Man wearing No. 5 Cinch Belt in Brass in Vintage Brown
Man wearing No. 5 Cinch Belt in Brass in Vintage Brown
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass front wrapped in two closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass wrapped in two.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass buckle closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass lever buckle open.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass front closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass back closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass side embossed logo and brass hook adjustment.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass embossed Col Littleton logo.
Best leather cinch belt gift packaging cloth bag and brown gift box.
Best leather cinch belt brown with brass hook open to side adjustment.
man wearing no5 vintage brown leather cinch belt with brass hardware
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless front buckle closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless back.
man wearing no5 vintage brown leather cinch belt with brass hardware
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless front buckle closed.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless buckle.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless front lever action buckle.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless closed back view.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless embossed Col Littleton logo.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless embossed on side.
Best leather cinch belt brown with stainless side adjusting hook.
No. 5 Cinch Black Leather Belt
No. 5 Cinch Black Leather Belt
No. 5 Cinch Black Leather Belt with cinch
No. 5 Cinch Black Leather Belt
No. 5 Cinch Black Leather Belt with adjustable hook

No. 5 Leather Cinch Belt

Handmade Italian bridle leather belt with lever-action, solid brass or stainless steel buckle



Free U.S. Ground Shipping
100% Warranted
    • Solid brass hardware with 1 3/8” wide belt strap (requires 2” belt loop to accommodate hardware)
    • Stainless steel hardware with 1 3/16” wide belt strap (requires 1 ⅝” belt loop to accommodate hardware)
    • Sizes between 26” – 50” waist, size guide below
  • Shipping & Information
  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

    We will email your tracking number when your package leaves our facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your order at

Handmade Leather Cinch Belt No. 5

Spark conversation every time you wear this unique leather belt. After all, it isn’t often that a totally new design in men’s belts comes along – especially one that says adventure, ruggedness and Americana all in one package. The No. 5 Leather Cinch Belt could have easily been worn by the U. S. Cavalry or by Teddy Roosevelt on his trek through Africa. 

The only thing I would change about this belt if I could would be to make them all look as if they had been worn about 5 years when they go out the door.

– Colonel Littleton

Designed with jeans or a well-worn pair of khakis in mind, the belt is made of brown or black bridle leather. Our unique, adjusting feature allows the belt to be adjusted in one-inch increments. One size fits almost everyone, making it a great gift item.

Handcrafted in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville, TN USA using finely finished Italian Bridle Leather. This item is also available in American Buffalo

Cinch Belt Size Chart & Fit Guide:

  • Small – Fits sizes 26″ – 32″
  • Large – Fits sizes 34″ – 42″
  • XLarge – Fits sizes 42″ – 50″

If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, a Large Belt fits waist sizes from 34-inches to 42-inches, so if you have a 33-inch waist, select the belt in Large.

Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit. Our belt sizes should compare to your waist size rather than your pant size, since pant sizing may vary by manufacturer.

Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position. Our unique side adjusting feature allows 8 inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments. Front cinch buckle has one-position when closed and does not adjust in front.

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  1. First I love the belt. Works perfectly for my skeet shotgun shell pouch.

    BUT there’s more. I received the initial belt with a bit of discoloration on the cinch brass, and I sent an email hemming and hawing about what I should do. As soon as CL received my email, with NO conversation, RMA #s, whatever, they sent out a replacement and told me to return the old one when I could. The replacement is perfect. So two take aways – I WILL order again from CL because of the quality of the products and they walk the talk on customer service. THANK YOU!

    bavoso (verified owner)

  2. I have had my Cinch belt for a couple of weeks now. I really don’t know how I got along without one. A really classic-looking article of clothing that I am completely happy with. Thanks, Colonel.

    Samuel, in Wyoming.

    sbak51 (verified owner)

  3. This is an extremely unique belt. The advice given in the description is good advice. I originally ordered an L, and the adjustment loops ended up in back. I was able to exchange for an XL with absolutely no hassle. I look forward to having this belt a long time. I love it.

    srfrench82 (verified owner)

  4. Just got my cinch belt. This this is absolutely in a league of it’s its own. This is a belt made for a lifetime.

    rhdud2 (verified owner)

  5. I’m very happy with my new purchase! I really like the cinch buckle. My Harley chick likes it, too!


  6. I was in the market for a belt, but no ordinary belt you find in most places today. I looked everywhere and stumbled upon Col. Littleton’s No. 5 Cinch Belt. I couldn’t hit the purchase button fast enough! The belt is of superior quality and matches my Russell Zephyr’s perfectly. I am sure the belt will last a lifetime, and get many compliments and inquiries along the way. Couldn’t be more pleased.

    sadams (verified owner)

  7. I received this belt as a Christmas gift from my wife. It is unique, very well made, and will undoubtedly become a neat family heirloom. I cannot wait to add more Colonel Littleton products to my collection. Thank you!

    David H

  8. Got the No. 5 Leather Cinch Belt – brown leather with brass as a Christmas gift after my wife saw it in an ad card that came in the beautiful box that encased my recent iPhone case order. She told me to get the matching belt as it really looks great which I totally agreed after seeing its uniqueness and of course the high quality craftsmanship which is proudly made here in our own country.
    I did raise though a minor issue regarding the belt buckle at first because of the spot that looks like an unsightly stain. I got a swift call from a very accommodating and apologetic customer service lady assuring me that a new replacement is on the way and all I have to do is attach a return label to the original box with the returned item.
    Thanks once again for the all the wonderful help extended to me in addressing my concern about the belt. That’s a very assuring warranty that anybody would appreciate dearly – all worry free!
    I’m already loving the new belt and it is just so unique that I’ve never ever seen anything like this. I certainly will be using this more than any of my other belts.
    By the way, thank you for all the generous and interesting free goodies that come with every order I make. You guys are so customer oriented and that I am really impressed even with the quality and presentation, from the mailing box to the very box that contains the item ordered. Somebody did take time to make sure that every single customer is fully satisfied. Good luck and God bless you all.
    Norman Anastacio

    n2anastacio (verified owner)

  9. No. 5 Leather Cinch Belt: THAT’LL LEAVE A MARK

    Back during WWII, when men were men and occasionally had too much time on their hands, inter-service rivalries and occasional animosities would rise beyond the intellectual and sink deeply into the physical . . .

