man wearing no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
man wearing no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
man wearing no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
man wearing no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
man wearing no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 brown leather belt with brass hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no1 black leather belt with nickel hardware

No. 1 Leather Belt

Great belt for khakis and jeans, for which it was designed.



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    • Casual style belt
    • Full-grain Italian Bridle leather
    • 1 3/16”W
    • 3 sizes available from 26”-50”
    • Made in America
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

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No. 1 Leather Belt Adjusting Design – One Size Fits Most

Colonel Littleton designed our belt collection with more than a nod to the military and sportsman’s tradition. When the belt first came out, the general reaction was “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”

The uniqueness of this collection of belts is in its’ adjusting feature. The traditional front buckle belt allows only three inches of fluctuation. Colonel’s belt adds another 8 inches, adjusting in one-inch increments. This means that one size fits almost everyone, which also makes it a great gift item.

Here’s how it works. Rather than adjusting and readjusting the belt in the front and messing up the leather, you park it in the middle position, where it belongs, and make any necessary adjustments on the side. That way if you have on bulkier trousers, a heavyweight shirt, or layers for warmth… if you lose a few pounds or, heaven forbid, gain a few… your belt accommodates all these variations nicely.

Colonel chose sturdy Italian Bridle Leather for these belts which is perfect since it resists stretching. This heavier leather comes from a tannery in Santa Croce Sull’Arno, Italy. Aside from being one of the most functional and practical belt collections on the market, this collection looks uncommonly good… especially with khakis and jeans, for which it was designed.

The No. 1 Belt is available in Brown Italian Bridle Leather with Solid Brass hardware or Black Italian Bridle Leather with Nickel finish hardware. 1 3/16”W. Made in our Col. Littleton Workshop, Lynnville, TN USA.

No. 1 Belt Size Chart:

Small – Fits sizes 26″ – 32″

Large – Fits sizes 34″ – 42″

XLarge – Fits sizes 42″ – 50″

Belt Fit Guide

  • Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position.
  • In addition to the standard front buckle positions, our unique side adjusting feature allows another 8 inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments.
  • Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit. Our belts sizes should compare to your waist size rather than your pant size, since pant sizing may vary by manufacturer.
  • If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, a Large Belt fits waist sizes 34 to 42-inches; so if you have a 33-inch waist, select the belt in Large.

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  1. I love this belt. It will last forever. I will give it to my son. I have the wider one also.


  2. This belt is awesome! I initially ordered the wrong size and returned it to get a longer one and the service and return process was great! I could not ask for a better experience. The belt fits perfectly and is very stylish and a great addition to my wardrobe. I have ordered several items from the Colonel over the years: belts, two suspenders, two purses, two phone cases and a briefcase just to name a few and I have never been disappointed in the look, feel and quality of every leather item I have purchased. I get compliments all the time on the briefcase and other items. I can definitely recommend the Colonel’s products and know you will be happy with your purchase.


  3. It isn’t just the belt, as awesome as the belt may be… the material and workmanship, the adjustability, the belt is fantastic and worth every penny. But it is more, the whole Col Littleton experience is outstanding. The ease of ordering, the friendly and efficient customer assistance, everything is first rate. But perhaps the best of all is the packaging. It is like a Christmas present from a favorite Aunt who goes over the top. The packaging material, the sticker and coaster, the Moon Pie, even the quality of the box and packing paper. You know when you order that you will like the product, that is a given, but the whole experience is just a pleasurable affair at a time when we don’t seem to get enough pleasurable affairs. Here’s to the whole team at Col Littleton!

    dundeelumber (verified owner)

  4. Without a doubt, highest quality as I expected! Thanks Colonel!
    Kevin Staggs

    shellribley71 (verified owner)

  5. This belt was a surprise present from a family of friends. I knew I was in for something special just from the shipping packaging. That feeling was reinforced as I went from the package, to the box, to the info materials and finally to the beautiful belt. This is a gift that will last my lifetime and probably that of one of my son’s who inherits it. Great merchandise!!!


