful craftmanship. I was so excited to purchase your products for my boyfriend(soon to be hubs) and this front pocket wallet was just the ticket. I was baffled as to what to get him and your website offered the best advice. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    The leather is superb, and at such a good price!

    methrasher (verified owner)

  22. The Colonel never fails to impress. Purchased this as a gift for my dad. The Colonel is a true craftsman and every detail, even on this small item, is outstanding. The leather is supple, high quality and will wear beautifully over time. I will get as much joy giving this as a gift as my dad will in using it every day.
    Well done, Colonel!

    cmej1970 (verified owner)

  23. As always this product is of the highest quality and workmanship. If you are looking for an alternate to a traditional wallet I would recommend your try this wallet.


  24. Love my new Front Pocket Wallet! Thanks for the note and the Moon Pie.

    This will be the first of many purchases from your company!!

    khand (verified owner)

  25. Way overdue in this review. After over five years of carrying this wallet and giving several as gifts to employees and clients I totally agree with all the other reviewers. Just a stellar five star product and company.

    scottbrownrfc (verified owner)

  26. 5 star product and company! Best wallet I’ve owned. A gift from my sons for Father’s Day. Simple and holds everything you need. It’s worth the money to get this USA made wallet.


  27. Received the front pocket wallet this week. So simple yet so efficient—just what I was looking for! I was amazed at the quality of the item and the packaging. Received a personal email thanking me for my order. A very customer focused company!! Thank you

    jcheavner (verified owner)

  28. Well, I’ve seen a lot of presentations in my time, but I’ve never seen one to equal this – from the outside of the shipping box to the inside – pouch and then the beautiful handcrafted wallet…..and then the Baby Moon Pie……..I’m so excited to give my sons this for Father’s Day.

    mbowen5 (verified owner)

  29. Without question, the best wallet I have ever owned. Workmanship is superior and my wallet is still going strong and in perfect condition after several years. I have bought these as presents for my 2 sons and other friends (the embossed letters are a must) and each person, to a man, have loved them. A great way to get started with the Colonel, once you do, you will surely buy some other of his quality products – suggest the belts as a good “move up” item – about a hundo, great quality, adjustable and stylish. Nice work Colonel!

    jboothman (verified owner)

  30. I recently ordered 11 of these wallets to give to the groomsmen of my wedding, and they were an absolute hit. Fantastic quality of leather and craftsmanship, with even better customer service. I had each embossed with their initials and they came out perfectly. I’ve had my wallet for 2 and a half years now and I look forward to my friends and family enjoying theirs as long and longer than me! Great product!


  31. I have purchased 4-5 front pocket wallets as gifts and finally ordered one for myself and could not be happier. The wallet , like all of my other Col. Littleton accessories, is top quality and serves the purpose.


  32. Why can’t every online shopping experience be like this? Just received my Front Pocket Wallet today, and I am blown away by the presentation, gifts and quality of the Wallet itself. What company does so much for a $52 purchase today? Outstanding feel to the leather, excellent craftsmanship and insane level of attention to detail.

    I cannot thank Col. Littleton enough for such an amazing experience and fairly priced , quality item that is MADE IN THE USA!

    jaymcarter (verified owner)

  33. I think this is probably my first real leather wallet and I love it. The other “genuine leather” ones don’t feel anything like this or wear as well. It’s been over a year and it still looks and feel great. Stitching is still intact and there’s a darker brown patina on it now. I’ve been using it to hold 3-4 cards and up to 15 bills, so there is a little stretching as expected. My favorite wallet so far.


  34. I got one of these for my husband for Christmas and he keeps raving about it!


  35. The Colonel’s Front Pocket Wallet was the pot of gold at the end of a long rainbow! Searching and trying out many wallets over the years ended with the receipt and use of this wallet! In my opinion, its success lies first in a quality build and then the pure simplicity of design. Hopefully, the Colonel and his heirs will be around for a very long time.

    tercaryl (verified owner)

  36. Minimal and beautiful with exceptional packaging and free moonpie to boot. Holds a boatload of credit cards and $300 cash in twenties with ease. Beautiful soft leather and excellent craftsmanship. Would make a great gift!


