“Everybody is Equally Important”

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I decided when we got into this business that I didn’t want to work every day with a bunch of people that I couldn’t get along with. When we’re looking for somebody, we’re pretty particular about who we hire. And I tell folks when they come to work here, I say now, kind of here’s the way it is. I say, if you come here to work and you want to talk ugly and tell dirty jokes, talk about people and can’t get along, I mean that’s fine, I love you for it but, you just can’t do it here. I can help you find a job where you can do that. But, we have a lot of respect for people who work here I don’t have a hierarchy of some better and some not so good. Everybody, you work here and everybody is equally as important and we think a lot of our people. To me it’s kind of my family so that makes it a difference. I know their kids and husbands. I know what they like and don’t like. So anyway, I look forward to coming to work everyday.”

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