leather travel bag on green couch
leather travel bag on green couch
leather travel bag No. 1 style duffel vintage brown full-grain leather.
leather travel bag front of bag with brass buckle closed.
leather travel bag with adjustable shoulder strap brass prong adjustment.
leather travel bag side strap with o-ring in center.
leather travel bag back side plain with brown leather carry strap.
No. 1 Grip in Vintage Brown Steerhide Leather
No. 1 Grip in Vintage Brown in steerhide leather with serial number plate
leather travel bag brass level style buckle in front.
leather travel bag brown handles with two brass buckles.
leather travel bag open wide to show inside suede lining.
leather travel bag with brass level style buckle on front and vintage brown leather body.
leather travel bag front embossed logo on brown leather with antique brass plate.
Leather travel bag with jeans, tie, shirts and shave kit inside.
leather travel bag inside side gusset brown suede leather.
leather travel duffle bag on blue chair

No. 1 Grip Bag

Travel in style with this leather duffle bag in vintage brown steerhide.



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    • Full-grain steerhide leather carry-on in vintage brown
    • Solid brass hardware with unique lever-action buckling mechanism
    • Bag dimensions: 11″H x 19″W x 10.5″D, 4.3 lbs
    • Adjustable shoulder strap: 36.5” – 44.5”
    • Brass oval plate on front flap may be personalized with up to 3 initials
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

    We will email your tracking number when your package leaves our facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your order at customerservice@colonellittleton.com

No. 1 Grip, Leather Travel Bag in Vintage Brown Steerhide

Timeless design perfect for weekend travels or everyday excursions – this leather travel bag enhances any adventure.

If you boarded a train during the late 1800’s, your travel bag would have been called a grip. A grip was not a bag you checked to the baggage car or entrusted to the care of someone else. It was a personal bag kept with you at all times.

– Colonel Littleton

Solid brass hardware, our unique lever-action buckling mechanism, and an unusual strap arrangement make the Colonel’s No. 1 Grip a travel bag with “instant” heritage – not to be checked, and not to be confused with all the other bags out there. Your bag is so unique that we’ve placed a serial-numbered brass place on the inside front of the bag.

Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville TN, this weekender bag is composed of vegetable-tanned vintage brown polished leather for strength, while the flap and ends of the bag are made of our dry-milled leather to give it character and softness. This bag is also available in American Buffalo

What Does it Carry? 

This bag opens wide and packs easily. There’s plenty of room to carry everything you need for an overnight stay, or as your personal carry-on bag for extended trips.

The Colonel packed his No. 1 Grip with a pair of khakis, two folded shirts, shoes, socks, two tee shirts, two boxer shorts, a bandana, a belt and his GP1 Shave Kit.

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    For my money and travel sensibilities, time began with the production of Colonel’s No. 1 Grip in Little Lynnville by the Creek….

    Calendars have sought to mark human civilization as we know it. The Bible accounts for our Creation, Adam, Eve and Anno Domini; Mayan calendars are STILL subject to interpretation in long and short discussions; the Chinese prostrate their privates over their lunar calendar doing it better than the Indian version; Gregorians chant up a storm; and let’s not leap into leap years, sleep deprivation during Spring daylight savings, Babylonians, or ol’ King Tut, ‘cause NOBODY did Tut better than Steve Martin.

    Having traversed air, ground, and sea terminals with best-in-class, synthetic fabric, two-handled carries, I have a sense of what works and doesn’t. When your basics are covered, the sky’s the limit!

    And in an era where manufacturers over-accessorize luggage with pockets, cut-outs, and storage spaces that seemingly require RFID chips and GPS tracking to find your goods in a pinch… tried and true stands out.

    Enter the No. 1, aka UNO: an exercise in simplicity and elegance that celebrates craftsmanship in service of fundamental, self-aware, placid, indefatigable, tasteful travel.