  37. Amazing quality, all products all superbly done. We visited the store and great workmanship.


  38. Received a front pocket wallet in vintage brown approximately 10 years as a Christmas gift. Loved the workmanship of the wallet and the fact of putting in my front pocket instead of my back pocket. Really helped with back pain. Ordered one for my son and he has loved his. His supervisor saw his and loved it so I ordered his supervisor one for Christmas this year. This wallet is a must for anyone with back pain or without. Great wallet. Really holds up great. Love it !!

    finneyjg (verified owner)

  39. Let me first say; I am a huge fan of Colonel Littleton products. I have knives, pens, wallets, portfolios, pouches,boxes, and a shaving kit. All have been wonderful products that I have enjoyed immensely. Some have been gifted to me by my wife, others have been purchased by myself either online or at an upscale men’s store in my hometown. My only disappointment came with my most recent purchase of the front pocket wallet which was my fifth one. I ordered the private stock light colored one which upon receipt seemed much less sturdy than the others that I had so I asked customer service to exchange it for the American buffalo leather. Customer service was great and Judy handled the exchange smoothly. I received the new one today, but to my surprise, it too seems flimsy. I compare the one that I carry with the new one and no one can convince me that the quality is equal. Another conversation with customer service and they conveyed that the manufacturing process has not changed since day one. They got out the calipers and measured the thickness of the leather and said it was the same from day one. So, I’m not sure what is going on, but I am sure that I prefer the earlier wallets to the new ones. I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from purchasing one because they are great wallets, but be prepared for a cheaper looking and feeling piece of leather.

    Rick (verified owner)

  40. Would you think I would give anything less than a 5 star rating? Shine no! received the front pocket Buffalo wallet today, it took no time to realize the quality of craftsmanship I held in my hands,thanks! Now about that Moon Pie, I am pairing it with a fine vintage RC Cola and will refuse any bribes by those who inhabit my home to share. Thank you all again and like they say in Jawja, Go Dogs!

    Rob Ledbetter


  41. Outstanding!! I have carried a Front Pocket Wallet since 1990. I still carry one today and so does my son, who started using one 14 years ago. I have also purchased and given this wallet to at least 10 of my friends. It is a great gift to give others!! Thank you again for making such a great product. Craig


  42. I was surprised at the size of the box that arrived at my door after ordering the wallet. Normally, for a wallet this size I think it would come in a standard envelope, but the Colonel does things differently. From the personalized email after ordering, to the amount of collateral on the product that arrives with the wallet, you’re getting more than you paid for!

    As a historic bi-fold user, I was apprehensive to move the front pocket wallet but the functionality is great. The wallet itself with cash and 5 cards fits comfortably in my front pocket and looks great with the monogram. This is going to be my new go-to gift and recommendation! Thanks to RCS for the suggestion.

    connor.n.currier (verified owner)

  43. I ordered the Front Pocket Wallet for my husband for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! His old wallet had a magnetic money clip and it finally got too worn out. Col. Littleton’s Front Pocket Wallet is the perfect replacement! It is very slim and keeps cards and bills secure. He had no trouble immediately fitting six cards and a few Dollar’s and Euro’s in it. The monogramming on black leather looks wonderful and adds a personal touch. We also really enjoyed looking through the accompanying literature that included information about the leather and history of the company. The moon pie and coaster were also much appreciated! Thank you so much for this high quality Made in USA wallet!

    hrich22 (verified owner)

  44. This is my second ft. pocket wallet. The first one I have used for around 12 years. It wasn’t worn out I just wanted a new one. Outstanding service and attention to detail. Which I love. Thank you Colonel!!


    Phillip (verified owner)

  45. This is the best wallet you can buy. I have been in the market for a front pocket wallet for quite some time now and I finally pulled the trigger on the Front Pocket Wallet. I’ve been a bifold guy forever and I may never go back. Thanks for making such great products! -RM

    wrmoss12 (verified owner)

  46. These guys just know how to do it. I ordered this off of a friends recommendation after using my No. 9 journal for a few years now (broken in perfectly). Col. Littleton makes opening the package a treat and the high quality is sure to last a lifetime.

    acfoster712 (verified owner)

  47. Bought this to use with my lightweight summer shorts. I like it so much, and got “pared” down to just a few cards, that I now use it permanently.

    Great quality, and light weight.


  48. FIVE STARS +

    I got my package today and I must say I am very impressed with what I purchased and it is worth every penny!
    I like the Col., I love leather as well and you guys hit it out of the park. The Col. makes me feel like a Wild West cowboy that has been waiting on his fine leather goods that are being delivered at the general store.

