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“Father’s Day”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “When I think about Father’s Day, it’s always pleasant. Because when I think of my dad, you know, he was somebody that tried to help you and I think everybody has some kinda something that they feel like they got from their father. And my father, he was an old country fella. He didn’t get a lot of education. But he was an encourager. He’d encourage you . . . anything I ever wanted to do as a kid and growing up, he would encourage me. I don’t care what it was. Even though he probably knew that it wasn’t gonna work out, he would encourage me. And so I think that’s powerful when you encourage young people, and even as I got older, he never ever said ‘Well, I don’t believe you can do that. I think you’ve taken off more than you can chew here. I think you’re biting off too big a deal.’ He always said, ‘I believe you can do it.’ And he always did what he could to help you out. So that’s how I see Father’s Day.”