  6. So I have a 35″ waist! A problem for everyone in the fashion world, but not for Colonel Littleton. For the first time in my life, I have a belt that fits perfectly, holds up my trousers, and looks stellar! This one is black and I am ready to order another one in brown with a brass buckle!

    elancg (verified owner)

  7. Unbeatable quality, service and packaging. I am from Lynnville, TN but have since moved to Kentucky. So this year I wanted to give a few gifts from my hometown, I know the ones receiving these gifts will be extremely happy with the top notch quality as well.

    bellavistaec (verified owner)

  8. I received this belt this week. I don’t know why I didn’t order one sooner. What a great idea to provide the adjustability without creating the usual unsightly notches as on the common belts we all have in the wardrobe. It garnered several comments this week; “Where’d you get that great looking belt.” I’ve purchased several items from the Colonel, he has yet to disappoint. I’ll be back!

    scottiebee57 (verified owner)

  9. Perfect as always. Received this belt as a birthday present from some dude who has lived in my house for 32 years. Wasn’t sure if it would feel bulky but doesn’t at all. Great belt that will last me a lifetime and one of my grands will wear it for another lifetime. Your customer service and item presentation is the best. Love you being a Tennessee company.


  10. WOW!……just received the beautifully crafted belt. I am absolutely blown away with your marketing. The outer shipping box made me excited to see what was inside, then there was another beautiful box, a bag of goodies (thank you for the coaster) and a cotton drawstring bag to store the belt in. I purchased this as a birthday gift and I can not wait to present it. This is my first purchase but will not be my last. Thank you for offering an American handmade high quality product!
    Stacy in TN


  11. I have viewed the belt online for some time. I have purchased several items from the store in the past couple years. All the items I have purchased are quality items. You definitely pay for what you get, and the craftsmanship and quality of the items sold at Col. Littleton are unsurpassed. I am enjoying the belt!

    cati1776 (verified owner)

  12. I received the No.1 Leather Belt for Christmas and it is great, the craftsmanship is second to none. I am constantly receiving compliments whether wearing it casual or dressed up.


  13. Like all the leather products I have purchased from the Colonel, ‘‘tis belt is distinctive and well made. It looks good, and I feel good wearing it.

    jlwhitfield1 (verified owner)

  14. I have been wearing the same No. 1 Leather Belt for 20+ years. This year I received a “replacement” ;)…more like an addition to the collection. One of my most favorite things I own. Stellar!


  15. Stellar belt! You will not regret this purchase!


  16. I did not buy this belt. My Father did, for himself, years ago. Dad always said “We are too poor to buy cheap stuff”, and he was right. The belt is mine now, and it is an heirloom, and will likely be around for my son. When a rivet went missing, Col Littleton and crew, especially Michaela made it right, in the most gracious way possible.Thanks!


  17. This is my daily use belt and I get compliments all the time about how beautiful it is. Strong, heavy leather and well made (bulletproof)! Love this belt and an extra perk is if I add some inches or lose some inches my belt has me covered. Great belt!

    Michael Berry

  18. Just received my new belt and workmanship is the best I have seen in years!!
    Ordering online was “effortlessly” and the Thank You note that followed was unexpected!!
    The detail in packaging the items I received definitely shows how proud you are of your products!!
    Thank you

    carlmb53 (verified owner)

  19. Ordered this Monday. Got it Tuesday. Wearing it Wednesday. I love my new black belt. Thanks Colonel.

    jeromy.davidson (verified owner)

  20. I just received my belt and its awesome. Fast Shipping, wonderful communication, packaging is really really nice. The craftsmanship of the belt was perfect. I want one in BUFFALO please!!!

    snootycoot (verified owner)

  21. Received as a gift from a wonderful son for Fathers Day. Quality of this belt is unsurpassed. Expect many years of use.


  22. My wonderful wife gave me a #1 belt in black for Father’s Day and I LOVE it! Quality American workmanship at its finest!
    You can bet that there will be a brown belt in my future as well.

    eblackhawk (verified owner)

  23. I’ve been searching for a belt that fits (31”), has great and timeless styling, brass buckle, and is well made in the US. This fits the bill in every way! I only wish they made the #2 and #4 in the smaller size and w brass so I could expand my belt options.

    dwilkinsboise (verified owner)

  24. My second belt purchase and looking forward to making more with Colonel Littleton. I’m extremely satisfied with the fit, finish and quality of my No 1 belt. The side adjustments are functional while having a great sense of style.

