No. 2 Leather Suspenders – Snap Hook Model


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No. 2 Adjustable Leather Suspenders – Snap Hook Model

Real men may not eat quiche, but they do wear suspenders.  Check out John Wayne in the movie Stagecoach(original version) and Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under – two of my all-time favorite movies.

Actually, I’ve been fond of suspenders since the 1970’s and a fairly extensive collection. Col. Littleton No. 2 Adjustable Leather Suspenders are not like their English counterparts – braces – which are, of course, very dressy. Mine are casual and made to be worn with jeans and khakis.

Made in the Col. Littleton Workshop of our vintage brown polished leather with solid brass hardware. Adjustable design. Solid brass hooks allow for 8 inches of adjustment to the leather suspenders straps on the front. Elastic Back strap.  Suspenders attach to your pants with solid brass scissor snap hooks for an easy to remove but secure attachment.

Total length: 40″ – 49″ (end to end)

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  1. I guess I was just not born with the right equipment to hold up a pair of jeans so the last few years have been a constant embarrassment of pulling up my pants . So when I saw the Colonel made suspenders i decided it was time to do something . The only thing I asked for Christmas was the clip on pair from the Colonel in 2018 . I’m so glad I did .Very pleased . Can’t wear them without a jacket without having to give away my source .


  2. These Suspenders are my third “Col Littleton” purchase. As always, my quality expectations have been exceeded! When I first put them on my jeans, they were met with immediate Spousal Approval. The next day, two of my Grandaughters walked in complemented me on my “Stylin’ New Look”. Need I say more….?

    alvinpk (verified owner)

  3. Bought these for my husband this Christmas. He is a snappy dresser and will get a lot of use out of them. Super quality. The colonel never lets me down.
    The service is impeccable. They always enclose a nice little present with each box that arrives…..Who does that these days????

    llmarple (verified owner)

  4. I just received mine and I’m wearing them.
    VERY NICE!!!


  5. Received them as a 2017 Christmas gift and have worm them every day since. They are comfortable, easy to attach and detach and adjustable for different trousers. I wear them with dress pants and with jeans. always receive comments on them. I share the comment of earlier review it would be nice if you could get them in black. I would buy another pair in a heat beat. My son as asked if he can have them when I pass on. Nice Kid he knows quality. Thanks for a great product.


  6. These are high quality leather and really like the brass snaps instead of buttons . Service was great as usual ! Nice to do business with a company who genuinely appreciates their customers.

    Clint Burge (verified owner)

  7. My dear wife surprised me over Christmas with a set of No.2 Col. Littleton leather suspenders, which became my instant favorites. Beautifully crafted, the durable, relaxed polished leather and custom brass fittings are not just classy, they’re classic. Quick-release swivel scissor hooks make these the easiest to attach and detach of all the suspenders I own. So comfortable that it’s easy to forget I’m wearing them, and I’ve been wearing them every day since Christmas. Many thanks to Col. Littleton for the highest-quality leather gear, and be assured you’ve made a lifetime customer out of me.


  8. I wear suspenders every day at work, home, and play. I usually wear a pair of amish made leather suspenders that are a top quality product. However, they will take a back seat to my new Col. Littleton suspenders. I love how these adjust and sit on my shoulders. My other pair also used the scissor snaps to attach, unless you break a belt loop, they will remain attached! These are high quality, extremely well made suspenders that will last a long, long, long time! You will not be disappointed with this product! (I would love to have the option to use buttons or the snaps with the same pair.)

    Brad1 (verified owner)

  9. I am new to everyday suspenders but have been studying on these for a long while.

    I finally made the jump and these are an incredible product. Fit like not others I have. Fit perfect. Love them.

    mgdaven (verified owner)

  10. I received these as a hand me down gift and I must say that they were one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. Their previous owner wore them every day to work and I wear them every chance I get. Since they are so well worn, I can attest to the fact that they stand the test of time. The craftsmanship on these is stellar! My only wish is that they also came in black leather. Great purchase!


  11. I just received these #2’s in the mail yesterday, and man I am I impressed. Lightning fast shipping, beautiful packaging, but most importantly superior quality and craftsmanship. I chose the #2’s because I want to wear them A LOT and don’t want to sew buttons on all of my pants. Hat’s off, Colonel!

    craigblykins (verified owner)

  12. My No. 2 Leather Suspenders arrived yesterday. I used to wear suspenders often back in the days when I had to wear a coat and tie but I had gotten away from the habit and attune to more casual attire. These are impressive and I will be wearing them often.

    rmblaine (verified owner)

  13. Great suspenders. Every detail of excellent design. A great range of length design. Highest quality. All of Colonel Littleton’s leather products are of the highest quality.

    Donald (verified owner)

  14. Just received my new leather suspenders from Col. Littleton and I’m so incredibly impressed with the quality of the product I couldn’t wait to say Thank You for a wonderful product. The leather and brass hardware are superb and the craftsmanship is evident in the details. If you are looking for a quality set of classic leather suspenders, look no further – these are quite simply extraordinary.


  15. Suspenders are “IN” now a day’s or did they just make a comeback from the past? However you want to look at it they still rock my world and I get a ton of compliments on my leather suspenders. It’s just nice now a days to be admired for wearing quality good’s.
    Thank You Colonel for making the BEST LEATHER SUSPENDERS on the market today!

    Bizjack6 (verified owner)

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