    Crafted in over-abundant CL first-generation buffalo (a topic for other reviews). I have always found it both fitting and befitting my transitory goodies, durables, and feel-goods in my episodic kinetics. I particularly like the way it bears witness to my travels and travails whilst dutifully contouring to my contours….

    As for UNO’s iconic CL Cinch Buckle… It forgives A LOT of ills across myriad applications with unabashed functionality, class and style. Euro-trash bag designers everywhere are self-immolating as they ask themselves “how did WE miss THAT design icon?”

    Mother Nature thrives on epic pairing like Bogie and Bacall, Bat Man and Robin, ying & yang, meat and potatoes, and the Blues Brothers. UNO becomes larger than life, particularly in air travel, when conjoined with the perfect partner, the CL No. 07 Garment Bag, a constant companion that I wrap within UNO’s adjustable carry straps so as not to check luggage on flights.

    Not necessarily sayin’ he’s biblical, but Colonel was downright civil when he realized the dictum that excess baggage spoils the journey!


  2. I just bought this #1 Grip bag for my daughter as a Christmas present/graduation present. She is a pilot and had a flight bag but wanted a travel bag and I can only say I don’t think they get any better than this bag. I will continue to buy high quality American made products from this company. A new belt or two is in my future! Also, if you get to visit the store in Lynnville, make sure to have a burger and shake at The Soda Pop Junction! The perfect day!


  3. Bought this bag to accompany the recent purchase of the #3Grip……just gorgeous and such a compliment travel companion…..Love the bag but then again, i loved every thing Ive purchased from the colonel…….

    David S

    cdavidsides (verified owner)

  4. All I can say is, WOW! This bag is truly amazing, every single detail is beautiful. It holds a ton of stuff, to be in such a nice small form factor. This is my new favorite travel bag that carries everything I need. I was initially on the fence about purchasing it, but I sure am glad I did. If you need a travel bag, that is sure to get you a lot of complements…this is the one. Buy this bag and you definitely won’t be disappointed. 5+ STARS!!!

    johnrjohnson.jr (verified owner)

  5. I have had this bag for several years now and this review is long overdue. I get nothing but compliments while traveling. The bag looks better today than when I received it. I also use the leather care kit to keep it in great condition. It has a ton of room inside. I also like that it is just one huge space instead of like many bags today that compartmentalize everything and you can’t fit nearly as many items. I do wish that with these more expensive bags they would personalize it for free if you wish but I do not mind paying for quality but I have no complaints from any of their products.


  6. Cows Never Looked so Good!
    Ok, so immediately after ordering my cinch belt, I broke down and spent $$s on this gorgeous travel bag and even went for broke that I’d love it w/no return option by adding monogram! Even better, it shipped ONE DAY AFTER I ORDERED IT! So I received it today along with my cinch belt and I’m in awe! From the detailed packaging and extras (which I won’t disclose here as it’s nice to be surprised!) to the actual item, all was absolutely outstanding and top-notch. This bag will definitely be used for years to come, will continue to look and wear even better and better, and will become a treasured item to be given to a treasured family member. I absolutely love it. In short, stop reading. and start ordering.

    billulrichim (verified owner)

  7. I recently bought this travel bag. I have been looking at it for months and finally decided to take the plunge. It’s a beautiful uniquely crafted bag that will stand out among a lot of other leather travel bags. I hope to get many years use out of it. First trip adventure coming up in a few weeks.


  8. I have had this bag as well as most of the others for years. You can’t beat the quality and they just keep looking better with age.


  9. Unsurpassed quality as always. I receive many comments regarding the beauty of the item. It’s a little small for more than one night of clothing and toiletries so I will add the No. 4 as a companion piece 🙂


  10. This was my first Colonel Littleton purchase over three years ago. The no. 1 grip is a gorgeous piece. I get compliments every time I use it and it is aging beautifully. It also reminds me to travel light and thoughtfully. I take small planes now and then and since weight and size are a concern, this bag keeps me in line on both counts.