    Within our Great Nation’s Naval Service, Sailors and Marines could be depended upon to vigorously defend the honor of the Navy Department with exceptional energies whenever the agrarian assignations of the Army came to call.

    Oral history has it that the soldiers of the soil usually never stood a chance when oratorical offal was cast aside for “fisticuffs”.

    This has generally been ascribed to the habitual practice of well-appointed, liberty-bound sailors wrapping lead weights in their neckerchiefs and Marines sharpening brass buckles of leather belts in the universally-accepted practice of open carry for personal protection.

    I mention this only because if the US Army had been equipped with Colonel’s No. 5 Cinch, it would have been the equivalent of cruise missiles vs BB guns.

    The weighty, luxurious, Italian bridle leather delivers both closing and stopping power to a hefty brass cinch mechanism that functionally puts three-pound rodeo buckles to shame. And the quick-release cinch is always a joy whenever nature calls, in either a men’s room or frantic romantic encounter.

    fcoetzee (verified owner)

  10. Recommended by a friend to check out Colonel Littleton’s leather goods, we traveled to Lynnville, TN to see for ourselves. I purchased the No. 5 cinch belt in brown with the stainless steel buckle. The experience from start to finish was amazing. Beth helped with our myriad of questions and was knowledgeable about the belts and other products. The belt is a timeless piece that I will enjoy wearing. The belt is pure quality. I like the clasp closure and the way it reminds me of my childhood helping my Grandfather with harness horses. I appreciate your attention to detail and the memories it envokes when I wear it. It shows in a well made product. Thanks for the memories today and for years to come!

    Mark Williams

  11. I ordered two of these belts. One in brown with stainless for my 17 year old son. The other in black with stainless for my husband. They love these belts and I know they will get a lot of use out of them. The craftsmanship is superb! Also, the promotional card holder was a hit with my husband, he uses it for his currency. Thanks again Col.

    weburyu (verified owner)

  12. I ordered two of the No. 5 leather cinch belts – one in brown leather with brass hardware, and the other in black leather with stainless steel hardware. Both are fabulous in design and function, provide a unique and classy appearance, and are of very high quality/workmanship.

    One item of note: a peculiar attribute of the brass buckle is that its lever does not lie completely flat when closed, in contrast to the stainless steel buckle which closes completely. Both operate very smoothly, but the brass lever – probably as a result of its casting – rests slightly off the plane of the belt when closed.

    That said, the brass/brown leather combination is very sharp. I highly recommend both versions.

    dirkrankin (verified owner)

  13. Another great design, the cinch buckle is distinctive and very practical. I have been using this belt for over a year and a half and it is as well made as it is good looking.

    rsikr (verified owner)

  14. The #5 Cinch Belt has become my “go to” gift for the men on my Christmas, birthday, etc. list. It never fails to elicit positive comments (inquiries?), not only from the recipients, but also from others who take notice of its unique characteristics. As with all of your leather goods, it continues to become more attractive with age. If only this were true of the purchaser!


  15. Love my belt! I looked at this belt a number of times while on the website and liked the idea of the cinch closure. I finally pulled the trigger and am glad I did. Not only is the leather the quality you expect from the Colonel, the cinch works as advertised and looks great. I get all kinds of comments and have had several friends order for themselves. I especially like the prospect of the belt lasting so much longer than leather belts I have had in the past which end up splitting where the buckle hole is. I got one in brown and one in black.

    Don Davis (verified owner)

  16. My wife purchased this belt for me for Christmas, and I couldn’t be happier with it. I have wanted one of these belts for a long time, and am super excited to finally have one. The craftsmanship is unsurpassed, and the belt fits perfectly. This belt is a must have!


  17. My husband has long been a fan of Colonel Littleton. He has quite the collection of beautiful pieces. Last year we had the opportunity to visit the store in Lynnville at which time he purchased a handbag for me. I absolutely adore it. Recently having a need for a black belt I treated myself to the Cinch Belt No. 5. It is elegantly crafted and fits beautifully. I know I’ll enjoy wearing it for many years. Should you ever find yourself near Lynnville, TN make it a point to visit the store. It is truly breathtaking.


  18. I have had a No. 1 belt for several years and really enjoy the quality and design. We drove to Lynnville a couple of weeks ago to purchase belt for my wife’s boss as a birthday present from his staff. After looking at the belts and seeing that the saleslady was wearing a cinch belt, we selected the No. 5 Cinch belt for the gift. We are certain it will be appreciated. We’ll be back. I expect my next purchase will be this same belt.


  19. Right off the bat I’ll let you know I’m underwhelmed with the site & customer service. Let me explain why, I live in Puerto Rico and according to Col Littleton’s customer service we’re a foreign country because they wanted to charge me $37 for shipping, handling & duty! I canceled that purchase due to sticker shock & searched on finally finding the Mast General Store. I was able to make the purchase with paypal and got free shipping by purchasing through Mast General Store. The belt arrived in three days by priority mail & I was excited to try it out. No moonpie but what the heck I saved $37 but – again underwhelmed! I received a repackaged return that clearly had scratches from someone trying it on & a loose latch (which I can gently close with a clamp). Will I return it? No. Why? I figure it will eventually get scratched by me anyway & I don’t know what I might receive in its place given the streak I’m on. I’ve been in contact with customer service over the “foreign” issue & its not worth the trouble.


  20. You don’t need another belt. You only need this belt. In both brown and black of course. (I bought the buffalo one from a store also – not sure which I prefer). It works – perfectly. And chicks dig it. (At least my wife and daughter do).

    michael.york (verified owner)

  21. I have wanted a cinch belt for as long as I can remember and I finally pulled the trigger. The experience of unpacking the belt was just as high quality as the belt itself. I will have this belt for the rest of my life and it will probably be passed down to my son. This is one of those companies where quality and price are perfectly in-line. You get what you pay for with Colonel Littleton.


  22. I had never seen a belt like the No. 5 leather cinch belt. The women in both the store fronts we visited in Littleton, TN were wearing them. The belt was so sleek and nice looking that I had to try one on myself. I absolutely love the styling of my new cinch belt; it’s very unique and like everything we saw at Colonel Littleton, the quality is top notch.

