“Inside the Box”

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Video Transcript

Colonel: “And we’re talking about product but the box that it goes in, the shipping box. I look at that as us being a guest in somebody’s house. We want the tape on there straight, we want the box to be great, we want the label straight, like I want that box to make an impression as well as I do the product when they get into it. And I guess the other day, one of the ladies came back, uh, she had been on vacation somewhere and there was a leather shop there at this resort area and she was in looking at it and she said ‘Colonel, I just couldn’t believe it. So I got to looking at this stuff and said the stitches weren’t straight, the margins weren’t either. And I said this here, wouldn’t even get out of our shop, this wouldn’t even get down halfway down the line.’ She said, ‘I guess I just never been around other leather stuff, you know, since I’ve been working here, to realize how the quality level that we maintain.’ So, you know, I think everybody’s proud at what they do.”

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