    Christine (verified owner)

  11. This bag was my first introduction to the Colonel Littleton line….perfect for the one or two day trip…just takes a little longer to get through the airport because everyone wants you to stop so they can look at it….


  12. I bought this bag around May, present year when I opened the box I wasn’t too impressed and honestly I almost returned it but once I took all the filling out and put some clothes inside, it all changed! This bag is unique! It doesn’t matter where I go I get compliments about it. The leather, the craftmanship takes you back to the Wild Wild West movies 🙂 thank you Colonel Littleton and keep up the great work!

    intruder714 (verified owner)

  13. The benchmark of excellence! This bag is designed to be used and still be something that you want to keep for good. Quality construction, durable and made to last. This is where you get the expression that they don’t make them like that anymore….but they still do!!!! An investment worth every penny to people that can appreciate the craftsmanship and details needed to create these bags.


  14. I have had my eye on the No. 1 Grip for several years and have purchased other Colonel Littleton Products leading up to this purchase for an upcoming trip. I have come to appreciate the design, quality and craftsmanship of Colonel Littleton Products and could not have been happier than the day I opened my package to reveal the No. 1 Grip. The hardware, the stitching, the quality of the leather is what I was looking for when I ordered this bag. I am looking forward to packing it for my trip to Kauai…… Thank you Colonel for your commitment to vintage craftsmanship and quality.

    Mike (verified owner)

  15. This is by far the best travel bag I have ever owned. It goes with me everywhere. However I decide to travel, Boat, Air, Car, Train… This bag goes with me. Get this bag if you want an eye-catching bag which will fit under the seat or any overhead compartment in an airplane. I load in 3 pairs underwear.. rolled, 2 pairs of pants, tightly folded, 3 pairs of socks, RON kit, a pair of casual shoes, and 3 shirts! Its perfect> I take the time to load it right… amazing amount of room for the size.


  16. Great bag! Perfect for one to two night trip. Quality unmatched.


  17. Brass latch and brass accents, color, and cross strapping set this “Grip” apart and above any others available. Expensive, but I had to have it, even if it took saving up for it.


  18. I have had my bag for around 4 years now, and couldn’t be happier with it! Compliments galore on every trip taken, and a sense of pride carrying such quality craftsmanship. It gets better with age! Thanks Col.!!!


  19. I purchased the No. 1 Grip to use on short trips to carry on the plane and it has worked out very well. It provides plenty of room for my clothes, extra shoes, toiletries, and a light jacket. I love the leather and trim patterns match my Saddlebag Briefcase and Dispatch bag. I get lots of compliments on the set.


  20. Oh my. I’ve been looking and looking and looking at this one and finally made the plunge. It is NOT inexpensive. That is for SURE. And it is rather smallish. Carryons by Orvis and Hulme and others pack more stuff, have more pockets, are in all objective ways better. And cost less. Sooooo, what can there possibly be to make me buy the Colonel’s No 1 Grip in the face of those overwhelming facts? Simply this. It is a work of art. It is unique (at least as far as a non-custom object can be. It’s beautiful. It’s a pleasure to touch, to carry, to use. My gosh, is it nice.

    As I said, it’s smallish. The way the top flap cinches down means it’s more of a triangular prism than a rectangular one (for those mathematically inclined). So it definitely requires more thought and planning. But I just packed it with two pair of pants, three shirts, a pair of slippers, couple undershirts, a watch cap, couple of socks, and some other odds and ends. Not too bad. My new goal in life is “pack light” and this bag forces you to.

    Did I mention how exquisitely it is made? The coolness factor of the brass locking attachment alone is worth several stares and oohs and ahhs.