    My front pocket wallet is just perfect and my leather bracelets are bad ass! The quality is nothing less than perfect, the packaging was equally great! I can’t tell you how over the top pleased I am with everything.

    I can’t wait to order more stuff. Please give the Col. My heart felt thank you for making a fantastic product and for hiring great employees that care about making the purchase experience spectacular.

    minicrzy (verified owner)

  49. Superior product. I have carried one for the past 8 or so years, carries everything one would need, gets even better with a little age on it. Bought myself another one just because. I have given several as gifts to close friends over the years and they are always highly coveted. As fine as this product is, I am most impressed with the service and efficiency of the Colonel’s operation. Outstanding in every way.

    joeyk58 (verified owner)

  50. This is by far the best front pocket wallet I’ve used.Beautiful brown leather.I have 9 bills and 6 cards in mine and will fit plenty more with use.Great customer service and fast shipping.Made in USA! And it comes in a great package with a delicious moon pie.Thank you col!

    csedge73 (verified owner)

  51. One of the best buying experiences I have ever had. Received a personalized email order confirmation hours after ordering. My order arrived on time and was very well packaged. The front pocket wallet is fantastic. Has exceeded my expectations by far. Col. Littleton is highly recommended. Great great experience!!!!

    adamgodfrey (verified owner)

  52. WOW !!
    Colonel you’ve done it again. My front pocket wallet is outstanding in every way. Size, Functionality, Detail and Craftsmanship are Colonel Littleton all the way.

    gibson.lovorn (verified owner)

  53. Another purchase for my boyfriend. When we go out he likes the front pocket wallet for convience & safety. This is the perfect gift. Very well made & great investment. Pleased with all products from here & highly recommend them.

    young_tammy (verified owner)

  54. This is the best wallet that I have ever owned. I received my first one in 2000 from a corworker and just ordered a replacement in 2016. It is very high quality and stylish. I always get questions about the wallet and the maker. I ordered my new one with my ititials. The order shipped quickly and I am very pleased!

    randallbrown65 (verified owner)

  55. Excellent craftsmanship. Far exceeded my expectations and highly recommended for anyone looking for front pocket wallet.


  56. I received this wallet as a gift. It is perfect to hold some cash, credit cards and my licenses. The best part is that it looks great and does not leave a bulge in my pocket.


  57. Just what I was looking for. As I get older it takes less to get along and I found this wallet surfing the web. It carries what I need for everyday with no bulk and that lovely leather smell. Made my wife happy too because it was an appreciated birthday present.


  58. The wallet is great. I am really excited about it. The customer service is incredible. They reached out to me to personally thank me for my order. The packaging that the wallet is sent in is probably the best! They put so much thought and care into their products. Will definitely be buying more things from them.

    black.b (verified owner)

  59. This is my favorite wallet. Driver licence, credit card, insurance card and a few more fit nicely in the pocket. A stack of folded bill in the outside flap and it slips unnoticed in the front pocket.


  60. My wife bought the buffalo front pocket wallet for me, I think she was embarrassed by the droop from my heavy wallet in my shirt pocket. Your pocket wallet is perfect, excellent quality and totally solves the droop. I highly recommend the pocket wallet!


  61. I love this wallet, I just bought a new one made from buffalo. I bought my first one over 9 years ago, and just retired it, it still is in good shape, I just wanted a new one. The best made leather goods I have ever owned, I just bought a passport wallet too.


  62. This wallet is outstanding! Great feel and is light in your pocket. It carries bills perfectly and holds cards in place.


  63. I just received my Front Pocket wallet. It looks and smells great. The workmanship and leather are beautiful and it can hold everything I used to keep in my larger bi-fold wallet. It’s refreshing to see a company that takes pride in its work.

    david.r (verified owner)

  64. Great wallet. Holds cash way better than I expected. Love the leather smell

    mpinterdds (verified owner)

  65. This is a simple design, but is by far the best wallet I have ever used. Nicely done Colonel!

    Michael (verified owner)

  66. Once again, a flawless performance from a class act company! Both my Wife and I have and completely enjoy the front pocket wallet. This one is for one of our special friends who we will proudly introduce into the Colonel’s family. Our profound thanks to all. You are one class act!

    tercaryl (verified owner)

  67. I have used a front pocket wallet for years now. When I first saw this one was a didn’t think it would hold the money good and was to small. Well after using it since Christmas I will only use this one it’s better than any of the other ones I have ever used and look forward to using it for years to come.


