Man wearing No. 4 Belt in Vintage Brown
Man wearing No. 4 Belt in Vintage Brown
mean wearing no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 brown leather belt
no4 brown leather belt
no4 brown leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware
no4 black leather belt with nickel hardware

No. 4 Leather Belt

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    • Casual style belt
    • Full-grain Italian Bridle Leather
    • 1 ⅜”W
    • 2 sizes available from 34”-50”
    • Adjustable design
    • Made in America
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No. 4 Leather Belt

Colonel Littleton designed our leather belt Collection with more than a nod to the military and sportsman’s tradition. When the belt first came out, the general reaction was “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?”

Functionality and Design 

The uniqueness of this collection of belts is in its’ adjusting feature. The traditional front buckle belt allows only three inches of fluctuation. Colonel’s belt adds another 8 inches, adjusting in one-inch increments. This means that one size fits almost everyone, which also makes it a great gift item.

Here’s how it works. Rather than adjusting and readjusting the belt in the front and messing up the leather, you park it in the middle position, where it belongs, and make any necessary adjustments on the side. That way if you have on bulkier trousers, a heavyweight shirt, or layers for warmth… if you lose a few pounds or, heaven forbid, gain a few… your belt accommodates all these variations nicely.

Colonel chose sturdy Italian Bridle Leather for these belts which is perfect since it resists stretching. This heavier leather comes from a tannery in Santa Croce Sull’Arno, Italy. Full-grain, vegetable tanned and old world, this outstanding leather holds up to many years of wear. Aside from being one of the most functional and practical belt collections on the market, this collection looks uncommonly good… especially with khakis and jeans, for which it was designed.

The No. 4 Belt is available in Black or Brown Italian Bridle Leather with nickel finish hardware. 1 3/8″W. Made in our Col. Littleton Workshop, Lynnville, TN USA.

No. 4 Leather Belt Size Chart:

Large – Fits sizes 34″ – 42″

XLarge – Fits sizes 42″ – 50″

Belt Fit Guide

  • Our belts are sized based on the exact inside circumference of the belt when buckled in the front, center position.
  • In addition to the standard front buckle positions, our unique side adjusting feature allows another 8 inches of adjustment in 1-inch increments.
  • Measure your waist circumference and compare to our sizes to determine fit. Our belts sizes should compare to your waist size rather than your pant size, since pant sizing may vary by manufacturer.
  • If you are between sizes, we recommend going up a size. For example, a Large Belt fits waist sizes 34 to 42-inches; so if you have a 33-inch waist, select the belt in Large.

Also available in American Alligator.

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  1. Thank you, Colonel!

    Needed a new belt and I picked one up in the Lynnville TN store. The staff was helpful and made my shopping experience pleasant.

    Semper Fi
    GySgt Ronald Ausman
    USMC Retired


  2. This belt is my favorite to wear with slacks that tend to roll down over my belt. This belt is wide enough to avoid that. It’s also very classy with the polished hardware. As always, you can’t beat the Colonel’s service.


  3. 13 years after buying my first #4 I’ve come to get a second. The first is still in great condition, even being my go to daily belt but 55 pounds lighter and it’s finally too big!


  4. Just received this belt in black which makes the third adjustable belt that I have bought going back a number of years. I now have a No. 1, a No. 2, and a No. 4. I like them so much that this weekend I sent a No. 4 to a good friend in Nashville.

    roncoll (verified owner)

  5. Simple, classic, elegant. When you thought you couldn’t reinvent the wheel, the Colonel did. Love the adjustable side, which means I can still wear this piece of art when I lose weight and after I gain it back.

    danielbowersock (verified owner)

  6. I just bought my belt at the store. The experience was excellent and I look forward to many years of satisfaction out of my purchase.


  7. I bought this belt for my husband’s birthday. As expected, the service and craftsmanship are both unsurpassed!

    twgoins8 (verified owner)

  8. I just ordered several products from here and I must say that companies everywhere should learn about customer service from this company. The website, the order process and the follow up to ensure your order is shipped correctly is fantastic!! Then you receive your order and not only is it correct but the packaging is like a product all to itself. It was refreshing and fun to see how these products are packaged. The canvas bags, the “real” leather packing and the free stuff that was in the box was so much fun to see. It is very rare to get something where you want to keep the box as much as you want the stuff in the box. The product quality is next to none, it is the finest leather work I have ever seen. Outstanding quality workmanship!! Then to top it all off, you get a Moon Pie. Already making my next list to order.Keep up the good work!!

    cdaughtrey2000 (verified owner)

  9. I’m amazed with the quality of this belt! Just scored my second belt for Christmas. We always love stopping by the shop when we’re nearby.


  10. I love ordering from the Colonel. Each and every product that I receive is excellent. I have the #4 leather belt in brown and I just received the order for one in black leather as well. I have had the brown leather for a year and wear it daily. It looks brand new. Also Customer Service is wonderful. Thanks Colonel Littleton.

    stodski01 (verified owner)

  11. I own several Colonel Littleton products but I have never owned one of these quality belts. Not surprisingly so, but these belts are top shelf. Whether you’re in a suit of a casual pair of jeans, these belts will compliment your attire. Highly recommend to new or returning customers!