    Twinczek (verified owner)

  25. I bought 6 of these for gifts and they all love them. The unique design for fluctuating waist sizes (always smaller of course 🙂 ) is pure genius. I had to give each one a lesson on how you say it is to be worn and they really like it. Again, an awesome design Colonel!


  26. I bought one for my wife for Christmas and she was THRILLED with it! In fact, now I’m eyeing one for MYSELF!

    eblackhawk (verified owner)

  27. Ordered the belt and recieved it very quickly. The #1 belt is exactly what I was looking for a showed up wrapped professionally and even included a moon pie. So far a great product and look forward to buying all my leather goods from Colonel Littleton


  28. Amazing quality belt, beautiful hardware…like I’m wearing an M1 rifle sling around my waist, love it!

    t.prickett (verified owner)

  29. I gave my sons the No. 1 Leather Belt for Christmas 13 years ago. This was the younger son’s only belt and he wore it ….all through college…through his first job back home …and his new location out West!! Now he has “finally” requested a new Col. Littleton belt for this Christmas!! It is so heart-warming to know that not only will he receive a gift that he truly wants…but one he will actually use…for many years to come!!


  30. Just received the two #1 belts I ordered
    (1-Black & 1-Brown). The quality & service you get from this company is second to none. These belts will last years & most likely be handed down. The adjustability of the #1 is fantastic if the waistline fluctuates a little throughout the year.
    Absolutely love the Colonels products!

    brad2 (verified owner)

  31. I placed my order for the No. 1 Leather Belt on August 14, 2018 at about 11:30 am. I live in Alabama about 70 miles from Col. Littleton’s shop but I was amazed to receive my belt the next day at 4:30 in the afternoon with no shipping charges. Truly amazing and the belt was fantastic as I have come to expect from all your products. Wonderful packaging and the Moon Pie was delicious. Col. Littleton’s products and customer service are second to none. I order the belt in brown and will probably be ordering in black. Thanks again for the wonderful experience.

    jaw14003 (verified owner)

  32. ***** The belt I purchased is a great wearing belt.


  33. I purchased this as a replacement belt. I replaced a col. Littleton no1 belt that I had worn daily for over 12 years. This is the most comfortable , longest lasting ,toughest ,best looking, versatile belt ever made


  34. It all started about 8 years ago with a No. 5 Cinch belt, but my CL collection has expanded greatly since then. I just now added this No 1 belt for occasions when the power of the No 5 Cinch just seems poised to overwhelm. The No 1 is more refined but with all of the strength of the No 5. The subtle rifle sling clasp on the side marks this to all as a genuine Littleton. I’ve given Littletons to my sons, knowing their sons will inherit them someday. The quality, durability and character of these belts only grows with wear. A superb gift for a man.


  35. Great belts! I lost a lot of weight two years ago and my belt size dropped from 40 to 36, then 34. Hooray! But I worried that I might bounce up and down a few times before stabilizing. I ran across this belt while searching the Colonel’s site for a front pocket wallet for a gift and thought the belt would be a perfect solution that would fit my “style” and my situation. So, I purchased the brown/brass belt in 2016 and just now added the black/silver one. My only regret is that there is no black/brass option for the No.1 or No.4 belts. Nickel allergies are fairly common and brass or stainless would be better options, especially in summer with untucked shirts and a greater chance of buckle/skin contact.

    stephans (verified owner)

  36. I just bought a brown and black belt. Excellent quality, eye-catching packaging, and something that I want to purchase for my sons and son-in-law. A great, unique gift that will be treasured!!


  37. I bought this belt as a gift for my husband last Christmas. He loved it so much we went back at the first of the year so he could buy another. One for work and one for personal use. And then, when we got married this last November, he bought all of his groomsmen one as part of their gift. I cannot day enough good things about this company and it’s employees! North AL is wearing Col Littleton all day every day!


  38. I love these belts so much, I’ve bought three! I have a #1, 1 #2 and a #5.


  39. Have had the brown #1 for several years and it still looks brand new so I ordered a #1 in black and a #5 in brown. These are the finest belts that money can buy. If you are considering buying one please don’t hesitate. You won’t be sorry. Quality through and through!