  68. Exceeds expectations.
    The simplicity makes it outstanding. Great materials and craftsmanship.

    Randy (verified owner)

  69. I’ve owned my wallet for over a year now and it looks better every day. It screams quality and craftsmanship. This is an essential every day item!

    michael (verified owner)

  70. I just received my front pocket wallet (Saddle tan) as a Christmas present. I have been a front pocket wallet “user” for many years and this one is perfect. Love the way it fits in my pocket and holds everything I need on a daily basis. Very nice and will probably last me forever. Thanks Colonel and thanks for the great customer service and on time delivery … this was a last minute order to arrive before Christmas.

    kleinlib (verified owner)

  71. I’m a front pocket wallet carry guy, and no matter what other wallets I try out, I ALWAYS come back to this one. Just so simple and practical. I only carry cash, DL, CCP, and AMEX & Visa Check card. All you need. I also own the flap over front pocket wallet, but find myself using this one the most. I have carried it for 10 years or so I believe.

    David L

  72. Most often the simple things are the best. Colonel Littleton combines form and function to make a great product. Wife bought me this for my birthday and I could not be happier.


  73. Great front pocket wallet. Good capacity given it’s small size and no magnets or metal to complicate security checks while traveling. And like other Colonel Littleton products, the quality and workmanship is first rate.

    Stanton (verified owner)

  74. Terrific piece that’s settled my walleting issues. I keep the stuff I go to frequently in the flap, the less touched in the pocket. Has made me more selective about my wallet contents, appreciated. Excellent craftsmanship, per usual.


  75. Great wallet and Great customer service

    Tony (verified owner)

  76. Great
    I got this wallet as a gift in 2000 and now I am replacing it! Great wallet and lasts forever


  77. Fantastic!
    I carried a different front pocket wallet for a few years, and thought it was great. Although it was small, it still seemed a bit heavy for its size. I stumbled on Col. Littleton’s front pocket wallet on the internet and was intrigued by its simplicity and the great reviews. After carrying this wallet for the past few months, I can’t imagine searching for anything more. The Colonel got this one right. The beauty really is in the simplicity. The money flap works great and makes cash easily accessible. Having just one pocket for cards reduces the amount of leather needed to make this wallet functional. I carry cash (usually 6-7 bills or less), driver license, 6 standard cards, two paper cards, and a laminated ID card comfortably in this wallet, and there is still room for another card or two if needed. I’m amazed at how small and light this wallet is while being highly functional. If you’re tired of carrying a brick in your pocket, give this a try. It will handle all you NEED to have readily available. I keep those “I might need it one day” cards in a separate wallet locked in the console of my car. Funny thing is, I haven’t needed any of them yet and have appreciated not having to carry them.


  78. Better than a money clip!
    Although it is very hard to pick a Col. Littleton product I like the best – of all the products I have I think this is the best. I have been using a money clip for my credit cards and cash and decided to try the front pocket wallet. It is the best – it holds what I need and is flat in your pocket. Believe me when I say this is the way to go!

    Dr. Ken letterman

  79. Stellar!
    That’s what the colonel says! This is the third item that I have gotten from The Colonel. I LOVE this wallet. It replaced a similar size back pocket wallet and a front pocket money clip. It is more than ample to carry several cards and many bills (not an Alabama roll!) it is classy and I know it will last forever. I look forward to watching it “age”. I love this stuff. I now have a place that I can add to my wish lists for years to come?


  80. surprised
    At first in was very surprised on the size of package this came in. I was impressed with the shipping tracking used, the packaging, and all the other things this wallet came with!

    Ok now to the wallet itself. I got tired of carrying a thick wallet in my back pocket for awhile now. It was hurting to keep on me so I downsized to a rubber band, yes, a rubber band. Had that for a week while this was.ordered, now that I have it, in my pocket it does not seem much bigger than my rubber band contraption! The leather feels top notch. Super soft and the stamps on back are a nice touch. I got my initials on it. Why not? Not much more! Being that this wallet does not have a liner which should mean less things to rip,tear,wear. I expect this wallet to last a long time! No more carrying more than I need!


  81. The Best
    This is the best wallet I have ever carried. I bought it back in 2005 if i remember correctly and have used it everyday since. Any wallet that last that long is a keeper, so i am getting another one and a few other items as well.

