brown leather saddlebag briefcase on wood table
brown leather saddlebag briefcase on wood table
brown leather saddlebag briefcase on vintage book
brown leather saddlebag briefcase

No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase

Stand out from the crowd with this handcrafted American Steerhide bag.



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    • Full-grain, polished American steerhide
    • Interior and exterior pockets for easy organization
    • Solid brass hardware and personalizable plate
    • Inside dimensions: 12″H x 15″W x 4″D
    • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort pad
    • Shoulder Strap Length: 34.5″-42.5″
    • Made in America
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

    Orders received by 2:00pm CST will ship same Business Day. This includes orders requesting personalized engraving or embossing. (“Business days” means Monday – Friday, excluding holidays.)

    We will email your tracking number when your package leaves our facility. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding your order at

No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase

“I designed the Leather Saddlebag Briefcase in tribute to American History, the U. S. Cavalry and the Old West! Its design, reminiscent of the saddlebags carried by the U. S. Cavalry from the 1850’s, is contemporary enough for today’s busy executive who likes something different.”

– Colonel Littleton

Organization and Functionality 

Front straps with workable buckles also have snap closures behind the buckles for quick access. Inside front and back canvas dividers with pockets for pen, business cards, cell phone, etc. Roomy enough for a laptop computer. Outside back pocket. Adjustable shoulder strap with pad. Brass D-ring provides a good place for attaching one of our brass luggage tags. Has a serial-numbered brass plate on the back and may be personalized with three initials on the brass oval plate under the front flap.

We think of the No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase as the quintessential Col. Littleton bag. It is the first all-leather bag that Colonel designed for the line and the one he has carried virtually every day since 06/25/01 when his is dated. There’s no way he would part with it due to the rich patina it has developed over the years.

16″ overall height, including handle. Inside dimensions are 12″H x 15″W x 4″D. Sized to fit many laptops as well as your iPad® in its protective case.

(Please measure your laptop and compare dimensions to ensure a proper fit.)

Vintage Brown polished leather with solid brass hardware. Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag with the Col. Littleton logo. Handmade in the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville, TN USA.

Shoulder Strap Length: 34.5″-42.5″

Bag Weight: 3.3lbs.

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

This item is also available in American Buffalo

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  1. Getting this bag was an adventure unto itself, but now that I’ve used it for a little while, I can finally give it the review it deserves. I had been sitting on the idea of getting the Saddlebag briefcase for just over 7 years, and this was the year that I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick one up. I was so excited that I paid extra for 2 day air shipping via FedEx, but once it was shipped out, FedEx ended up losing the package for a few days.

    However, this slight misfortune was an opportunity for the customer service at Colonel Littleton to really shine. I reached out to them to explain the situation, and Judy was very helpful in resolving the issue. She refunded me for the 2 day air delivery, contacted FedEx on my behalf, and made a note on my account so any future purchases that I make from them would no longer be shipped via FedEx.

    After about a week, my Saddlebag briefcase finally arrived. I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that was given to it during the production of this bag. The stitching was solid and precise, and the leather was soft and supple, and very comfortable to carry. I also love how the bag perfectly embodies the spirit and ruggedness of the old west, with an elegance and refinement that feels right at home in my office.

    All in all, I feel that the wait to acquire this bag was well worth it, and I can’t thank Judy enough, and the rest of the staff at Colonel Littleton for their diligence and assistance in helping me receive it.

    Vaughn (verified owner)

  2. This is a true heirloom quality bag. The leather, brass and workmanship are second to none. I am so pleased with this product. You cannot find quality like this much anymore. Get it while you can.


  3. Howdy,

    I bought my Saddlebag brief about 4 years ago. I love it so much I bought an identical one as a gift to the fellow who recommended it to me, the writer Craig Johnson. Craig is the Father of the Longmire western mystery novels. I am a big fan of the novels and TV show feeling simpatico with the lead character Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire. I had written Craig and asked him if Craig were to work a desk job as I do what kind of brief bag would he have.. Craig wrote back with a page torn out from the Colonel Littleton catalog and circled the Saddle Bag briefcase. So I ducats, placed the order and never looked back. I loved my bag so much I bought Craig an identical one as a gift of appreciation for the recommendation. On more than one occasion I have had others say “Nice bag”. I’ve had a number of different types over the years. This one is the best for the file slots, pockets for cards, address book and such. And unlike canvas versions it stays upright when sitting next to my desk. I highly recommend it.
    In the Buffalo hide version if that’s how you roll as do I. Beyond the product the Colonel’s service department is outstanding. Whether on the phone, via e-mail or in shipping the product ya can’t go wrong with the Colonel’s bags and folks that get them to you. You will never buy another bag. P.S. I liked the Saddlebag briefcase so much I picked up a couple of the #27 pocket journals to pen thoughts, lists and just keep my thoughts together. Healthy Well Briefed Peace be with us all. SRK


