“Three Rings and Twenty Seconds”

Colonel’s Words of Wisdom

Video Transcript

Colonel: “I don’t believe anybody can get as many emails as we do about our customer service people. There’s a real person that answers the phone, that’s to start with. The phone has to be answered by the end of the third ring. And if you put somebody on hold 20 seconds, that’s the maximum. If they’re on hold more than 20 seconds, then you’ve got to come back on and say ‘I’m sorry you’re having to hold’ or do whatever they can do or ‘can I have them call you back’ or whatever but they’re going to get back to them within that 20 seconds. People have got a gazillion places to buy stuff. They don’t have to call Colonel Littleton to buy some leather goods, they can buy it from a lot of different places. And, uh, if you do more than you get paid for, you’ll always stand out so far, that you’ll always do well.”

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