    Chris Connaway

  40. Just received the No.1 belt for my birthday excellent quality from the Col. as always.


  41. Great belt! Excellent to wear casual or business wear!


  42. Great belt because of awesome craftsmanship!


  43. Awesome belt! It is my first purchase from CL and I love it. Excellent quality and attention to detail.

    friedelscholl (verified owner)

  44. Beautiful belt and EXCELLENT customer service!!! The staff at Colonel Littleton definitely “Strive to Be Stellar” and they succeed EVERY time!!! I ordered the No. 4 for my husband for Father’s Day this year and it was slightly too wide for his everyday khaki belt loops. I called and spoke to Patty, who sent the No.1 right away and my husband loves his belt as much as my son does his, which he got as a H.S. graduation present in May 2011!!! My son is still wearing his every day. Excellent quality and loved the “Strive to Be Stellar” coaster too! Thank you!


  45. I purchased this belt for myself and love the look and feel of it. It is obvious I will be able to wear it for a long time. Thanks for your commitment to quality l.


  46. Greatest belt I’ve ever purchased. I purchased the belt 4months ago and wear it every day. Looks great and great design. Excellent quality. Jody Cann

    jlcann (verified owner)

  47. After receiving the black belt as a gift and loving it so well, I took a trip to also purchase myself the brown one. Nothing less than Stellar!!


  48. #1 Belt

    After being turned on to your products by coworkers, I decided to try this belt. I’m glad I did. Absolutely wonderful. It looks great and it is well made. Keep up the good work.


  49. Purchased this belt for my husband today. It is beautiful! Dress it up or dress it down! He loved it and I’m hopeful he will be able to use it for many years to come! Thank you for the excellent product and customer service! “Stellar” 🙂


  50. Bought this belt on 3/4/17 to replace the same belt, now over 10 years old. Still working great, just looked a bit “tired” so I decided to refresh with a new belt. Outstanding product, well-made and if your weight bounces around, this is the belt for you!


  51. I purchased the cinch belt for my husband knowing that it will last so much longer than previous leather belts because of the quality and the unique adjusting feature keeps the front of the belt from looking stretched out. The quality is beautiful.


  52. I bought No.1 and No.2 belts for myself several years ago plus two No.1 for my son and son in law. My No.1 is worn every day the No. 2 is reserved for dress, church etc. No. 1 looks great and the No.2 is like new only thing that would make them better is a personal Brass Tag, people would pay extra.


  53. Best belt I have ever owned

    Stanley (verified owner)

  54. I know about Colonel Littleton because he spoke to our LEE WAYNE CORP. sales breakfast meeting on 9/11/01. He gave a wonderful talk and then we broke out into smaller sessions and then the rest of that historic morning is well know by the whole U.S. (as well as the world). Quality products, Made in the U.S. and I still wear my belt every now and then (don’t want to wear it out; it has the metal LW medallions on it). I look forward to selling customized products in the promotional industry and the Colonel know how to make it. Hats off to Colonel Littleton.


  55. I really like the quality and the ability to adjust the belt. I like that it is American made.

    steve.lowry (verified owner)

  56. I just purchased my second belt. I purchased the exact same model nearly 35 years ago at Pigg & Parsons, a men’s shop in Columbia Tennessee. I’ve worn the original belt nearly every day since, & it’s still in great shape. Incredible quality, & worth every penny!


  57. I bought this belt for my husband 20 years ago, and just ordered another. The original is still great; just wanted another color. Col. Littleton products truly stand the test of time–don’t hesitate to order, or to spend the money. These products are quality and made well, like they used to be. You’ll thank yourself for years to come!!

    rosewoodoxford (verified owner)

  58. The belts are great. Nice looking and durable! Love the adjustable configuration! I own a brown & black belt. Thank you Colonel
    Ed L


  59. This is my second #1. It’s not that it wore out after 15 years, my son took it and said you get a new one, I want the old one. So, I now have 4 total Col Littleton belts. Never had a better leather belt. The adjustable feature is fantastic, and I wear these belts ALL THE TIME. Your wardrobe cannot do without at least one from this collection!