  4. I wanted to boast about my Saddlebag. I have had it for 8-10yrs. It is another quality product. I have received many compliments on my saddlebag. I refer to it as my briefcase. It is probably more attractive today then it was when I received it as a BD gift. It definitely makes a statement on customer visits or business meetings, but that’s a secret.
    CS Montgomery


  5. Since I got my first “real” job, I’ve carried a nice bag-style briefcase of either canvas & leather or full leather construction. This is the last I’ll ever buy. It’s simply the best in every way: beautiful leather, fantastic craftsmanship and timeless style for days that will only get better with age. This was my second purchase from the Colonel, the first being the #18 portfolio, which now has a worthy chariot. I’m so impressed I just bought a pouch and pocket knife to round-out the set. Rest assured this will not be my last order. If money were no object, I’d probably buy one of everything. This is heritage quality that recalls a bygone era when the hand that created your goods was the same one you shook when the deal was done. Wish I could do that now, but this review is the best I’ve got. Thank you, Colonel, for keeping that spirit and commitment alive!

    uncle.leaver (verified owner)

  6. Best quality I have seen in years. I loved mine so much, I bought my wife one for her promotion and she absolutely loves the craftsmanship and excellent attention to detail in the fittings and build. We are customers for life.

    Michael Berry

  7. I’ve been admiring the saddlebag briefcase for years. Was not sure if it was large enough. On a recent vacation we went by Lynnville to see one in person. It was all I could ask for! The store clerks were very nice and helpful. My wife also got a purse. 🙂
    Every Colonel Littleton item I have ever purchased have been of the highest quality. Highly recommend


  8. Outstanding product. It is everything it was billed to be. I have owned many brief cases over my long career and if I had bought this one first I would not have bought all of the others. Thanks

    c4mranch (verified owner)

  9. Took a trip to your store in Lynnville, and Colonel I was not disappointed. A must visit if you ever in the are. I left with this handsome saddlebag that I expect to be passing down to my grandkids, God willing. Though I plan to get my wear out of it first. Already like the feel and there is room for my lap top, writing pad and pens. The service was Stellar and was able to have it monogrammed before I left. I expect I’ll be back come Christmas time.


  10. If I recall correctly, I received my No.1 Saddlebag (serial #276) for Christmas somewhere in the early 2000’s. It’s safe to say I’ve carried it every day for 15 plus years. The quality is amazing, and I must admit, it seems to have aged much better than I have.


  11. I was introduced to the Colonel Littleton brand from a popular men’s fashion YouTube channel. As a native Tennessean I was instantly taken in with the Colonel’s story. This briefcase was my first Colonel Littleton product that I received as a Christmas gift and man, did this hit home. It’s absolutely beautiful and quite the attention-getter. The rich leather is versatile in the fact that it pairs perfectly with a suit or jeans and a polo. I love this bag so much that I just had to purchase a Colonel Littleton portfolio to go along with it. Thank you and keep up the tremendous work Colonel!

    David Burrows

  12. Just received my No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase. Love it’s beauty and function. Able to fit a No. 18 Portfolio, 12” MacBook, charger/cables for both MacBook and iPhone, back up battery, Bose headphones, and water bottle. Can’t wait to hit the road with it.


  13. This product is awesome. I love western and rustic things as well as really good leather. I am impressed with the quality. Also impressed with the owner of this company because he prides himself on being the best and I thing that is really good. I will always do business with this company.

    cwbryant2012 (verified owner)

  14. This was one of my first purchases in the professional world, and this has stood the test of time. Through horrid DC winters to the humidity of the Middle TN summers.

    I carry my MacBook Pro 13′, iPad Mini 4, and 2 notebooks with no problem.

    To this day, I’m still complimented on this bag. Looking back, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

    Jeff Hendricks

  15. Top Notch! My saddlebag briefcase arrived in three days. I can’t say enough about their customer service and attention to detail. I dove into the box looking for the Moon Pie even before unwrapping the briefcase. The bag is everything I expected and more. The quality is truly outstanding, reflecting American workmanship all the way. The size is perfect for the files and books I need for class. I have already had two other professors admire it and ask where I got it. It will serve me well for many years to come. I highly recommend it and the other Col. Littleton products.