    Mark Gotcher, Arkansas


  12. No. 4 Leather Belt: THE INTIMIDATOR

    Call me old-fashioned, but I have a habit of turning to nicknames when something catches my fancy.

    The sleek, clean, no-nonsense lines of the No. 4 Leather Belt in black and silver draw my mind to memories of the No. 3 car and Dale Earnhardt back when stock car racing was truly America’s sport.

    And how often do you find a belt with appointments crafted in high-grade, forever-wearing stainless steel?

    Unlike NASCAR, Colonel and his team don’t complicate things that are meant to be simple. It is refreshing to know that there won’t be any restrictor plates cluttering ANY aspect of the Colonel Littleton Leather Company experience. From design and production to customer service, the folks in Lynnville know how to run a tight garage, dial-in the tolerances, and WIN!

    And don’t quote me on this, but I kinda recall a rumor that several Cup Series teams have sent their crews over the years to 113 Mill Street to pick up tips on winning, though I’m pretty certain Bubba Wallace’s wasn’t one of them.

    fcoetzee (verified owner)

  13. Just received my belt, and love it. This is my third belt which was preceded by the #5 Cinch Belt and the #1 Leather Belt. Thank you for your providing excellent products. The quality is noticed.

    jsimmens (verified owner)

  14. I bought one for my husband and one for my son…. such a lovely product and they love them too — thank you!


  15. I have examined this belt from every possible aspect, thinking that I might find some way it could have been improved upon. I failed miserably. The quality of materials, the craftsmanship, the unique design are all without peer. I expect my son and grandsons will squabble over it when I pass. I will be ordering a ranger belt soon. This belt convinced me that I should.

    a.p.mcgoldrick (verified owner)

  16. I purchased this belt in brown yesterday, it is very comfortable and excellent quality. I am very please with my new Colonel Littleton product.


  17. My wife bought me this belt in brown for Christmas. It was my requested Christmas gift as having previously purchased Col. Littleton products I knew the quality I would be getting. This is the first belt I have bought from Col. Littleton and it’s possibly the nicest belt I’ve ever owned. Bravo on the fine work and craftsmanship, I’m sure I will enjoy using it for untold years to come.


  18. Such a cool belt. Wish I’d of had that adjustability on Thanksgiving. Would’ve come in handy

    darkboldavenger (verified owner)

  19. Great belt, quality is awesome, the ability to adjust the belt size is quite an invention, its neat to have something that is unique, “Happy Trails” to everyone in the world.

    ninothestar (verified owner)

  20. I’ve spent good money on belts that seemed to be great quality but did not last long. This belt is the exception, for sure. All his products are FANTASTIC and I will be buying more and more! Don’t think twice, buy the best!


  21. This is my 2nd belt of this style and my 3rd Colonel Littleton belt, they are so unique.Repeat customers is a great review in itself, The price is certainly worth the belt.

    ninothestar (verified owner)

  22. I own two of these belts and they fit with any attire. They’re durable and look as good as the day I bought them. I won’t wear anything else (except other Col. Littleton belts).


  23. I bought this belt at Mast General Store in May,2018.The belt is super in that it can be adjusted and the quality of the leather and buckle is superb.This was my first purchase of Colonel Littleton products and now I have a gold mine of super products. Thank you for persevering through the many challenges of owning a company,to be at this point in time, of now being able to offer one product after another of such excellent innovation and uniqueness. Happy Trails , Mike Taylor


  24. About 20 years ago I ordered the “Gunslinger Belt” by Willis and Geiger from Lands End. I have that belt today and its in excellent condition for it’s age. But I needed a black one for work due to a dress code. Searching the Internet all I could find close to what I had was a similar belt from Col. Littleton. They had a black one but I was not sure if it was the same thing. One day putting my old belt on I noticed that the metal was stamped “Col. Littleton” – I had finally found my new belt! I’ve had it for over a month now and it is perfect and I expect it will also last me 20+ years. Thank you for this product!


  25. About 15 years ago I received a No. 4 as a gift from my brother. I have worn it everyday since then. It is the best belt I’ve ever owned. After 15 years it was worn but still used everyday! This year my brother gave me another one.

    Buy one today, you won’t be disappointed!


  26. I own three CL belts, but the black #4 is the go-to for both formal and informal dress. Moreover, the belt is adjustable for the most extreme changes in waist size – seriously! Best belts I have owned. (verified owner)

  27. Simply a great adjustable, good looking belt. Perfect for any pair of casual pants or jeans. Well built, and should last forever. Now I want the black one!

    Richard (verified owner)

  28. This is the best quality belt that I have ever owned. The materials and finish are excellent, and when compared to other belts on the market, it is worth the cost.

    My order was filled quickly and the belt was packaged nicely. If you appreciate high quality products, this is the belt for you.

    alfresco4 (verified owner)

  29. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, but wanted to try it on as I have a 33 inch waist and that is in between the size ranges. We finally made it down to Lynnville, turns out the large worked. The belt looks great and, while I haven’t had it for 12 years like some, it seems like it is made to last.


