leather travel grip bag on trunk
leather travel grip bag on trunk
leather travel grip bag on plane wing
leather travel grip bag on table
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
buffalo leather duffel bag on table
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag
leather travel grip bag on table
leather travel grip bag on table
leather travel grip bag
buffalo leather duffel bag on pool table
leather travel grip bag in plane

No. 3 Leather Grip Bag – Vintage Brown

Weekend Americana style with this leather duffle in vintage brown steerhide.



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    • Full-grain leather, dry-milled American Steerhide
    • Bag dimensions:  11”H x 21”W x 9”D
    • Solid brass and copper hardware, unique closure, and personalizable plate
    • Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap with comfort pad
    • Shoulder Strap Length: 39.5″-47.5″
    • Made in America
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

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No. 3 Leather Grip Bag in Vintage Brown

Back in the day, folks carried wonderful bags, which were perfect for the stagecoach or train. We have a train that comes right through the middle of downtown Lynnville. As it passes through town, I always think about those travelers of yesteryear-how they dressed and what they carried. The No.3 Leather Grip Bag is the result of that reflection.

The beauty is in the details. Solid copper tubes and solid brass fixtures set it apart from any piece of luggage you’ll ever see. The No. 3 may be carried by either the leather handle or the adjustable shoulder strap. Straps on the back secure your umbrella (umbrella not included). Made of our signature vintage brown leather, which is dry-milled, making the bag soft and supple. We’ve retained natural hide markings to add to the character of the bag. The front brass pommel shield is serial numbered, noting the exclusivity of the piece.

The No. 3 Leather Grip Bag is certainly in tune with the Col. Littleton look, so travel on in Col. Littleton, Americana style.  May be personalized on brass oval plate.

11”H x 21”W x 9”D

Shoulder Strap Length: 39.5″-47.5″

Bag Weight: 6.2lbs.

Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag.

(U.S. Patent D651400)

(Contents shown in images not included.)

This bag is also available in American Buffalo

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  1. The #3 Grip bag is another great travel bag. Beautifully constructed, and nice to look at. I love it!

    frankljr01 (verified owner)


    Like first-born sons, a winning card hand, and a perfectly-boiled hot dog awaiting proper appointments, some things in life are just too important to entrust to other human beings….

    Such is as it should be with Colonel’s No. 3 Grip Bag, AKA “Das Bag,” in ANY baggage-handling vignette.

    In a recent feverish attempt to catch the Wednesday All-You-Can-Eat-Alaskan-King-Crab buffet special before closing time at Caesar’s in Las Vegas, I was accosted by an over-enthusiastic door attendant named “Shay” whilst offloading my luggage after a short cross-country jaunt from Lynnville, Tenn via brunch at The Loveless Cafe..

    One look at his/her/its unblemished, moisturizing lotion-soaked hands told me that this person was at the peak of his/her/its profession as a stevedore to the stars, members of Congress, and other such lessor remora-like creatures, and WOULDN’T be handling my Littletons that day.

    Projecting the unambiguous, down to business, no-prisoners, road-persona of a vintage Ford F250 with railroad ties for bumpers, “Das Bag” is my go-to whenever I am imbued with extra purposes, enthusiasms, and/or goals.

    With dual copper rod spines evoking manly V-8 split exhausts, it’s the ultimate conveyance for all my haberdashery and condiments for ANY occasion. And the buffalo hide, generously treated with Colonel’s secret 11 herbs and spices, can be counted upon to attract more onlookers than a magician’s hat whenever I reach inside for whatever goodies are comfortably ensconced therein….

    Just as hot dogs are mankind’s perfect condiment delivery system, the No. 3 Grip will ensure you always have a Royal Flush in hand wherever you go.


  3. This is a beautiful bag! It is perfect for our weekend getaways. The bag is a wonderful size. It holds our clothes, etc. without being too cumbersome. We are proud to carry it, just as we are proud to carry the other Colonel Littleton products that we own. Thank for you, Colonel Littleton!

    jsknightjr (verified owner)

  4. I purchased the #1 Tobacco Tanned Private Stock version of this beauty. The most beautiful bag i have ever seen. This is NOT about whether or not you need it. The Col. is in the “want” business (as he says). If you have the money, and are “wanting” this bag….go for it. It is beautiful.