    Our overall experience at both store fronts was great. People were friendly and we loved hearing the history of the company. We also loved the opportunity to buy something that was proudly made in the U.S.A. – right there locally – it’s a great story all around! It was great overall experience.


  23. When I 1st got the No.5 Cinch belt I wasn’t sure how I’d like the buckle, but as it turns out its very easy and stay closed the way it should. An added benefit is that I can easily run it through the loops the opposite way and the buckle feels just as good that way and not awkward like a regular belt does. Doing this a bout half the time keeps the belt from getting a bend in it the way a belt normally does when worn the same way all of the time. All this being said I love the belt.


  24. When I was choosing a belt I didn’t know if I would like this new buckle but I’ve found that it is very easy to put on and stays buckled the way it should. An added benefit is that I can run the belt through backwards and it doesn’t feel awkward buckling it. This keeps the belt from getting a bend in it like other belts do from wearing it one way all the time. All this to say , I love this belt.


  25. I was gifted a No. 5 cinch belt for my high school graduation. I have worn it nearly every day since and 5 years later it looks as good as the day I got it. I’ve worn it to the barn and to weddings and receive compliments about it frequently. It goes just as good with jeans as it does with slacks. I really have enjoyed the adjustable fit, not only from the pounds I gained in college, but also to adjust for my concealed carry. Overall, it is a fantastic belt and for me, an every day necessity.


  26. col Littleton has excellent quality. I have a front pocket wallet. It’s simple and very function. My wife purchased a buffalo cinch belt for me. I receive many compliment on the unique style.


  27. I bought two of these belts for gifts. Excellent craftsmanship like all the rest of your products. Will be ordering one for myself!

    runnionc (verified owner)

  28. First ordered a black/chrome cinch belt a couple years ago (outstanding lickety-split service!). It’s a high quality strap and a fancy buckle that looks great with chrome bit Gucci’s.

    Spoiled by the instant-deployment buckling mechanism, I decided to go for more of a “daily driver” with the (black/brass model) I received last week—couldn’t be happier with it.

    Quite sure my WWII paratrooper dad’s smiling down from a cloud as I wear belts that are clearly design descendants of his GI M1 Garand rifle sling!

    Thanks, Colonel — you’re running quite an exceptional operation. —Murph Kohl

    mmkohl (verified owner)

  29. I ordered a No. 5 Cinch Belt for my husband for our 21st anniversary. He loves it and it is timeless. Not to mention that I ordered the belt on a Thursday and received it the very next day…that is unheard of! Will definitely not be our last purchase.

    cpowers (verified owner)

  30. My husband loves his new No.5 Cinch Belt. He likes the flexibility of the size and the durability of the leather. He says the only thing he sees it is lacking is the character that years of use will bring.


  31. After receiving the Ranger belt last year, I found myself looking for a dressier black belt. This cinch belt (mine in black and stainless) fits the bill. Flawless workmanship, great design and I believe a classic look appropriate to wear to the office. Just a really nice gift from my wife who supports my Littleton habit. Thanks, Colonel.


  32. I have purchased several of these belts over the past few years. Their quality will surpass your expectations. All the men in my family have these belts and I will continue to buy them for our friends.
    This is a great company to deal with. Once you buy something from them you are hooked on their incredible service.

    llmarple (verified owner)

  33. I’ve purchased several of these for gifts! Great quality and craftsmanship. The customer service is excellent, and I love the extras that come with my purchases.

    tlw55 (verified owner)

  34. I just purchased two cinch belts, one brown with brass and one black with steel. I think this idea is the best ever—handsome, easy to work. This purchase is maybe my 30th purchase of the Colonel’s products, and I won’t stop until I have them all! Thanks, Colonel for all your fine design and workmanship. Doug Parsons, Santa Fe, NM


  35. Well worth the money. There is no doubt that this is a quality product. People are gonna ask you where you purchased it!
    Why go spend $30-$50 on a generic belt? Just bite the bullet and spend the $120.00. This belt goes with jeans and khakis…but also looks good on a pair of slacks.
    Just look at all the 5 STAR REVIEWS!
    Enough Said.

    ekmercer1969 (verified owner)

  36. Such a COOL belt!
    I saw these during a visit to the Asheville Grove Park Inn (another great thing to check out) but they didn’t have my size. I loved the craftsmanship and uniqueness of the belt but thought…wow….$120….for a BELT. Ha! YES!!! AwesomeSauce!! AND it came alongside of my newly ordered travel bag! Love the Colonel!

    billulrichim (verified owner)

  37. Received my Black No. 5 with Brass Hardware Belt and sure to enjoy it as much as my other three No. 5 Belt that I have had for years. Colonel Littleton Goods help adds to the Great Life here in Tennessee. While traveling in London, Dublin, Madrid I have been asked by many folks about this Tennessee Handcrafted Product. So I am sure that a lot of folks abroad have purchased a No. 5 for themselves. Handmade in Lynnville, TN, you cannot get any better Folks. Cecil


  38. Really good looking product. There are some “knockoffs” out there but having purchased the Colonel’s goods as gifts for other folks, I knew to get this belt. I gifted myself and I am glad I did!
    Terry from Oklahoma


  39. My wife got me the No. 5 belt for my birthday. I have received so many compliments on its classic look. I love the cinch hardware and it’s brass finish. I’m looking forward to wearing it for years to come.


  40. Got one of these for my wife at Christmas, and she loves it just as I knew she would (see my full review of 12/24/17). Alan


  41. I bought my No.5 Belt in the spring of 2005 as a present for myself after achieving a major personal goal. I’ve worn it nearly everyday since. It’s been with me through everything from weddings, hunting trips, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, and to the office every day.

    Which is why I was so upset it was stolen.

    In 2011 my wife and I were at a ballpark, We’d changed clothes and left the bag with our clothes in it my truck which was broken into, and the bag was taken. But of everything we lost my No.5 belt upset me the most, But my belt was seasoned, it told a story. It had the marks from my tape measure, a worn spot from my dove bag, When you hung it on the wall it had a curve to it that fit me, and it had a scar on if from when my dog was a puppy and decided to chew on it a bit!
    It really upset me to lose it. I ordered another one, but it just wasn’t the same.
    9 month later I get a cal from a contractor friend of ours was that was clearing land for a new project came across a bag with clothes in it and a few business cards, they’d found our bag! The thieves had thrown it in a wooded swamp not far from the park.
    For 9 months it had been in swamp in South Alabama. The clothes were shot, deteriorated to almost paper thin But my belt was still in the bag! And it had held up pretty Amazingly. The brass fittings were very tarnished and the leather was dried out. So I took it home and treated with mink oil and polished up the brass. The brass parts are fine & I’m wearing it as I type this in 2018. And I’ll keep wearing it.