    Thanks Colonel!


  82. Awesome Wallet
    I came across COL Littleton products only by coincidence and boy am I glad I did. I’ve only had the Front Pocket Wallet for about a week now but I love it. The quality is great, the leather is soft yet sturdy and the rustic brown color is cool. I currently have 7 cards and 8 bills in the wallet and it holds them comfortably. Thanks COL!


  83. Surprisingly Perfect
    I’ve been going through front pocket frustration for a decade now. I’ve had multiple wallets and have never been completely satisfied. When I first held this wallet in my hand I was not convinced it would really function as I’d hoped. Well, after using it i can say that it definitely meets and exceeds expectation. The perfect blend of a single pocket wallet and money clip. Well done!


  84. Another Home Run for the Colonel
    I am very picky when it comes to items that I need to carry every day. I have a drawer full of wallets and money clips that have either worn too quickly, or suffered some other kind of deficiency. After being so pleased with the phone holster I purchased, I decided to try the Colonel’s front pocket wallet.

    The front pocket wallet met my needs perfectly: it’s high quality, has a slim profile, and holds my license, key card, a couple of credit cards, and currency.

    One “tweak” I’ve developed is to insert one of the cards I carry into the center of the folded currency and use it to “tamp” the bills snugly into place.

    All in all just another great product and I am very satisfied with my purchase.


  85. Simple, functional, and classic
    I have carried a money clip with credit card pockets for twenty-five years and never thought I would carry anything else. The front pocket wallet is lighter, no magnet clip required, can carry plenty of folding money, and will accommodate all the necessary cards you need to get anywhere. As with any Colonel Littleton product the quality is exceptional. Well worth the money. You will not be disappointed.


  86. Under Rated Product
    I purposely waited a month before I wrote a review of this wallet because I was a bit skeptical as to whether it would actually work for me.

    Ordering process was quick and efficient, with courteous follow up.

    When I received the wallet my first reaction was ‘Wow! This is really small.” I was one of those guys who stuffed their regular wallet to the max. How in the world was I going to make this one work?

    Well, after a month I kick myself for not getting one a long time ago. First, it holds considerably more than The Colonel says. I carry 3 credit cards, 2 licenses, 5 insurance cards and 3 or 4 business cards, plus, on occasion, a pretty good wad of cash. Everything fits perfectly.

    I found I was carrying a lot of useless stuff that I did not need. I also found I was much more efficient in my handling of credit card receipts, etc.

    After the first few days I thought perhaps I should have bought the one with the flap. But after a month I’m glad I didn’t. This one is just way too convenient.

    Thanks Colonel.


  87. Simple, yet brilliant idea!
    A simple concept, yet efficient and well made! The stitching is as close to perfect as it gets, the embossing was perfect, and to top it all off, shipping was ridiculously fast! To have an item order, personalized, and shipped to your door step within 2 days makes shipping from (prime) look slow!

    I like the fact that there is no hardware, and is the perfect marriage of a money clip and card holder.

    Thanks again! I look forward to purchasing more of your items!


  88. Great Simple Product
    If you’re looking for a very simple, beautifully hand crafted wallet to hold 3-4 credit cards, a drivers license and a fishing license, this is the wallet for you. I couldn’t be happier with mine and was pleasantly surprised that I received it (with a monogram and moon pie) 3 days after I ordered it!


  89. Purrrfect!
    I have always valued small wallets and attempted keeping a minimum number of key credentials, credit cards and one or two business cards. This wallet fits the bill (a pun). A great product crafted from a quality piece of leather. Very different but very clever and practical.

    COL Mac

  90. Function meets Form
    The COL, has combined form and function with a meticulously crafted item!
    The pocket wallet is a superior grade leather product your sure to enjoy for many years to come.
    Give em more than they expect……
    the commitment to excellence is apparent not only in the products , but the people
    behind the COL.


  91. Amazing
    I’ve had mine for 3 years and it keeps looking better. Very comfortable and great looking wallet.


  92. Done looking
    I am a minimalist. I have always looked for that “perfect” wallet. I probably have 12-15 wallets at home but none were just right. I had read these reviews and was a bit hesitant. I decided to go ahead thinking that one more wallet would be fine. I was wrong.

    This is now my last wallet. It was just what I was looking for without me realizing it. I have now downsized to this one wallet, that has made my wife happy.

