brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag
brown leather messenger book bag
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag on table
brown leather messenger book bag

No. 83 Leather Messenger Book Bag

Carry your laptop, tablet, gear and more in this WWII inspired, American made leather briefcase.



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    • Vintage brown, gull-grain, dry-milled American steerhide leather
    • Dimensions: exterior (including handle) 20.5” W x 16.25” H, interior 17.5” W x 12″ H x 4″ D, and 4.65 lbs
    • Solid brass and copper hardware with plate that may be personalized
    • Adjustable shoulder strap: 34.5″ – 42.5″
    • Interior divider for laptop, separate iPad/tablet pocket
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

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Vintage Brown Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

Sure, you can use this full-grain leather bag like a traditional briefcase, but it’s so much more. This WWII inspired messenger bag is designed to accommodate your laptop, accessories, iPad®/tablet and all the other stuff you haul around. This bag is only for discerning individuals accustomed to standing out from the crowd. 

Its even weight distribution makes the No. 83 Messenger Book Bag perfect for executives, attorneys, grad students  – anyone who needs to carry files, books, paperwork and wants to look good doing it. This bag is so attractive and functional, we had to patent it (U.S. Patent D646054)!

Personalize the solid brass plate on the front flap and make sure your descendants remember you – this bag is designed to last a lifetime.

I naturally tend to gravitate toward items with a military history, as I am an ardent admirer of their precision, rugged good looks and adaptability for the task at hand. When a WWII military officer carried the antique military briefcase in my personal collection, I’m sure he wasn’t thinking ‘laptop.’ However, if you fast forward 70 years you’ll find me inspired to make a leather laptop book bag with a definite nod to this piece of military history.

– Colonel Littleton

Construction & Extras

The No. 83 Leather Messenger Book Bag is handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville TN, USA with full-grain, dry-milled steerhide and polished leather trim. This special leather has been vegetable-tanned, then tumbled in wooden barrels to achieve a soft, lived-in look.

The Colonel thought of everything when it comes to the convenience and customization of this beautiful leather bag. An adjustable strap at the inside top enables you to adjust side panels in or out. The working buckle front closure can also be snapped for added convenience. A copper tube spine on top equally distributes the weight of the bag while accommodating the adjustable, removable shoulder strap and carrying handle. An inside divider separates your laptop from other contents, and there’s a special pocket for your iPad® or other tablet.

  • Exterior dimensions (including handle): 20.5” W x 16.25” H, 4.65 lbs
  • Interior dimensions: 17.5” W x 12″ H x 4″ D
  • Interior tablet pocket: 16.5” W x 9.5” H
  • Adjustable shoulder strap: 34.5″ – 42.5″
  • Solid brass hardware, including serial-numbered ID plate under front flap 
  • May be personalized on brass oval plate
  • Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag
  • Warranted

U.S. Patent D646054
iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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  1. Tonight, on the eve of my 61st birthday, my lovely bride has gifted me with yet another masterpiece from the Colonel’s magical workshop; the No. 83 Bookbag. Not only is it an exquisite work of art, but the functionality of the bag fits my life as an absurdly busy engineer – I carry a lot of stuff around, and this will certainly last me the rest of my life. All of the best lessons in life I learned from my grandfather, who taught me to obtain the best things I could afford, take care of them, and they’d last me the rest of my life. Fenwick flyrods, Purdy shotguns, Gerstner tool chests, and fine American made leather were all part of his makeup. All of the goods I have from y’all certainly take their place among the best of the best. Thank you so much! And I’d also like to give my compliments to Jillian Walls, who has (twice) been your excellent advocate whenever my wife endulges my love for your products.


  2. I just received the No. 83 bag today, and it looks even better in person. I bought it because I am an army officer. Col. Littleton sold me on it after he mentioned it was intended for army officers during World War 2. His strap looks like a WW2 rifle sling, and I just thought it would look great slung over my uniform. I served in Iraq, Kosovo, Korea, Airport, Border, and I plan to take this bag on my future deployments so it can tell a story. My next purchase will be his tobacco leather journal. I want to write each day about my next deployment and pass it on to my family. Who knows, it might wind up in a museum one day.


  3. Having recently visited the Lynnville area from out of state, our hosts took us for a burger in town and we headed for the Colonel Littleton shop after a short history lesson. The shop was on my short list of “to do’s”. Once in the shop, I quickly found myself making up reasons why I need this or that piece. I settled on a book bag and a portfolio. The No. 83 is outstanding in all respects and I will carry it for many years to come. The folks at the shop were very helpful and thoughtful in answering my questions. High quality for a fair price, well done!