  42. I’ve been a customer for years. All your products are the best. Period. Your cinch belt, tho, is over the top. Mine is several years old and just about broke in. Brown with nickel hardware is a perfect look with my fathers old pocket watch with a sterling chain. This look is truly one of a kind. I may look and dress a little old fashioned but damn I look good! Thanks for all. Lyle ps. I’m waiting for a buffalo cinch belt with nickel hardware. I will be patient.


  43. Best belt you will ever own, that is the best way I can describe it.

    Jeff (verified owner)

  44. I have several expensive belts that are now too large to wear. The cinch belt with its large range of adjustment is sure to be around my waist through thick and thin!
    Col. Littleton’s is also a tremendous source for gifts for the people in my life who have everything.
    What a find. The belt is only the beginning.
    All the best from Savannah, GA


  45. My sister bought my dad a cinch belt for his birthday several years ago. Dad passed away in October of 2015. I have his belt now. It is my motivator to lose weight and stay healthy. (Im a bit bigger around than my dad). Love this belt


  46. Great belt, though a little wide on the hardware fitting a lot of pant loops.


  47. I love these belts! The #5 cinch belt makes my third Col. Littleton belt if that says anything for my opinion on this product. I started with the #2 and then purchased a #1.


  48. I’ve been wanting this belt for at least three years, but just hadn’t sprung to buy it until this past weekend when my wife and I were in Lynnville. Love the look and craftsmanship of the belt. Get compliments everywhere I go on it. Next up? Brown/brass No. 5 !!


  49. I’ve been wanting this belt for at least three years, but just hadn’t sprung to buy it until this past weekend when my wife and I were in Lynnville. Love the look and craftsmanship of the belt. Get compliments everywhere I go on it. Can’t wait to pick the brass cinch belt next time I swing through Lynnville. Thanks, Colonel!


  50. This is my favorite have 3 others still like name on side like my first western belt but know that can be a hassel.Butch Chapman


  51. My wife bought this belt for me. BEST BELT PERIOD. Quality product, wears and looks great. Thanks for the Moon Pie!


  52. I hope my boyfriend loves this belt as much as I do! This should last him a lifetime! The belt is awesome! Thanks for the great visit to your shop! Drove over to buy a belt and bought myself something too!


  53. I have admired the No. 5 cinch belt for quite a while now and finally ordered it. It is an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I can see more items in the near future!!

    mfortin (verified owner)

  54. Do you know what “clocking screws” means? Most likely not. Well, what I can tell you is any craftsman that takes the time and effort to clock screws is a very meticulous and detail oriented master. This is my second Colonel Littleton belt. The first one, I noticed the screws were clocked. Maybe just a random thing. Nope. My second belt has the screws clocked also. Folks, I was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor on Parris Island. I have an attention for detail. I am almost ALWAYS disappointed in the quality of what I purchase. It seems no one cares enough to do a good job. This is NOT the case with Colonel Littleton’s products. If they’d build a car, I’d drive it. If they built homes, I’d live in one. If they made a nice leather vest (hint, hint), I’d wear it. Quality is hard to come by anymore, but not with these handcrafted items. Things are made right, with obvious pride. In me, you have a customer for life.

    usmc7236 (verified owner)

  55. So others have pointed out that the brass buckle is a bit large and you need belt loops to accommodate. The easiest thing to do is start with jeans as it is a great look. Once you get started you will find that you want to always wear it and go to the black with stainless. I wear mine everyday. Depending upon the day it is either the brown with brass or black with stainless. I travel internationally and get comments often. I have never felt as though I was underdressed and in fact quite the opposite. The belt alone makes a statement. Careful once you are hooked you’ll be a Colonel Littleton zealot. It helps that we share the same initials. Everything is already set in previews so I can see my initials already on the products.

    gregg.larson (verified owner)

  56. By far my favorite belt. Outstanding quality and great look. Get compliments all the time and asked where I got it. So I tell them about lynnville how nice it is.


  57. My wife and I made a 3 hour trip yesterday to visit your store in person, what an adventure! Your town is beautiful, the store is perfect and Joyce was such a delight! The belt is just gorgeous and it was great to see it and compare them all before purchasing. Keep up the great work.


  58. I recently received the No. 5 Clinch Belt and No. 18 Portfolio – American Buffalo as a graduation gift. The packaging and presentation conveys to the consumer that they are indeed receiving a beautiful and special piece, crafted with a respect for tradition – something which is ignored by the vast majority of companies these days. The belt is beautiful and unique; It is great for any event, whether formal or casual. The only caveat is the width of the brass mouth that you feed through the loops is a bit wide for some of my pants, so I can only wear it with certain pants.


  59. A great looking, well made belt. The coaster and Moonpie were an added bonus!!! Cannot wait to wear my belt for years to come.

    Scott1 (verified owner)

  60. I’ve admired and owned Col. Littleton products for over 20 years. I visited the store in Lynnville and with Joyce’s friendly demeanor and love of the products herself, she sold me on purchasing a belt. (like the one she was wearing) It has beautiful details and the quality is impeccable. I strive to purchase things that will last, and these products do just that.


  61. Writing a review after purchasing my third No. 5 cinch belt may say enough. Excellent quality, customer service, any issue immediately corrected, and the best in packaging and messaging. As an aficionado of leather, brass, design and honest quality, Thank You!

    markmaurer (verified owner)

  62. Wow what can I say, a well executed design that excites my military fancy! My big brother introduced me to the Colonel and as big brothers often are he was right on the money. Quality product that I have owned for many years and I like the belt so much that I bought the same style of Suspenders…….nothing like belt & suspenders!


  63. This belt is incredibly high in quality, as is everything produced by Col. Littleton, and has been a constant conversation starter. I also have a belt by Saddleback; however, I’d give it up in a heartbeat if it ever meant losing this belt.