  5. I own a No.43 mailbag that is, sadly, no longer available. The dust bag was lost, but Naleta in customer service was VERY helpful and helped me solve the issue. My bag is simply outstanding. I have several “high end” leather bags from other makers that don’t even come close. Will shop only with the Colonel from now on. Randall


  6. Received this today. I was so anxious to get this bag i paid $35 overnight shipping cause I didn’t want to wait ~5 days to receive it.

    Wow, what a beauty! The craftsmanship is superb and second to no one…..

    I can not wait to take it in the wild and see the reactions this beauty is going to garner. Once again, the Colonel and his staff have NEVER failed to impress me!

    P.S. Thanks Colonel for the coffee, mug and coasters. A pleasant surprise….

    David S (verified owner)

  7. I received this bag in the mail last week and was pleasantly stunned by its appearance — lush leather and gleaming brass. This is an expensive bag, but it looks great and will last for decades. I had some trouble figuring out how to fasten the straps, but a careful examination of the close-up photos on the website made it clear. This is a great bag sure to gather lots of notice. My wife loves it, too. Highly recommended!


  8. I didn’t want to have just another plain travel bag. Instead I wanted something with character as well as something that made a statement. This bag fits the bill and far beyond. It has taken my image to a whole new level. It is both rugged and refined. It is a conversation starter and I receive tons of compliments. One of my most treasured items I will have the rest of my life.


  9. This bag is spectacular. My husband saw it at a luxury hotel and went crazy over it. I surprised him with it last year. He uses it constantly and is totally delighted.
    The Colonel has so many great things to buy…..But I’m running out of things to purchase. We love them all. GREAT quality!


  10. My wife surprised me with this bag in March this year. It is perfect for me. It easily holds 2-3 days of clothing and is always a pleasure to use…a true piece of American art and well worth the price. I expect one of my grandchildren will be using this after I am gone. Thank you, Colonel Littleton. Keep up the stellar work!


  11. My wife surprised me with a #3 grip for my birthday this year. I have coveted this bag for a couple years now. We travel… A lot…We have gotten really good over the years of being able to go on vacation with just a carry on, but I have searched the globe trying to find the “perfect bag”. I did not think the perfect bag existed until I saw the #3 leather grip. The bag is spacious enough for a weekend in Philly, or a week in Budapest. The wide mouth makes it extremely easy to access the entire bag to get that one item that you need, that seemingly always, makes its way to the bottom of the bag. As for looks….Just look at it !!! the most beautiful bag I have ever carried. It has stirred my Gypsy Soul and made me start planning my next trip. Buy one as soon as you can. Todd Martin


  12. I work in an office where I have to dress in a business formal fashion (suit & tie at all times). I also commute to work and changing trains and buses in a suit is like descending through the circles of hell, especially in the hot summer months. So in order to make my commutes less arduous I wear normal clothes (t-shirts, jeans, shorts, etc) during travel and carry my suit, shirt, shoes, and tie in this bag and change when I get to work.

    This grip is one of the most gorgeous and unique looking bags I have ever seen in my life. It carries everything I need very well and makes me stand out like no other. I have used this bag every single day for the past year and it has served me beautifully. I’ve had people stop me on the street to get a closer look at this amazing bag.

    anerudhan (verified owner)

  13. Beautiful bag. I have taken it on one trip so far(my trips are usually too long for this bag). I got many looks and a handful of compliments. It’s more supple than I had imagined, it’s lighter than I had imagined, and it’s big enough for 2-3 day trip for most (shoe size depending). I love it. I would not check it though, might not find its way back to you or certainly get damaged.
    So, why not 5 stars? 3 things
    1. Too much branding in too concentrated of an area
    2. The buckle on the strap is pokey as mentioned by another review
    3. My BIGGEST issue. It really should have come with a luggage tag. For the price, it really should. Doesn’t have to be the best one they sell, but something. My extra tags (red gator, black leather) just doesn’t look right.


  14. I am in absolute awe with this masterpiece. I have been looking at it for over a year–not quite ready to spend that much on a weekend bag. I finally made the commitment and purchased right before traveling for a week-long trip to Egypt. I am so glad I did! I received so many compliments, both in New York (my headquarters) and in Cairo. The quality of the leather is far superior to any similar bag I have encountered (and I have been searching). The only constructive criticism I have to offer is that it would be great if the bag weighed less–empty, the grip weighs about 5lb. I am a woman attracted to timeless craftsmanship in the American tradition. Having to carry 5lb in addition to my clothes/toiletries, weighs down on the journey. I also understand that leather is heavy!

    I highly recommend this bag! As someone else has posted, expect to be noticed. By that, I mean you will be noticed by association.