  4. I’ve had this bag for years and can’t count the compliments I’ve received. I travel a lot for work and this is my go to laptop and all things electronic travel bag. Besides being beautiful, it’s made for the every day wear and tear a bag of this quality should hold up to- and boy does it!
    I had a snap break a few years into owning the bag, the Colonel promptly repaired it, going above and beyond in repairing a tear I had in one of the leather closures. I was amazed at how quickly I had the bag back in my hands and in action.
    This bag has seen so many places, airports, and hotels- you purchase a bag such as this because it will hold your memories of destinations gone by and keep you stylish all the way.
    Quality and Service are two words I truly believe the Colonel and his staff live by. For years they have continually been regarded as The premier leather (and more) craftsman in the South and beyond.


  5. Several years ago, my wonderful wife gave me a Col, Littleton Wallet, Pocket Knife and Pocket Cork Screw, all of which I still use. As Christmas approaches, we have been discussing giving our Grandson’s a gift that would be useful, last a lifetime and something they might always remember us by. When the Col. Littleton #27 2019 Catalog arrived, we elected to make a trip to Lynnville TN to personally check out their bags. What a pleasant and wonderful experience that proved to be. EVERYONE took a great deal of time to help us select a bag that would be beneficial to our Grandsons and make the lasting impression we are hoping to accomplish. After careful guidance by the staff, we purchased two #83 Book Bags. When the bags arrived at our home after they were personalized, we were blown away by the quality and beauty of our purchase. We can’t wait till Christmas to see our Grandson’s faces when they open their gift. Should your travels ever find you near Lynnville, it would be worth your time to pay a visit to Col. Littleton. Why, you might even get to meet the Col.

    Butch and Diana McPherson

    October 2018


  6. I retired my attaché case after nearly 30 years service. My mentor gave it to me after passing the bar so I was very discerning about its replacement.
    I am a collector of fine artifacts that focus on upon craftmanship, function and style. After long deliberation, I decided upon the No. 83 Book Bag. My expectations were exceeded by it and look forward to its company for long time to come. Also delighted to buy Tennessean. Outstanding service from the Colonel’s crew in Lynnville.

    maxmiles (verified owner)

  7. Certain things in life get better with age. Fine wine, classic automobiles, and finely crafted leather. This bag has been my companion for many years (Serial No 66) and it actually looks better than the day I carefully opened the nicely packaged box.

    True craftsmanship is very hard to come by in this day and age, and I appreciate the honest, hard work that The Colonel puts into his craft.

    You can’t go wrong with this No. 83 bag – you just might get annoyed with all of the people stopping you to ask you about the bag; the number of compliments I have received over the years is amazing.


  8. I am so impressed with the Colonel’s philosophy and craftsmanship. What a blend of integrity, durability, beauty and simplicity. My huge laptop measures 16.5 X 11 inches which meant this No.83 Book Bag was about my only option, but I love it. It handles it well while looking so sharp. My first trip with it a guy in a hotel elevator did a double take saying, “A Colonel Littleton book bag — that is a really nice bag.” He too has a few Colonel’s products. I guess that was my “Welcome to the family” conversation. I look forward to many more.
    If you live within a half a day’s drive to Lynnville, Tennessee let me give you a suggestion. I had the pleasure of taking a little day trip with my wife to the Colonel’s store in Lynnville. It was a great day driving through beautiful country scenery, but also walking through the store seeing all the amazing merchandise sold my wife on the Colonel’s products too! Smart move,right? Then we ate some of the best cheese burgers and fried green tomatoes at the country store a few doors down. It was a perfect, relaxing little outing.
    How would I review my Colonel Littleton bag and buying experience – “Absolutely Stellar, of course.”


  9. I just received this bag yesterday (private stock edition) and WOW, they go all out on packaging and making it a very personal experience…well done! The quality is top notch, this bag will last generations. Highly recommended and well worth the extra money…You get what you pay for…Proudly American Made!


  10. I have several Colonel Littleton items so when my 35th wedding anniversary came up, I had no doubt what I wanted. My wife bought the Book Bag out of the Private Stock and it is amazing. The Colonel’s stuff is second to none. I also have the Portfolio and get to refer people all the time to Colonel Littleton based on the craftsmanship of the products I own. Well done again!!


  11. I have been carrying this bag for seven years and it still looks great. My work requires that I carry it regularly and almost daily. It has held up wonderfully. The copper rod on top certainly dresses it up.

  12. I purchased this briefcase as a milestone reminder for my business growth. I absolutely love the bag and just about everyone that sees it comments on it favorably. It is almost an heirloom, very special, unique and assuredly different than anyone else’s bag. It is a joy to own such a beautiful, well made bag.