  64. The best part…. LOTS OF BRASS
    The worst part… I don’t think its worth mentioning one because all the pluses erase the tiny negatives. Keep up the good quality!
    Guess the only thing that bugs me is the col. trying to sound non stuffy when his items are pretty stuffy prices..

    aegisbox-junk (verified owner)

  65. Col. Littleton,

    About a year ago I purchased one of your fine cases for readers. Then, recently I was forced replaced my “go to” belt and selected one of your “cinch” belts. A great choice… classic accoutrements, rugged yet refined, tend to show the measure of a man.

    Thank you for your handsome creation,

    Stephen Byers

    sbyers (verified owner)

  66. These days you expect good quality product and the colonel doesn’t disappoint but you don’t expect the outstanding level of attention to detail and packaging and communication and the extra mile they travel to ensure that you are happy with your experience.

    Creed50126 (verified owner)

  67. Service is excellent and it’s a quality product.


  68. Awesome product and quality.

    Julio (verified owner)

  69. I consider myself a self-described “leather connoisseur”. I have never hesitated to spend hard earned dollars on products of superior quality and wish I was more articulate and able to describe Colonel Littleton products the way it deserves.

    The entire story—

    My wife and I were in Nashville this year for our anniversary over New Years. We stayed at the Omni Hotel and there is a store within the hotel that carries the Colonel Littleton brand. We strolled through the shop and fell in love at first touch. His leathers are of the highest superiority available. The chosen hardware is heavy, solid and made to a level that will last forever.

    As we looked around, I came across this No. 83 Leather Book Bag. The size of the bag was perfect and light weight. I use it as my everyday carry “man bag” because it helps me stay organized. The leather is “glove soft” but thick enough to last a lifetime. I looked at the price and thought, I love it, but don’t need it. To my delight, my wife wanted to purchase if for me as an anniversary present. Wow!!!

    So, it began… I now own:

    No. 83 Bookbag
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Brown
    No. 5 Cinch Belt – Black
    No. 28 Leather Pocket Journal – Vintage Brown
    No. 9 Journal – Brown (Not for me, for the wife for her birthday)

    All I can say is Colonel, keep up the good work, shut up and take my money!!!!


  70. I recently purchased a belt from colonel Littleton which fits very good. Sarah was great help with showing me how it adjusts since this is my first.


  71. Best looking belt I own, hands down. Looks great, feels great, and quality is unmatched. Thanks Col.!!


  72. I purchased belts for my two sons for Christmas gifts. They were thrilled with the gift and are so proud to own a Col. Littleton product.

    barrsally56 (verified owner)

  73. Received my first brown belt for Christmas several years ago. Best belt I ever owned. I have lost over 40 pounds and the belt stood the test. This year I bought the black belt and love it as well. The only negative with the belt is the difficulty removing in an airport.


  74. I stopped in Lynnville today to pick out a gift for my sons 16th birthday. Bud helped me pick out a No. 5 belt. I’m sure he will enjoy the looks and quality for years to come.
    I myself had a No.1 belt for 5 or 6 years and it was still in good shape until it met it’s untimely demise at the paws of a teething bulldogge. After seeing this belt I will have to return and get one of my own. Quality products and friendly knowledgeable sales people. Thanks!


  75. LIke all Col Littleton products, quality and class! But I really just order for the moon pies!

    rsagreen (verified owner)

  76. When I was considering buying one of these belts, my up-and-down waistline fell close to the borderline between two sizes. If I gained much weight, the smaller size would become too small. If I lost much weight, the larger one would become too large. Not a problem, the sales person said. Buy the larger size. If you lose weight, bring it back and we’ll cut it down for $10. So, I bought a black one and wore it almost every day for 2 years. I liked it so well, my wife bought me a brown one. Now, I’ve lost 25 pounds, and both belts are too big. When I took them back to be cut down, I was told, “These are edge stitched. We can’t cut down the edge-stitched ones.” I pointed out that there is room to punch a few extra holes that I can use to shorten the belts. “Oh, no,” she replied,” the Colonel won’t let us cut holes in the logo.” When I told my story, the sales person offered to send them on to see if anything could be done. Today, I got the call… “I don’t know why they sent these up here. They know we don’t cut down edge-stitched belts.” The belts are now on their way back to me. I don’t hold that logo in quite as high a regard as I once did. As soon as I receive them, I’ll cut my own holes. If the belts don’t look too bad, I’ll continue to wear them. If I botch the job, that’ll be $140 in the trash can.

    Note from Col. Littleton: We have contacted this customer. Thank you for sharing this feedback.


  77. Stellar!
    I like the quality so much that this is my second belt (previous purchase was the brown No.1 with brass fittings). This purchase was the black with brown thread border and stainless steel clasp. Of note, this particular model No.5 appears to be two pieces of leather sewn together, versus single layer of leather with the model No.1. Both belts are of equal thickness.


  78. We came to visit my Mom’s hometown (Lynnville, TN) on Saturday (11/5/16). Shopped in the store that had the brand on the leather first. Very nice leather work on all the products we looked at. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy so we walked down to the other store and I saw this belt. I have never seen a buckle like this before and it adjusts in the back so you do not have the extra leather to tuck in the loop. Love the belt and it is made in a small town in the US. I’m sure I will be be back either in person or on line for other items or maybe another belt in black!


  79. Awesome Belt, I ordered a black and a Brown one. I also appreciate the fact the Colonel Littleton appreciates the military and gave me a 10% discount. That means a lot to me, I will continue to shop here.

    todd2 (verified owner)

  80. I would buy it again.

    KPGautam (verified owner)

  81. I was fortunate in that I could visit the store in Lynnville and have Sarah personally assist me with picking out my belt. She is the best when it comes to customer service. I love this belt and will be back soon to see Sarah and buy another one.


  82. I was fortunate in that I only live an hour from the store in Lynnville and was able to shop in person. I bought this belt and love it but the real reason I bought the belt is because of the excellent customer service provided by Sarah.
    I will be back soon to buy another belt from her.


  83. I have two of these brown and black, both with Silver hardware. I get compliments on these all the time, wear them both for business and for casual. Great product.


