Cologne bottle sitting on wooden table with vintage sword handle behind it.
Cologne bottle sitting on wooden table with vintage sword handle behind it.
Cologne Box and bottle front
Cologne clear glass bottle with brown leather wrap and silver lid.
Cologne glass bottle and brown leather wrap back side showing brass rivets.
Cologne bottle open with lid laying beside.
Cologne Box front tied with leather lace.
Cologne Box open to show brown leather insert and bottle.
Cologne Box open to show brown leather insert.

Col. Littleton Cologne

Classically understated – unmistakably cool. A hint of citrus makes this fragrance refreshing & delightful.



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    • 3.4 Oz
    • Made in the USA
    • Stamped leather label
    • Gift box
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Col. Littleton Cologne

The leather-stamped label on the bottle lets you know that the Colonel’s “fragrance brew” is a gentleman’s cologne all the way.

“I think subtlety is the goal when wearing fragrance.To me, there’s nothing worse than the guy who steps on the elevator wearing cologne so overpowering that it knocks a whole row of people off their feet and contaminates the elevator for the rest of the day. You don’t want to be that obvious… you want a slight hint of fragrance… a little mystery perhaps.

“Fragrance is an individual thing;and as you know there are even subtle differences in a particular fragrance, depending on the wearer. But, I can promise you, I won’t have you smelling like a coconut or eliciting the ‘run for cover’ response when people see you coming.”

– Colonel Littleton

Classically understated-unmistakably cool and refreshing, with just the right splash of citrus, Col. Littleton Cologne is a totally delightful experience in fragrance. 3.4 Oz. Packaging includes a Col. Littleton gift box.

Made in the USA.

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  1. This cologne is a must for men! My husband, brother & nephew have purchased this cologne for years now. Thank you for making the perfect smell for a man 🙂

    clayton434099 (verified owner)

  2. I agree w/ the Colonel, “smell good” should be subtle. This cologne is. His tag line is: “Strive to be stellar”, I do not think he feels he will ever arrive, so he is always striving. His striving shows from the good smell to the packaging. Everything I have ordered from the Col. has been stellar.

    vagent55 (verified owner)

  3. This cologne is the best available. This is a man’s cologne. My wife loves it too.


  4. I ordered this (scent unsmelled!) by taking a chance on the positive reviews. It came in two days (along with my moon pie) and it was as reviewed: excellent! The citrus and spice are just the right combination. My wife even loves it.
    Bill O’Fallon

    handballart (verified owner)

  5. The customer service is amazing! I called when I had a problem. It was immediately taken care of by a sweet and friendly lady!

    lbgeorge88 (verified owner)

  6. I have purchased this twice for my husband. It’s hard to find a cologne that both men and women like. We both love this one!

    lbgeorge88 (verified owner)

  7. I really love the smell of this cologne. It is not overpowering but smells amazing. On my first order I had an issue with some minor damage to the bottle that may have occurred during shipping. After reaching out to support, I received a replacement bottle expedited to me in record time. I am very impressed with the quality of this product and the level of customer support I received. I will not hesitate to do more business with Colonel Littleton in the future.

    calvinmcelroy (verified owner)

  8. Just ordered another bottle…I’ve lost count on how many bottles, I Have used. If you have not tried the Colonel’s Cologne, don’t worry, you will not be disappointed. Year round, for any occasion.
    Columbia, SC

    ivestigations1 (verified owner)

  9. My wife initially bought this cologne for me as a gift and she fell in love with the scent and it’s now my third bottle over the years and is my go to cologne ever since. The scent is not overpowering and very masculine – love it!

    Michael Berry

  10. I really like this cologne. It has a unique scent that has gotten me several compliments from random people. I just bought another bottle. Thanks Colonel.

    wlhunter4 (verified owner)

  11. My dad had recently run out of cologne. I just happened to go into Colonel Littleton’s and found this cologne. It smelled amazing and he absolutely loved it! The packaging was great too, worth keeping the bottle forever as a souvenir!


  12. My husband and I LOVE the cologne! We had a hard time finding a scent we liked but stumbled across this at a shop in Tulsa when we were visiting friends and it’s so good. Just ordered two bottles from the website and absolutely love the packaging and the mini Moon Pie. I’m from TN originally so found that to be really fun! Stellar product and company indeed.

    katewestbrook36 (verified owner)

  13. On my second bottle, what more is there to say. TOP NOTCH!


  14. this is my 3rd bottle of this wonderful cologne i get so many compliments from women and men on what cologne is that and of course i tell the to visit the colonel and you don’t put a lot on just a bit and your good all day great product and the packaging and i love the moon pies that come with it all your products are first class all the way thank you!!

    MICHAEL (verified owner)

  15. I have been doing business with the colonel since 1990. The cologne is wonderful. I’ve tried other’s, this is the best. Just ordered another bottle. Year-round cologne.
    Lee H.
    Columbia, SC

    ivestigations1 (verified owner)

  16. I received this for a Christmas gift. I love the smell and the unique packaging.


  17. My daughter had this shipped to my husband and it arrived yesterday. Wow, it smells wonderful. It has a rich deep scent without being overpowering. He will definitely be using this to please me.


