“A Wedding in Germany”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I hear all the time from people that they’ll be somewhere and somebody will come up to them and say, ‘is that a Colonel Littleton bag?’ and they’ll say ‘Yes’ and then they become, they almost become friends because they’re sharing the same thing. And, uh, there was a guy that uh, he was a customer of ours and he was headed, a trip planned to go back to Germany to meet, it was a cousin that he wanted to go see, and so, when he got to Germany and he got to his cousin’s house, and the first thing he said ‘I noticed, was my cousin had on one of your belts.’ And he said ‘I had on the same belt’ and he said ‘how strange is that? You know, that we never met, two different parts of the world and we were both wearing a Colonel Littleton belt and both thought they were great.’ You know, so uh, that’s kind of, that’s kind of neat.”

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