    Susan (verified owner)

  15. I had been looking at this bag for around 2 years, but am one of those people who have a hard time buying myself things. My wife just bought this bag for me and it was a huge surprise. It is perfect in every way. The attention to detail and the quality are second to none. My first weekend getaway, the bellman complimented me on this bag. Colonel always says,” do not carry this bag if you don’t want to receive compliments. ” also, I must tell you guys that Sarah in the retail store always remembers your name and is so nice. She always follows up with me to make sure I am satisfied with my purchases and the Col. is fortunate to have employees like her on his staff! Col. Littleton is the BEST!!!!


  16. I have been looking at the No. 3 grip for a few years and finally purchased it for my husband for Christmas. This bag is beautiful and well worth the price. I went with a branded one from the private stock and my husband loved that it was a bit unique. It is a lot bigger than it appears and holds quite a bit of clothes. This is my second Colonel Littleton purchase and he never fails to impress. The coffee and mugs included in the package were a nice surprise! Love it!!!


  17. December 2015. A piece of art! Took a day trip to visit the store and immediately fell in love with this bag. Sarah and Sandy were wonderful. Visited on a Saturday and mentioned I was leaving for New York on Wednesday. They made engraving and shipping arrangements to make sure I could take the new bag along. I may purchase the #3 grip its own seat on the plane because it looks so great. You can pack quite a bit and I know it will age gracefully. Exceeded all my expectations! Thank you


  18. Wonderful bag!
    I received the No. 3 Grip for an early Christmas gift this year and I could not be happier with it. It is elegantly crafted and the perfect size for trips. I have gotten numerous compliments on it from colleagues and friends. I have been eyeing this bag for a while and could not be any happier with it.


  19. I can’t tell you how many airline stewardesses comment that they have never seen a nicer bag than this! This turns heads! It is just the right size to hold 2-3 days worth of clothes easily. It hold sup well and is easy to clean. My wife and I share it when we go away for a weekend. Very classy!


  20. I’ve had my eye on this bag for sometime and received as a Christmas Gift this year (2013) from my wife. I have purchased other items over the years from the Colonel and each has been excellently and professionally constructed. Many, many compliments from friends and acquaintances

    The No. 3 Grip has had my attention for use as a camera bag for my digital equipment. It is outstanding for that purpose and the umbrella strap functions as my tripod carrier. All of my equipment fits inside nicely and is very protected….not to mention the fact that it makes me look like a class act! (Which I’m not!)

    Thank you Colonel for designing this bag. It is the most unique and outstanding gift I have ever received and my wife is so happy she could get it for me.

    It will be enjoyed for many years and I’m looking forward to adding to my Colonel Littleton collection in the future!

    Another very satisfied customer. I’m so happy that you chose to present such quality products to the public.


  21. Great stuff
    I have many travel bags, but none is as unique as this one. It can accommodate a large number of items for travel. Perfect for any trip.
    However, I’d love to buy a smaller bag that is exactly the same – about 17 or 18 inches long instead of 21 inches. It would be great for shorter trips or for daily use when my No. 37 satchel is too small.


  22. Great Bag!!
    Got my No. 3 Grip last week and can’t wait till my next trip! I’ve been looking at this bag for over a year and finally pulled the trigger. The design is great and the look is unmatched. The ditty bag was a nice surprise too!! Great products, great service, great experience!!


  23. Awesome Grip!!!
    How can I explain this…This grip is simply amazing. I love the way it looks, its attractive to me and people around me when I travel, I get compliments etc. People always ask where I got the grip and I would tell them google Col. Littleton, it will come right up first in the search engine. If it is one grip you need for traveling during your lifetime, this is it. You will not be disappointed. I mean come on, this grip has character. Well I will definitely enjoy this during my lifetime. Tschuss!


  24. Wonderful
    I received my no 3 grip for Christmas 2011, and have used it for every trip since then. It carries enough for a weekend for my wife and I, and looks elegant doing so. I have been asked about it many times because it looks so sharp. It is well made, and has made my trips much more pleasant. Thank you!


  25. Extremely nice!
    I waited a long time to get this particular item, having purchased a bit of other Col stuff, because I just really had an issue with the shield on the front. I thought it looked out of place, oddly situated halfway up and down the bag, and generally thought it looked a little pretentious. Still, the rest of the bag looked like a keeper so I finally went ahead and got the thing. I’m very happy I did.