  84. Years ago I got frustrated with my belt loosening during the day and having to pull my pants up and retighten the belt all the time. The solution – Suspenders which I have been wearing for the last 25 years. However suspenders aren’t very convenient when wearing anything over them because anything worn over the suspenders will need be removed first when I need to take my pants down. Suspenders have gone in and out of fashion over the years but they also have several stigma’s associated with them, some of which I don’t want to be associated with. I recently lost some of weight and wanted to abandon suspenders and find an excellent belt to hold my pants up. I searched the internet for days and either didn’t like what I found or was afraid that I would not be able to find a belt that would prevent me from constantly pulling my pants up. I thought there must be some kind of lever mechanism that allows for that final adjustment of an inch or so without having to breath out, pull the end of the belt through the buckle as hard as I can and find the hole. Then I found the Colonel. And on this site I found the most awesome belt made, the No. 5 Leather Cinch belt. Wow – super high quality, amazing design, superb leather and leather working, adjusts perfectly and has that lever cinch that gives me that perfect tightness I need. The packaging is also amazing, right up there with the fun of getting an Apple product, but much more personalized and well what could be mote cool than the inclusion of the Moon Pie?
    Thank you Colonel, now like so many others I see on your site, I am your biggest fan and can’t weight to get my next Col. Littleton masterpiece from “The Great(st) American Leather Company.

    J. Rhodes, CA 10-6-2016

    jeffrhodes (verified owner)

  85. LOVE this belt!!! Fantastic customer service and the quality is awesome …. I realize it is probably supposed to be a man’s belt but it looks awesome with my jeans and riding boots. Bravo Colonel!

    akhenry5 (verified owner)

  86. I have bought 4 of the cinch belts now, two for myself and two for gifts. They are unbeatable…trslly look good with jeans and are adjustable to actually fit, not almost fit. Great value!


  87. I love this belt! After seeing my grandfather wearing one while we were growing up, my husband decided that he wanted one. We stopped in the store and picked out one in black. It has become his daily wear and dress belt. He loved it enough that we have since gone back and gotten one in brown too! You can’t beat the durability of the cinch clasp and the adjustability is amazing. It’s a great purchase as well as a fabulous conversation piece.


  88. Just received my black with brass cinch belt and could not be happier. The quality of the leather, and brass is second to none. It is the most comfortable, most unique, and best quality belt I own and I have quite a few in my collection. I will be ordering one in brown soon. Thank you for having a passion for quality made in the USA products. New customer for life….

    Razalj (verified owner)

  89. The No. 5 Cinch Belt is a strong and sturdy belt that not only looks great, but is made to last. The adjustable hook on the side ensures that it always remains snug and firm, and the cinch clasp is a joy to open and close. I often found it difficult to wear belts with normal buckles because of how much I enjoyed the ease of use of wearing the cinch belt. Its a perfect mix of heritage, quality, and American character.

    Vaughn (verified owner)

  90. I love this belt! I bought it for my husband in the brown and brass a couple of years ago for Christmas. He’s tired of me stealing it and his black No. 4 belt, so I’m ordering this one in black for myself. I love the cinch look – as do the ladies in my office. I get compliments on it each time I wear it. Adjusting it is super easy, and the quality of the leather is incredible. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Colonel!

    amber.l.j (verified owner)

  91. This is an amazingly engineered belt. The buckle works very well to secure it in place. I receive tons of complements on the belt everywhere I go. Its a really well crafted and beautiful piece.


  92. Great quality & a very unique, comfortable belt. Got the brown w/brass & will order the black one shortly. Great belt-quality & style worth the price. Thank You!


  93. I first discovered this belt at the MAST General Store in Tennessee two years ago!
    I finally ordered this belt in black w/ stainless steel, through Amazon Prime and I will order a second one in brown w/brass. It’s That good! Thinking these will be the last belts I will ever need to buy, Yes they are that good!


  94. I think when any man gives his father a gift he hopes that it will be helpful or memorable, that it will generate some positive feedback, and hopefully convey in some small way how much he means to you. I bought this belt as a gift for my father. He’s a man who hasn’t had much handed to him. He’s worked hard since he was a boy. I hope that one day people can see evidence in my life of his values and work ethic. So when I chose to buy this for him as a gift I knew it wasn’t something he would expect. He buys most of what he wears from a large box store, if you catch my meaning. But I wanted something to convey, to him and all that saw him, that this was a man’s man. That this was a man who knew how to work when it was time, and could polish his boots and step out like a gentleman when it was time to relax or celebrate. When we all got dressed up for a big night out my Dad stepped into the living room wearing his new brown leather cinch belt, and sporting the No. 4 billfold, and I saw an unusual look on his face. He was proud. And so was I. Yes, for me, these gifts said and meant exactly what I hoped for. Thanks Colonel.


  95. I love this belt and I get many compliments on it when people see me wearing it. I also have the buffalo belt and needless to say I love all the Col. products.

    Bizjack6 (verified owner)

  96. I received the cinch belt in black leather with the stainless steel buckle. This is the second belt I own from the Col. Excellent craftsmanship and soon to become one of my favorites. I especially like the adjustability (particularly around the holidays). I’ll be back for more.


  97. Just received a black and stainless belt as a Christmas gift. This belt is awesome! Excellent quality leather and hardware! I really like the clasp design. This is an amazing belt that you will appreciate!


  98. The very Best Belt Ever!!! I purchased the Brown belt but I am sure I will go back and get the Black one because I NEED it to match my Black Boots!!!! This is the BEST store and the Best Quality.


  99. After ordering the black with silver as a dress belt – I had to get the black with brass for casual. Now have 3 of the Col.’s Cinch Belts! Best Belts on the Market!

    Jason (verified owner)

  100. Absolutely the best belt I have ever had!


  101. Well constructed cinch belt. I forsee this belt lasting longer than me since I have worn it for 4 yrs and it still looks as it did the day I got it. Likely the last dress belt I ever buy except the black one I will be getting soon


  102. I bought this belt to wear on my first date with a girl I intend to marry. I’ll be wearing this same belt that day too.

    davidmtut (verified owner)

  103. I love the No.5 Cinch belt. I have two of them – brown with brass and black with stainless steel. The lever action is stylish and unique; the build quality exceptional.
    These belts will serve me for years to come.
    Thank-you for a great product,
    Bruce Field
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    goose.field.42 (verified owner)

  104. My wife gave me one for my most recent birthday. She chose an item that, like her, makes me a better man.

    The buckle design is a thing of beauty. No extra belt material to tend with while dressing. I have a deep appreciation for quality American craftsmanship. I am beyond pleased.