  30. I love my No. 4 belt. In fact I own both brown and black. I wear them almost everyday and quite frequently receive complements. Great quality and very cool! Thank you Colonel!


    J.B. (verified owner)

  31. I just got my No. 4 belt after I recommended one for my friend who was looking for a high quality belt. After seeing it on him I decided that I need one as well. Haha.

    The leather is soft to the touch but solid, and the steel buckle and the rest of the hard ware is amazing.

    Highly recommend it.

    arctic105 (verified owner)

  32. This was my first purchase from the Colonel. The man did not disappoint! The packaging was perfect, the belt was masterful, and the the customer service was outstanding. The belt pairs well with Levi’s #559 and those dress slacks for Sunday meeting. I am sure this will not be my last Colonel Littleton investment.

    andrewtdoyle3 (verified owner)

  33. I have two of these belts.The first one I bought over a decade ago.Went back to check on another one and bought a black one, These belts last and last,allow for weight changes,that is why I bought Col Littleton’s design.By the way I had a screw come out on the old belt and the replaced it no question asked.THIS WAS OVER A DECADE OLD BELT?WHO DOES THIS COL LITTLETON THATS WHO………..


  34. Purchased as a Christmas gift for my husband and already a favorite! Love the adjustability of the belt. Simple but classic. Thanks for such attention to quality craftsmanship! Look forward to more purchases!

    maryemosley64 (verified owner)

  35. this is a great belt! Have bought over 5 of these in different colors. They don’t wear out!


  36. Well designed and crafted belt! Solid hardware. I have the brown one and just bought the black one. Love the uniqueness of the adjustability.

    longwayfromsanjose (verified owner)

  37. I already had the Brown #1 belt and just ordered the black #4 belt. The #4 belt is super nice but it is wider and heavier so it’s more casual (jeans and khakis) do to its size. Both belts will be in my will as I can no way wear them out I really like the extension tab as you can adjust the belt for Winter and Summer. Will order more belts later

    Steven (verified owner)

  38. Great product and well made.
    Very adjustable


  39. Purchased this belt for my husband and he loves it. He has such an appreciation for quality and respect for those who still value it. So thankful to have found your company! We cannot wait for our next purchase.

    Nicole (verified owner)

  40. Great belt…only problem is that with the adjustability of the length, by 6’3″ teenage son has borrowed it and will not give it back…This belt is timeless and classy.

    David L

  41. I love my new belt! It looks great with casual and dress clothes. I’m already planning on buying the black one soon.

    aloney32 (verified owner)

  42. Awesome Idea for a Belt
    This is a great quality belt that is sure to last a lifetime. I know that it is difficult to buy American made but every chance we get, we buy american.

    William (verified owner)

  43. Without question, this is the finest belt I have ever owned. Five star quality and craftsmanship and superb good looks. Highly recommended.

    rick.carwile (verified owner)

  44. I bought one of these belts several years back and it is my go to belt when wearing jeans. It is rugged and looks good. I have gotten several complements over the years even after several years of wear and best of all, it comes with a Moon Pie.


  45. This is a really well made belt and looks fantastic. I have an Allen Edmond belt which cost about the same and I like this one much better. I like it so much that I just bought the black one as well!

    Benjamin (verified owner)

  46. It is a great belt, very nice leather, smooth hardware. Will recommend to my friends. I am planning on purchasing the “NO 5 Cinch Belt” which is also a wonderful belt.

    xuemin (verified owner)

  47. Great Belt
    Got these for my husband and my son. They look great and the guys liked them enough to wear them as soon as they got them. (Rather than leave them in the box for a few months deciding if they like them. Which is usually what happens with new anything in our house.)


  48. One of the Colonels best !
    I have had this belt (in brown) for over 4 years and it honestly gets better looking every time I wear it I constantly receive compliments on its sharp looks and design–town or country the belt is a compliment to any gentleman’s attire. The black one is on my Christmas wish list !


  49. Great Belt
    I just received and wore this belt for the first time. It is good looking and and well made. I love the adjustability and I know that the combination of adjustability (for those changes in girth) and durability will result in years of use.

    The only shortcoming that I noticed was that the combination of the width of the belt and the thickness of the double layers of leather and the ring that holds the belt together: It makes the belt too tight in the belt loops of several pairs of my pants. Even some of my cargo pants will not accept the belt.

    Col., please make a similar belt that is thinner for those of us who want the quality and flexibility of the No. 4 in a dress belt. I’ll buy both a black and a brown on the spot.


  50. Cool belt – great quality
    This belt is awesome – works with Jeans or is suitable for khakis. Best feeling quality belt I’ve had in my life time. I’ll get one in black soon…

    Steve – New Hampshire

  51. Built to Last
    I’ve owned my No.4 for about 10 or more years and have worn it almost every day. It has been awesome. I need to replace one of the rivets that came out but I’m also going to buy the beautiful black one next !

    Bay Pole Mike

  52. best belt ever
    I have had the same No. 4 belt for 12 years. it looks just as good today as it did when I got it new, worth every penny.
    I am planning on purchasing the black one soon.


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Our Warranty

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Our Craftsmanship

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