    I don’t think anything about the shield anymore, and actually rather…don’t mind it. Maybe, in time, I’ll even grow to like it. What I didn’t expect to not like about this bag, and I do dislike it, are the number of ball studs. Why? Why do the leather straps that attach the copper tubes to the bag have a rivet (good) and then, about an inch and a half down, a ball stud? I don’t get it. Why not another rivet and some sewing to keep the little straps to the bag? Additionally, why are there MORE ball studs at the ends of the shoulder strap? They provide rotation, I get that, but there is no need for so much rotation–you get plenty from the soft leather and latches themselves. I’d be very happy with a little stitching and a rivet.

    Still, this is a wonderful bag. I like the buckle setup more than I thought I would, and the leather is top-notch. I oil (paste) all my leathers with the same stuff I use on my American-made boots, and the leather just loves it. It darkens things a bit, obviously, but had my dear grandfather oiled his old lineman bag and not let it get cracked and brittle, I wouldn’t have even needed a new bag.

    One other thing I must say is that I don’t really like the umbrella straps. I like the idea, I think, but not the actual straps–they look a LITTLE sloppy just sort of hanging around. I wouldn’t trust the ball studs to carry a tubed fly rod, and I don’t carry an umbrella…ever. I think buckles for ball studs would be wise here to allow a travel rod case to be attached. LASTLY, how come the handle has button snaps? There is never a reason to unsnap it, yet the option to do so begs the question “how come this comes unsnapped?” sort of like all the ball studs.

    STILL, for all my criticisms, this is the finest bag in my admittedly stretched price range and should serve its owners (after I’m dead) very handily. I’m excited for it to “mute” a bit with tarnish and age, as it is an eye-popping bag new. Not bad, just eye-popping. I like my stuff a little more subdued, but still of quality, and this bag should fit my needs beautifully once it gets out and about a bit.

    Thank you Col and crew for creating beautiful work in the United States.

    No Nickname

  26. PERFECT!!!
    I own several of your products (iPad holder, shave kit, tie case, etc.) and they are all incredible. Yet, I own no other product of which I am more proud than your No. 3 Grip. It carries the perfect amount clothes & toiletries for a weekend trip. As with every other Colonel Littleton product, it is extremely well designed and exceptionally well made. I am a HUGE fan!


  27. I received my No.3 grip and I am speechless. It makes you anticipate your next trip with out a doubt. I ordered several items which were all personalized and I received them all within 3 days all the way down to Texas. First time out for a 2 day road trip for work I was questioned and complimented numerous times. If you dont want to answer questions and hear people swoon, dont buy this bag. It will be a task for this bag to hold all the compliments you will recieve. I think I have 3 family members wanting to order a Col Littleton bag after seeing this thing.

    I cant wait for this bag to patina to show its true American colors. Yes I paid well for it, but hell, I’m buying quality,memories and America and you should too.

    The bitterness of poor quality remains long after low pricing is forgotten.

    Big Mook

  28. I type this review approximately 20 minutes after receiving my No.3 Grip from the Lynville family. I would like to thank the team for yet another outstanding product. My order for this piece was made in anticipation of a series of train travels that I will be enjoying over the upcoming year. The sheer elegance of the grip is off of the chart, holding this is equivalent to carrying a time machine. In my initial impressions, I am in love with this bag and will carry it in my travels until 6 of my friends are carrying me by the handles. For those that are curious about capacity of the bag, I can tell you that i have test packed it with the following,

    2 pair of slacks, 2 button down long sleeved shirts, 3 pair of underwear, 3 pairs of socks, one very large and bulky shaving kit, and additional ziplock bag of sundries, full set of pajamas top and bottom, two t shirts, one pair of workout sweatpants and lastly a small piece of personal protection and a little box of his friends. There is still a bit of room and the bag does not appear “overloaded”.

    Consider it a weekend bag-and-a-half. Thanks to the Lynville family again for continuing to do all of the little things that continue to make me feel like an appreciated customer.

    Have a wonderful New Years!!!


  29. I love my Bag
    I saw this bag in a catalog and I had to have it to I went out a couple weeks later and got one, ever since I got it I take it everywhere I travel. It is one of those bags that holds more then your average backpack but less then a suitcase, perfect for the weekend trips down to my parents house. It certainly gets a lot of attention anywhere I go, people just want to know where I got my bag from and if there is a story behind it. It fun to leave them with a little mystery about it.


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Our Warranty

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Our Leather
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Our Craftsmanship

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