    For anyone considering purchasing this belt: rest assured that it is a sound investment.


  105. Have had a No. 5 in Brown with Bass for well over 5 years and totally love it. Finally decided to order a No. 5 in Black with Stainless – received it today. Now just to break it in! Love these belts

    jason.gogue (verified owner)

  106. Finally a belt I can wear. I have a gastric disorder that requires an implant kind of like a pacemaker for the heart but mine is for my stomach. Anyway I have tried numerous belts made of just about everything and the leather in this belt so so supple that I can wear it all day and not cause the normal pain associated with other leather belts. The implant ” box” is right at my waistline and this belt conforms well to not put pressure on my implant. I have only worn it about a week but I can tell you this leather belt has made it possible for me to wear it all day with minimal discomfort and will only get better after it totally conforms to my wastel line. I have been wearing scrubs to work for over a year now and with this soft belt I’m able to wear my kakis and dress shirt to work for the first time all day in a long time. I really appreciate how conforming this belt is and it has allowed me to wear normal clothes again. I know this sounds odd but it is the honest truth, it has given me part of a normal life back. All the leather that the Colonel uses is very high quality and naturally soft. I just wanted to say thank you for a comfortable belt it really means a lot to me and I probably will buy another in black and stainless when I get the extra cash.

    James (verified owner)

  107. The belt is good quality and pairs nicely with jeans. I love the idea of the belt but was curious whether or not the two teeth that help size the belt would damage my clothes or cause discomfort. I haven’t seen any permanent damage–the two indentations in the waistband from the teeth always wash out. But they sizing teeth do cause a little bit of discomfort on my side. I’ve discovered that I need to wear it with thicker jeans or other similar weight fabrics so I don’t feel it so much.

    Also, about a week after buying mine, I found a comparable belt in a custom leather shop near my house for about half the price. The Littleton belt has slightly better finishing but I probably won’t spring for the second black/silver model I was considering.

    Joshua (verified owner)

  108. I received one as a gift just a couple of weeks ago and I prefer it to any belt I own. It fits, looks awesome and goes with all of my casual clothes and most of my dress clothes. I probably need one in black to make up the difference.

  109. Own two of them
    I own two of the cinch belts, brown and black and both with silver hardware. I wear them almost everyday with jeans and consistently get comments how the belts, “How does it work? Where did you get that belt?” The only downside is it does set off the metal detectors at TSA checkpoints. But that just shows the amount of metal and quality of the product. I never mind having to take it off before passing through. I enjoyed these so much, I have given three away as gifts. There are only a few things guys can do to stand out from the crowd, a great mechanical watch, good shave, polished shoes, and this belt. I would highly recommend for someone looking to break the norms and try out a different belt.


  110. Last Belt I’ll Ever Buy
    I now have 2 of these Cinch Belts, one black and one brown. They are amazing. The quality of the leather and the construction is top notch. I get so many compliments on these belts and I know they will last forever. The locking mechanism is so unique, and the adjustable sides are ingenious. I seriously don’t think I’ll ever use any other belt. LOVE this product. And the company is also such a pleasure to work with. Personal emails when you order, packaged in beautiful boxes and shipped so carefully…and don’t forget the moon pie. All I can say is “Wow!” I wish Colonel Littleton crafted an entire wardrobe for men.


  111. Best Belt Ever
    This is the best belt ever!

    Auburn Tiger

  112. Amazing
    I bought this belt in a nifty little store in Nolita, NYC this weekend and it is amazing. I’m never taking it off. It is super unique and awesome.


  113. A million bucks
    My cinch was purchased last year in Knoxville as a gift for a friend . I tried it on b 4 it was to be wrapped the rest is history the belt never made it into the gift box quality is everything in this price range and what a great secure feeling this belt provides when you have it on . I love to show and wear this belt daily !


  114. Tough as nails!
    I purchased this belt nearly 7 years ago while i was in alaska. Since that time i have worn it nearly every day. Hiking in Sitka or walking through Juneau it has been my faithful and steadfast companion. The only issue i have every had is people stopping me to ask about it! Now i see there is a model in black and stainless, looks like I will have to spend a little more time in the morning debating which one to wear!


  115. Best Belt I’ve ever owned!
    Great Belt and best I’ve ever owned! First time that I have done business with the Col. and it would be impossible for me to be any happier with the purchase! The ordering assistance and service were great. Hope to be doing business with you again soon. The leather duster is on my list. Best and Thanks again, Rick Cudlipp


  116. An instant classic
    When you receive a Colonel Littleton purchase you begin to understand the true meaning of attention to detail from the moment you hold the shipping box. The shipping box is sturdy with plenty of packaging. The belt was in yet another sturdy, simple, yet elegant box which does nothing but heighten the anticipation of actually getting to the contents. The belt itself is nothing less than an instant classic. You will not find another belt like this anywhere. The leather, hardware, and design are of the highest quality and immediately take you back to an era that has long been forgotten in America. You will love this belt but more importantly you will love the entire ordering experience. Thanks for the personal email confirming my purchase, the great catalog, and of course the Moon Pie. God Bless


  117. Love This Belt!
    Just bought this belt and wore for the first time tonight, it’s classically elegant but not too overstated. Brown/brass belt looks great with jeans and brown leather shoes
    and stainless/gold wristwatch (Rollie). $120 for a belt is money but you will wear it every day and your grandkid will inherit it . I look forward to breaking it in with a little scuff/distressed look!


  118. Great belt!!!
    Love this belt and get tons of compliments on the belt. That being said, the belt is just a tad too wide for blue jean loops. You will need patience to thread the belt on before you pull on your jeans. I know the belt will last a lifetime though. Great quality!!!


  119. Excellent craftsmanship!
    Had this belt for years now and it keeps getting compliments!


  120. Best Belt EVER
    I LOVE this belt… I have the black with stainless and wear it just about EVERYDAY! Not only is the quality TOP NOTCH, I am constantly asked about it. Understand that although this belt is $120, it will last. Very few things in my life I will say are worth every penny… but this one thing that truly is!