    P.s. The wallet itself is a wonderful piece of craftsmanship.


  93. A Memory Making Gift !!!1
    I have two of these for myself in the faux gator print that is no longer in production. I have been carrying them for several years.

    I have been giving them as professional corporate gifts and speaker gifts at my national associations conferences for several years now.

    The response from the recipients has been glowing. They love the wallet, but they cherish the message put inside by the Colonel about remembering when and from whom they recieved it. A lot of good memories have been made and I intend to continue making them with these wonderful additions to any gentleman’s accessories.

    Thanks Colonel and Staff !!!!!

    Terry Cox

  94. Best wallet I have ever had!
    A few years back I saw someone with this wallet. Years of carrying a bulky bi-fold or tri-fold never worked. I went on a Quest to find this wallet, looking all over, only to find out it was made a few miles from my father-in-law’s place. I have been carrying this wallet everyday for a few years now (time flies, but maybe four?). It is simple, convenient, perfect size, and still in great shape! When I bought my wallet, they did not have the one with a flap. This is the only other wallet I would consider carrying. If you want the perfect wallet, get this one. Just like the description says, it holds everything you need! If you want a wallet, buy a front pocket wallet from Colonel Littleton! I have no doubt you will quickly fall in love with it.


    Another great product from the Colonel! I’ve been a big fan of front pocket wallets for many years. Last one I had was from Coach and it was fine, lasted a long time, worked fine. The Colonel’s front pocket wallet is genius in it’s simplicity and efficiency. Two simple pockets, holds everything I need and is so small. If it doesn’t fit in this wallet, you don’t need to carry it every day. Congrats on another very satisfied customer!


  96. Completely Fabulous!
    I just love wallets and have many…..this is SOOOOOO my favorite!! I wouldn’t change a thing about it!!


  97. great wallet
    Enjoying the Colonel’s front pocket wallet works well -and even better w/ a money clamp if ur carrying a large amount of cash .


  98. Excellent Product
    I have had a number of wallets over the years. The Front Pocket Wallet is by far my favorite. It has forced me to downsize the junk I was carrying in my wallet. I really enjoy the wallet.


  99. Extrmely Functional & Delightful
    I have been searching for a good quality wallet that is functional and satisfying. Finally this Christmas I am pretty excited to state both my objectives for a what a wallet should be are met. I just started getting used to Col Littleton products and I am already addicted (in a very positive /satisfying way). It is extremely comforting to note that quality, service and attention to details are still very alive with Col Littleton’s creations. Keep alive the American Dream Colonel!!!


  100. The Search Is Over!
    After 32 years and 84 wallets…..I can finally say that I have found the “PERFECT” front pocket wallet. Everything about it is fantastic, the size, style, weight and quality. I love it so much that I slept with it last night…..hope the wife doesn’t find out:). Thanks Colonel, great job!!


  101. Outstanding AS USUAL
    I have purchased several products from ” The Colonel ” over the years and have found the wallet to be up to the high standards of quality that I expect. The service is also second to none!!!


  102. Best wallet on the market.
    I like so many who wished to scale down my bifold wallet into something more sleek and comfortable set out to find a nice front pocket walled. I’m a younger man, 27, and have been buying fossil wallets since I was 16. Sure they last well enough but after about 2 years you’re needing to replace them. I ordered this wallet and have had it for about two weeks now. I’m in love with this wallet. It holds plenty of cash in the front and all the cards I need in the pocket, about 10. It’s comfortable and I forget I have it on me most of time. It’s very well made and I’ve had several compliments on it as well. You can’t go wrong with this purchase and I promise you you’ll not miss the old bulky wallet.


  103. Awesome Wallet
    I’ve been a front pocket wallet convert for twenty years and have tried all types including the classic rubber band and large document clips, this is by far the best all around front pocket wallet I’ve ever used and I have recommended to a bunch of friends…great job on this product!

    mountain boy

  104. Outstanding and it is comfortable
    I have two, black croc for dress and brown leather for all else. Have tried all manner of small billfold things and this is, without a doubt, the best way to get along in life with just what you need. Get one! Or two.


  105. Delicious
    I have had so many wallets in my life, to be honest i have been little addictive to get a new one. I have had my Front pocket a couple of weeks now and it is better than i could have dream of. It is so tiny and so nice.

    Best Regs Jonas

    Jonas Norrman

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Our Warranty

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Our Leather
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Our Craftsmanship

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