  60. I gave one to my son six years ago and it is still his favorite belt! Great looking! Well made! I just bought one more for my daughter’s boyfriend. As he lives in TX and we live in TN, we’re excited to send him some TN love. The customer service can’t be beat and I received my belt in 2 days along with some goodies. Keep up the good work!

    ccstraton (verified owner)

  61. When I received my belt, the first thing that impressed me was the quality of the leather. The note that accompanies the product concerning “How long will it last” is so true. This belt will out live me. Another fine product from The Colonel.

    Robert (verified owner)

  62. My brother-in-law had raved about the Colonel Littleton products he had purchased. So I visited the Lynnville store and was happy to find a belt I really liked. The adjustable feature is great. Five star rating.


  63. I received the No. 1 leather belt as a gift. It is top notch quality as is all of the Colonel’s products. A great gift for others or yourself. Thanks for your attention to all the details.



  64. I have had this belt for a few years. I wear it just about every day. The leather gets better with each wear and it is one of my favorite pieces that I own.


  65. I first bought this belt 20 years ago because it matched my Winchester rifle sling and I liked the style; no.1 brown leather with brass hardware. I have worn it almost everyday for years, submitting it to very harsh outdoor conditions and it never failed. Just last week, the old leather finally gave way, so I immediately ordered another one. I’ll probably be back in another 20 years to order the next one. Thanks!

    Jack (verified owner)

  66. I purchased my belt along with the 83 book bag after visiting the store. Great place. Great products.


  67. The quality and craftsmanship of this belt are superb. Thanks for taking pride in your work.


  68. Ask for this is a Christmas gift. Kids came through.
    Awesome belt. I visited the store during fall and did “my” shopping.


  69. I have a No.1 brown with nickel hardware. It is my favorite belt. My family gave it to me for Christmas last year. As an avid competition shooter, I was hooked on the resemblance to a US 1907 leather rifle sling. The quality is outstanding.


  70. I ordered a brown No. 1 belt with the brass hardware. Outstanding on all counts. I have received many compliments on it. It is so well made, my son will pass it on to my grandson. Highly recommended.

    rick.carwile (verified owner)

    The first thing that I noticed about this belt was the subtle nod to the rifle slings used during & prior to WWII by our military. Upon receiving it, I was very pleased with the quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. I’m a confirmed Colonel Littleton customer now. PS – the mini-Moon Pie included with my order was a sweet surprise (pun fully intended!)

    skip (verified owner)

  72. What a wonderful idea…an adjustable belt. Love the color and craftsmanship! It goes with most of my husbands wardrobe.

    defaultcorporate (verified owner)

  73. My favorite Belt
    I have a lot of belts. Classic dress belts, golf belts, needpoint; you name it, I have it. This has become my favorite belts by far. The only drawback is that it’s not dressy enough for a suit. I think I may have to buy that aligatore model!


    Today, I am purchasing my second belt from Col. Littleton. I have literally never made a comment on anything i have ever purchased but felt this was an exception. I mentioned this being my second belt, my first belt was purchased in 1999…!!! I have worn this belt completely out…. Finally after 14yrs!!!! I recommend this belt to any first time Col. Littleton customer.


  75. Great belt that lasts a long long time…
    I have had this belt for 16 years and still going strong. Looks great with a few wear marks. Think about it…… How many belts go over 15 years of hard use?? And still look good.
    I get great comments on this belt all the time.


  76. #1 brown belt
    I purchased this belt two years ago, am now sending in my review and appreciation, I have put this belt through preverbal Hades, it’s worn most days through out the year and it has held up (pun intended) for relaxed times, semi-dressed times, and formal times, however, when purchasing this belt I had in mind to lose some weight, which I have done, I am down 40 pounds and the belt along with the sliding mechanism have performed as the Col. has stated will go up or down in size as needed, no need for a rack of belts in different sizes or styles. Buy the brown or the black and your set for any and all occasions. Love the quality and workmanship.
    Thank-you Col. and staff for you imaginations and quick turn around shipping.


  77. Excellent belt
    I’ve had mine for 6 years plus and it looks as good now as when new. Great features.


  78. Great Looking -Sturdy-Brilliant Design
    Great Belt. People are always complimenting it. Just a great classic look, with just that little extra.


    I have owned many items and ALL were great !!!

    Wayne Watts

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Our Warranty

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Our Craftsmanship

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