  121. Stopped everywhere and back for more!
    When I first saw this belt I knew I had to have one. Now I have two!

    The first, a CB5S-5 in brown and brass, has seen ~3 years of daily use (tech industry office worker). I’ve been stopped and asked about it in all sorts of places — courthouses, airports, offices, parties….

    In terms of wear and weathering, the only scuffing is from my cell phone holster (hard glass-reinforced nylon including the clip). I have given it two “baths” so far, using paste saddle soap, along with a few paste mink oil treatments to deal with moisture exposure during inclement weather.

    The second, a CB5S-6SS in black and stainless which was still in development when I received the first belt, has only seen occasional use. It is much finer (“classy” sense) so I have tried to keep it in pristine condition for use with dress clothes. The hardware is a bit more delicate, in keeping with the narrower deep-black gloss belt material, and the pelican bill (?) has a deeper arch to it.

    Overall, extremely happy with both, have recommended them to others who express interest in the design.


  122. Quality Product
    I currently own 3 Col. Littleton belts. Not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but also very well constructed and durable. All of the Col’s products I own seem to age well and develop unique character. When will they bring back the brown leather belt with the pommel shield?!

    Patrick M.

  123. All time favorite casual belt!
    This belt is a piece of American art. The flip over buckle is so unique it has become a conversation piece. Great quality construction all around. Love this belt. The other great thing is that I’m now loosing weight and the multiple length options allow me to continue using the same belt. Totally satisfied with this belt as well as all other Col Littleton products.

    Richard B

  124. Plate pops off no big deal
    I think the name plate popping off is a problem with this belt, but a reeaaaly minor one. I love this belt- going on three years. When I first got it after a couple of months the name plate did pop off, but I think its unavoidable and not really a defect. Your body is curved in your own way and as the belt molds to you, the straight plate will undergo some stress. My local shoe repair place repaired it in about 30 seconds for free. I bet you can avoid problems altogether if you gently bend and curve the name plate when you get it…

    (Col. Littleton: The name plate feature mentioned is no longer offered on this belt.)


  125. Love It and lots of compliments and questions of where I got it!!!
    This is a great addition to any wardrobe!!!!!!!!


  126. Expected a lot, got more!
    I have never received more complements on an article of clothing in my life. I ordered it just to see what could make a belt worth that much money, now I know. I’m saving up to get another in black!


  127. Excellent Quality, Eye-catching Style
    I purchased my brown and brass cinch belt at a nearby Orvis store because it simply stood out from the rest with the old style rifle strap clips immediately catching my eye.

    The (not so) bad: A little bit wide for most of my belt loops but still wearable if you are patient. The description is accurate so pay attention! but I have been able to thread it on khaki’s, slacks and jeans, just be careful.

    The great: The style and durability are excellent! I’ve been wearing this belt for months and really enjoy it for casual Fridays or every day I’m not at work. It gets frequent comments and compliments. The simple buckle is fantastic. If you need to straighten your shirttails it’s superbly quick and easy to open and close.

    I’d buy this one again but I doubt I’ll ever have to.

    Grant H

  128. Great service, great product, EXTREMELY happy with it all!
    Sandy helped me during a recent visit to the store. Fell in love with the belt. Just received it (along with a Moon Pie, of course!). Can’t wait to make it part of my casual wardrobe. Definitely recommend all things Colonel Littleton.


  129. Outstanding service and item
    Fell in love with the belt but the pins holding face plate with my initials came off. Col. Littleton fixed it with no questions asked and also included a small gift.
    Thanks Col. You guys certainly stand behind your products. You know I’ll be back.

    Norbu B

  130. Outstanding Value and a Unique Belt
    Purchased for my brother as a graduation gift. He just Commisioned as a Second Lt. U.S. Army. Quite appropriate.


  131. Poor Quality
    Received the No. 5 Cinch Belt from my wife for Christmas. Before I even tried it on, one of two rivets holding the buckle on popped off. It has a beautiful appearance and the cinch buckle is unique – but the poor craftsmanship is unfortunate. Given the hype, I had a right to expect more in a $130 trouser belt.

    Response from Col. Littleton:
    We sincerely apologize for this problem, and regret the understandable disappointment for our customer. As our guarantee states, we stand behind the quality of our products and we will quickly replace any defective item, or offer a full refund. We truly appreciate the opportunity to address and resolve any issue of this sort.

    Mark Barker

  132. Over the top quality!!!
    Quality, fit, finish over the top. I know I will own these belts for the rest of my life!


  133. Thought I had all the belts I’d need
    Had the brown one first. Bought the black and brass on a trip to Nashville, now I need to get the black and stainless one!


  134. Great quality
    I was so impressed with my black cinch belt that I bought a brown one as well! You will love this belt.

    Doc Scott

  135. The Perfect Belt for a Sunday afternoon ride.
    I have had the brown cinch belt for sometime and love it. When the new black with stainless hardware came out I had to have it!! It’s the perfect belt for riding my harley with black riding boots. I had “Road King” engraved on the plate which is what I ride. Two great American companies, Col Littleton and Harley Davidson.


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Our Warranty

We are committed to producing quality, handcrafted products that showcase our time-honored standards of excellence and deep respect for the Americana tradition. Col. Littleton products go through rigorous testing and numerous quality inspections before being shipped to our customers. Should you receive a Col. Littleton product that is defective in materials or workmanship, you can count on us to make it right. Our guarantee is limited to the cost of the product itself. It also does not cover normal wear and tear. We feel if you just plain “wore it out,” you got your money’s worth. Also, we cannot be responsible for an item which has suffered through alteration, damage due to improper cleaning, improper use, mishandling or accident. If we made a mistake in personalizing your product or if the product is defective in materials or workmanship, of course we’ll replace it. Otherwise, personalized products are not returnable.

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Our Leather
Our Craftsmanship
Our Craftsmanship

I see a real resurgence in the country today for products made in America. Our focus is to design and create products that speak to the time-honored traditions that have made this country great such as handmade craftsmanship, authentic rich leathers and quality workmanship. There’s a nostalgic feel about the products we make . . . most of them could have been made 100 years ago and many are made using turn-of-the-20th-century methodology and machinery. Our products are true Americana; forged as our forefathers intended by people who care and take pride in making a beautiful product.