  13. I have had my No. 83 for just about 6 months and I still love it as much today as day 1. It is amazingly durable fits my Dell Latitude E5540 (15.6″) and other travel work. While I wear suits 4-5 days per week it always looks right. I also LOVE the stores!


  14. I consider myself a self-described “leather connoisseur”. I have never hesitated to spend hard earned dollars on products of superior quality and wish I was more articulate and able to describe Colonel Littleton products the way it deserves.

    The entire story—

    My wife and I were in Nashville this year for our anniversary over New Years. We stayed at the Omni Hotel and there is a store within the hotel that carries the Colonel Littleton brand. We strolled through the shop and fell in love at first touch. His leathers are of the highest superiority available. The chosen hardware is heavy, solid and made to a level that will last forever.

    As we looked around, I came across this No. 83 Leather Book Bag. The size of the bag was perfect and light weight. I use it as my everyday carry “man bag” because it helps me stay organized. The leather is “glove soft” but thick enough to last a lifetime. I looked at the price and thought, I love it, but don’t need it. To my delight, my wife wanted to purchase if for me as an anniversary present. Wow!!!

    So, it began… I now own:

    No. 83 Bookbag
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Brown
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Black
    No. 28 Leather Pocket Journal – Vintage Brown
    No. 9 Journal – Brown (Not for me, for the wife for her birthday)

    All I can say is Colonel, keep up the good work, shut up and take my money!!!!


  15. I heard about Colonel Littleton from Antonio at RMRS and after visiting the website began looking for an opportunity to visit the store.
    I loved the products on the website… but seeing them in the store was a great experience. I went with the Grip No.3 in mind but when I saw the Book Bag, I was sold. Sarah was brilliant and very helpful (and patient). The bag is being mailed (I chose to get it engraved) and I am excited for its arrival.
    The Book Bag is strong, sturdy, great looking… beautiful… this is a bag that will last generations!
    I have found my new favorite store and products (I have quite a ‘wish list’ after visiting).
    I will be back.


  16. This is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I received it as a gift and couldn’t be happier. I get compliments wherever I go. I had one small issue with the bag, and they fixed it in an extremely timely manner. One of the best customer service experiences I’ve encountered. This is a great company with great products. Would recommend to anyone.


  17. Great craftsmanship. I carry it to work everyday. Looks great. I will be adding other pieces of Colonel Littleton to my collection. American made in Lynnville, Tennessee.


  18. Fantastic Bag. I have owned other products from Colonel Littleton and always been pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of the leather. This bag has all of those qualities plus it is the absolute perfect size for a serious business bag. Plenty of room for a large laptop, the right size and types of pockets and room to spare for papers, chargers and the other things that come with business travel (noise cancelling headphones, et al.)

    JMVenhaus (verified owner)

  19. Just received my number 83 bag from the private stock collection. What a beautiful piece of art. A one of a kind quality bag that has plenty of room and of course The Colonel had a couple surprises in store for me as well. Not only is their product top quality but their customer service sets the bar high. I have several of the Colonels products including the Portfolio, the Shave Kit, The Journal and everyone has been heirloom quality American craftsmanship. Thank-you Colonel and staff.


  20. The No. 83 Book bag is simply amazing. I took my time in looking for a US made high quality leather bag for classes (2-3 months) and finally went with Col Littleton. All the people there whom I spoke with via email were very polite quick to respond to questions (within 12 hours). I will be a repeat customer. Thanks for keeping the US men and women working!

    brandonryankillian (verified owner)

  21. Great bsg


  22. I use this bag when I am on call; perfect for organizing my patient files and notes. Well-thought design holds business cards, pens, and my laptop with ease. I bought this over 4 years ago and it gets better everyday – the “living patina” of this high-end leather is amazing.


  23. Excellent bag! Love it
    My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas gift this year (2012). It is perfect for everything I carry, including a laptop sometimes, iPad, a couple of books, and miscellaneous items. It’s a beautiful bag. Looks great and smells great!


  24. Awesome bag / leather-scented air freshener!
    I travel quite a bit and live out of my satchel, so for my 30th birthday the wife and family got together and gifted me the No. 83. Like the other commenters said, it’s a great size and draws lots of comments from lots of folks. Also, every time I open it I get to enjoy the smell of fine leather goods.

    Dan H

  25. Love my bag


  26. Excellent Bag!!
    I have looked for the perfect business bag for years. I have tried and own a number of quality premium leather briefcases. I purchased this Book Bag a couple of months ago and love it!! It houses my 15 inch laptop, iPad, files and portfolio. It looks great and I always get great comments from friends, customers, and total strangers.


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Our Warranty

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Our Craftsmanship

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