  18. Colonel Littleton Cologne is the best,I just ordered my 3rd bottle , which is a great compliment on this product, a repeat order is the best review.

    ninothestar (verified owner)

  19. I received my second bottle for Christmas this year. It was a sad day when the first bottle was used up. The scent is perfect for me, subtle and clean. My wife was very pleased with the customer service. All in all a great company and product.


  20. I will give the best review ever, which is: “I just ordered and bought my second bottle of this great cologne last month” Happy Trails to All, Mike

    ninothestar (verified owner)

  21. Just received for my birthday. Very nice packaging. Refreshing clean scent that is not overwhelming. I plan on keeping the bottle as is so cool! I live close to the Littleton store and frequent but had never discovered this rate jewel!


  22. Just received for my birthday. Very nice packaging. Refreshing clean scent that is not overwhelming. I plan on keeping the bottle as is so cool!


  23. I absolutely love my COL LITTLETONS COLOGNE,
    I usually pick it up in The Stock Yards, FORT WORTH,TX.

    I am now in Oklahoma now and have found it so convenient here.

    It is the cleanest freshest smell, I receive more compliments. I am very proud to wear this most wondermous scent.

    I cant even stand to be without so I will generally keep an extra on hand

    Paul Brown

    PaulBrown926 (verified owner)

  24. I received this cologne as a Christmas gift and am very pleased at its fresh clean smell. Im an essential oil fan but this cologne is surprisingly easy on the smell senses.


  25. this is without a doubt the best mans cologne i have ever bought on my 3rd bottle it is exactly as described and i get compliments from women and men all the time that should tell you something great product and really cool manly bottle the colonel is the best

    MICHAEL (verified owner)

  26. I smelled this cologne on a friend and though it would make a nice gift for my son. Great customer service, very attractive packaging, light, clean, masculine scent. I’m sure he will enjoy!

    pamsheridan (verified owner)

  27. This purchase was excellent from the beginning. Shipping was fast, packaging was nice and the personal touches were nice as well. The cologne is amazing and does have a subtle classic scent. I love it and would recommend it to anyone seeking a quality that is becoming more rare these days. Thanks Col. Littleton!

    statesmanscholar (verified owner)

  28. I just received this cologne as a birthday present and I am tremendously impressed; I believe this would be a great scent for any man who wants to smell like man!


  29. this is my second bottle, get a lot of compliments on this not overbearing just really nice scent

    MICHAEL (verified owner)

  30. Great fragrance!! I like it and my girlfriend really likes it! It has a light outdoorsy and manly, yet refined. Love it.

    Sean (verified owner)

  31. There is simply nothing else out there like this fragrance. It’s clean, subtle, but has a distinct scent. This fragrance is simply timeless. It certainly keeps the ladies asking about what cologne I’m wearing.

    Wil (verified owner)

  32. Great gentleman’s cologne!
    This cologne was given to me greater than 10 years ago, I believe that is about right because it was before Hurricane Katrina, but anyway my lovely Bride of 20 years loves the fragrance and comments on it every time it her nostrils! By the way I get lots of complements from women that I work with also , some just need a hug & whiff to make there day also ! Clean and fresh manly stuff ! But it is pricey but last along time. .

    Joe (verified owner)

  33. great understated smells expensive
    Im very sensitive to smells, and most colognes give me a huge headache. But the understated light fragrance doesnt bother me and smells great! Also, it has a sophisticated fragrance that just smells expensive. Like a Patek Phillipe compared to a Rolex. Class all the way.


  34. Poor for Price
    I received this cologne recently for my birthday and while it smelled acceptable, due to its high price I find it isn’t good enough.


  35. classic style…
    Outstanding fragrance and aroma. Lasts much longer than almost all of my other colognes I’ve purchased over the years. Have had many comments from women who asked me what I was wearing. They now are looking to buy for their husbands. I plan on another bottle soon, as I am generally not wearing anything but this extremely well made cologne…..real men only need apply….


  36. Best of the best
    I have had more compliments on this cologne than on any other I have tried.
    Good job and I will continue to be a loyal customer.


    Use it everyday. Have ordered it multiple times and never get tired of it.


  38. Not too shabby
    I was graced with the privilege of purchasing this serum from the famous Greenbier Resort. The scent is restrained, yet bold in that when one has the honor of catching a whiff of this stuff, they are transcended into the Wild West; strapped upon a grand stallion named Betsy. and one says: Hey, I just won the freakin’Triple Crown! A tad pricey, but how can you possibly put a price on a gentlemanly aphrodisiac, such as this fine scent? “What bliss! …it is to be a squire; to possess the deed to half of Georgia; to have a tree trunk under the hood… …ah, what a fine life it is to be me.” (from the Col. himself).

    Col. Reb

  39. Best Cologne Available!
    This fragrance is subtle and clean as it should be. “A gentleman’s scent should never arrive before he does!” I get compliments everywhere I go when I wear this.


  40. Spectacular Fragrance!!!
    Just got this for Christmas and it smells amazing. I usually wear Creed Green Irish Tweed, but this has replaced it!!!


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