Small Business Saturday. . . Small Town-Big Hearts

The little town of Lynnville, TN, population 327, is often referred to as a one-horse town, and that’s fine by us.  Of course, we can get in the car and drive to the big city for things we need or want; but we like shopping at home whenever we can, because home is where you’ll find the best gift of all . . . community.

The downtown Lynnville town row, a few vehicles parked out front, and the three maple trees in view are full and red-leafed

We have two gas pumps at Lynnville EZ Stop where you can also pick up lunch, a gallon of milk, snacks and other necessities.  If you want cookies, cupcakes, pies and cakes to go, check out the Lynnville Bakery on Main Street.  You can find antiques, soup, deli sandwiches on homemade bread, specialty cookies, ice cream and fancy coffee at Whitehorse Trading Company.

We have the real deal Soda Pop Junction with award-winning burgers, a daily buffet, and plenty of space at the soda fountain for trading town news with local folks.  (My wife sat on those same stools when she was a little girl.  Don’t tell her I said so, but that’s been a while.) Used to be that residents had to drive out of here to work, but we’ve had a boom of sorts in the past few years with small businesses cropping up, providing jobs that keep us close to home and to each other.

Outside view of Soda Pop Junction on the left and a view of the bar and stool inside the Soda Pop Junction.

It’s hard to argue that we don’t have the best fried pies in all the land when you break into a peach or chocolate creation from the Lynnville Fried Pie Company.

Guaranteed to put you on the fast track to Heaven.  Groovy Lemon cookies, to-die-for homemade cinnamon rolls and vintage-inspired goods can be found at Mill and Main Mercantile, our newest next-door neighbors.  And, it wouldn’t be Tennessee without great barbeque which you can find in downtown Lynnville at the BBQ Shack (Saturday’s only) or at 31 South BBQ, located about a mile west on Hwy. 31.

Close up of a young boy eating a fried chocolate pie.        Two lemon butter cookies on a clear plastic plate in the front left and a large icing-covered cinnamon roll on a plate behind it to the right with a pot of flowers to the far left.

When we have visitors come to town, we don’t need to take them very far to show them a good time. Dotting our local landscape are businesses nestled amongst the trees.  You can visit Lexington Vineyard and Winery or the Tenn South Distillery on the outskirts of town. If fine spirits aren’t for you, you might visit The Heirloom Glass Shop and do some vintage shopping.  If you’re a sportsman/hunter, check out Dixie Tactical Supply on Main Street.  Need items for your “Honey do” list, the Co-op is always ready with a good selection.  Smack dab in the middle of town is a bona fide preserved railway station museum that draws people from all around.

small town blog train fall

With more and more visitors finding their way to our one-horse town of Lynnville and our Col. Littleton Classic and Private Stock storefronts, we get to meet our customers and hear their stories. We chat for a bit, take a picture or two and just enjoy getting to know the folks who appreciate what we do at Col. Littleton. And, we get to hear suggestions and feedback that are priceless.  We’ve had visitors from as far away as Germany and Japan, people from Cirque du Soleil, country music stars, radio and tv personalities like Dave Ramsey and many “pickers and grinners” which thankfully abound in Tennessee.

On the right is an angled image of the front door of the Colonel Littleton Retail Store and on the left is the front door of the Private Stock Store in downtown Lynnville, TN. Colonel Littleton wooden a-frame sign for the Private Stock Store in Lynnville, TN, with a Australian Shepherd dog peeking out behind it.

Small towns have small businesses but they also have big-hearted residents. Tomorrow is the official Small Business Saturday; and we’re looking forward to a bustling Main Street in Lynnville, with out-of-town guests and local folks supporting local folks. Every dollar spent here helps keep the business doors open and keeps jobs here. That’s true all over the country. I know a lot of good comes from caring for your business neighbors and it’s not all about money. It’s about people connecting and investing in each other.

Colonel Littleton and two men standing next to a red 1955 Chevy car.

If you want to rest your eyes from the internet, clear your head, get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, come to Lynnville . . . no traffic jams, no hassle . . . we promise.

View from an open hilltop overlooking surrounding hills and fields, covered in tall grass and weeds.

Tomorrow, we’ll be saluting our small-town heritage as we welcome customers and friends in search of Christmas gifts. We know our businesses help keep our one-horse town just the way we like it, a caring community with down-to-earth roots.

Click to hear Colonel’s One-Horse Town story.

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