    So, do I have more objectively functional (and very well made and completely up for the task) bags? Yes. Will I be turning to my new No. 1 Grip instead? Absolutely. NOT inexpensive. But worth it.

    benson (verified owner)

  21. I am a minimalist. That doesn’t mean I live like a monk; I do enjoy the good things in life. It just means I don’t buy a lot of stuff because I learned a long time ago that everything you own owns you. So I have very few material possessions. But the few things I do own are the finest things money can buy. In my closet, I have two suits, a wardrobe of 7 pants and shirts, and three pairs of shoes. I even have one sofa in my 1,000 square foot condominium that will outlast me, because it is the last sofa I will ever purchase (and I’m only 41 years old). You get the picture. So that is why I consider this to be the last gym bag I will ever purchase. It has plenty of room for my running shoes, workout clothes, towel, and the No. 2 shaving kit. What else does a guy need? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. And if you get sticker shock, think about all the $50 gym bags that you would have purchased over the next 50 years.

    citadelsquirrel (verified owner)

  22. I received this No.1 Grip as a birthday present recently, and it is now my new favorite belonging. I could go on about every stitch and gusset, but suffice to say it is impeccably made from the finest quality leather. I like to take care of my appearance and it is great to be able to carry something that so obviously was loved throughout the entire process of its creation. Many thanks to the Colonel and the leather smiths.


  23. I am a bit overdue in writing this – I’ve had this grip bag for a bit over two years. No matter where in the world I go the bag never, never fails to meet my needs AND to garner the most highest of praise from men and women alike. Quality is second to none I’ve seen, excellent ‘use-ability’, and simply great looking. Sure you can spend less but this surely is a case where you get what you pay for … enjoy it.. I do!


  24. the pictures don’t do this bag justice. you have to have it in your hands to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship. perfect size, truly a fine bag

    wilsonclan4 (verified owner)

  25. I love this bag. I traded in my Swiss Army backpack to use this as my work bag. My laptop, umbrella, office cables etc. fit nicely in the bag. Coworkers always stop and comment how nice it looks and I have noticed people looking at it on the commuter train into work.


  26. Perfect Travel Companion
    I travel 50-75% of the time because of my job. In airplanes it fits easily under the seat in front of me, so I never have to think about space in the overhead bins.

    It never leaves my side. Every time I travel I now get compliments on this bag. But I honestly get more enjoyment out of simply using it and feeling the intense workmanship that went into the creation of the bag.

    I find myself packing less just to have the pleasure of only having to carry this beautiful piece of luggage. The colonel’s pack list in the item description is a decent start you can modify to your taste.


  27. Rugged Refinement
    This is a wonderful bag. It’s more of an overnighter than a weekender (especially with bulkier winter clothes like cords and a sweater), although I’ve forced myself to pack less just to have the pleasure of only having to carry this beautiful piece of luggage.

    I must also commend Colonel Littleton for its service. My bag didn’t arrive with the shoulder strap slide. When I called on New Years Eve afternoon, when most folks would have already shut down their computers and been planning for their evening, Lisa answered my call and arranged for the slide to be delivered in just two days—complete with a Moon Pie!


  28. Perfect bag
    I wanted the perfect carry-on that would offer a unique look and the perfect size… I’ve found it in this nice quality short travel bag. Very nice hide accented with brass hardware which in all makes this a bag one that you’ll want to own and other will admire!

    Mr. Onthego

  29. Perfect for short travel
    I love it….


  30. Excellent Travel Carry Bag
    I am delighted with this bag. The quality is superlative. I very much like the overall appearance as well as the size. I am thinking of purchasing the No. 4 also. Together they will serve all my needs for Men’s Weekend Away trips.

    Rob B

  31. Perfect Travel Bag
    I bought the bag this summer for a trip to South Africa as a carry on. It was perfect for a complete set of hunting clothes, boots, personal items and snacks. I now use it every week as I travel. With the use of a garment bag its great for extended business travel. I always get compliments and questions about this great looking, unsual bag. The more I use it the better it looks.

    Brian Carroll

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