Command Car Update August 2015

Command Car Update August 2015

I know, I know…

it has been six months since I last showed you the progress on the Command Car. Well, the car has been safely parked in the garage and the dust cleared on a regular basis. To date, the running gear has been rebuilt – brakes, axles, differentials, etc. – and the body has been sandblasted, primed and painted.

Command Car Update

Rusted engine block of a 1941 Army Command Car.

It’s now August, and the days have been hot . . . too hot for the Hot Rod Garage. Our catalog has also been hot in the works, which requires more of my attention, so the Command Car hasn’t seen much of me lately.

Today, I paid a visit to the garage to do some tinkering and check on the car, but after that it was back to business.

As for the restoration, both the body and running gear are ready to go, while the engine is hanging in anticipation of a major overhaul. The next step will be to pull it completely apart and rebuild it to get the parts working in harmony again. The same goes for the transmission.

Colonel's reference photo for a restored 1941 Army Command Car.

My plan is to get the Command Car project back on track this fall. It definitely hasn’t been a case of “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.” I do think about it from time to time, and imagine what it will be like to finish the restoration and take it for a drive through the Lynnville countryside.

Meanwhile, I invite you to do some searching online and learn more about the WC Series Dodge Army Command Car. As some of you may remember, General George Patton was fond of his Command Cars and is often remembered by the image of him standing tall in his car as he led the United States Army. Naturally, I have a version of that, too.

Command Car Restoration – The Discovery

Completion of Colonel’s 1941 WC-6 Command Car Restoration

One Response

  1. Colonel,
    What a great project. Of the thousands of these vehicles built, there aren’t many extant. Keep up the good work and please keep posting your progress.
    Best wishes

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