  16. This was a retirement gift to myself. I have carried it everyday for three years so far, to include long trips, in all weather and it has just gotten better with age. A true gentleman’s quality piece of gear. Much like the ladies, your briefcase should be as fine a quality as your boots. It is also a unique bag that people will notice. I also enjoy the history of the saddlebag. This is something that Col Littleton does the best, remind us of our great history through his craftsmanship and style. Take care of this bag and it will be an heirloom item that you hand down with pride.

    LJH1775 (verified owner)

  17. It took awhile for me to convince my wife to let me pull the trigger and order the Saddlebag Briefcase because of the investment it would take to purchase this quality product.
    Neither she nor I were disappointed once we show the bag first hand. The feel of the leather lets you know it is of top quality and the craftsmanship is evident as you look over the bag taking notice of every little detail.
    Today I took it out for her maiden voyage and I couldn’t have been happier how she performed. I filled it to the max with everything I normally carry in my everyday canvas bag and she never missed a beat. She hung flawlessly on my shoulder with no slipping. She sat on the floor next to me without tipping over. This could not be said for the canvas bag. Oh and the best part is every character mark Bag 1802 received as I put her through her paces.
    I will say all the effort it took me to convince my wife that this was an investment was worth it because when you purchase a product from the Colonel it isn’t just a purchase it is truly and investment.

    bbushberger (verified owner)

  18. Love my new No. Saddlebag, number 1922, and truly enjoy carrying it everyday to work. The size is perfect, I am able to carry a MacBook Air, two file folders, an extra notepad, my Col. Littleton pencil holder, earbuds, and a my laptop charger in the main section. I have found the pocket on the back to be perfect to carry my No. 18 portfolio…it fits perfectly and the access is very convenient. The brief case is really a piece of functional art…the leather is beautiful and the unique buckle on the strap ensures that the strap stays set at the desired level. I have found the briefcase to hang nicely off the shoulder and to feel very balanced when carrying it by the handle. The leather really is beautiful, is nicely finished and has a great feel. I imagine that I will be carrying this briefcase for years and appreciate all the work and attention to detail that the Col.’s team put into to making it!


  19. What a bag! I bought the Saddle Bag briefcase for my 24yr old son for Christmas as he is a young professional. The quality and craftsmanship of this , as well as all of the Col’s stuff is second to none. He carries it everyday to work!!

    Not my first Col purchase and definitely not my last! Well done!

    don.briscoe (verified owner)

  20. I first ordered the No. 18 Portfolio and I was impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. Once I was hooked on the Colonel’s products, I started perusing the Col.’s website. I was in search of a new briefcase. The one I have carried the last 6 years was a company gift and of lower quality plus it was black and I don’t ever wear black boots.

    I stumbled upon the Saddlebag Briefcase and immediately fell in love. It is pricey compared to my previous bag, but something told me that this was an investment I needed to make. When I received the bag, it was not quite what I expected. I was worried it might be a little bulky for an everyday carry, but it ended up being perfect! It is even more impressive than I imagined. It is stylish, well built and makes you feel like a real gentleman in this day and age when a lot of my contemporaries are opting for backpacks. Be a gentleman, invest in a real quality briefcase and stop looking like a child heading to school with a backpack strapped to your back.

    Thanks Colonel for a quality product that I look forward to enjoying for years to come!

    andrew.walmsleyfl (verified owner)

  21. After years of carrying my bag, serial no. 855, I had worn ragged the carry strap cushioned pad. The bag has served wonderfully on business trips by car, truck, plane, and definite use in the field and office.

    Colonel Littleton, with excellent staff, quickly replaced the worn part(s) and I have an incredible bag which is still complemented on by strangers in my travels!

    Thank You.


  22. Got this for my husband for an Anniversary present. He absolutely loved it! He is very hard to buy for, but he was genuinely thrilled with this bag he immediately transferred everything from his old briefcase and took it to work the next day. Quality, as always, from the Colonel!

    aabyrne (verified owner)

  23. I have owned the Saddlebag Briefcase for about six years. It has aged beautifully and I use it every day to carry my laptop, portfolio, and other items to and from the office. I get questions about it all the time and direct people to the Colonel’s website. would definitely buy again.


  24. My mother bought me this back two weeks ago as a gift for passing the bar. It is probably the nicest bag I have ever come across. I work in NYC and in a city where fashion is king, I get non-stop compliments on the bag.

    The bag is large enough to hold a MacBook, 5 legal pads and two files + a water bottle. Meaning, it is ample enough for day to day activities. It also has a great metal loop on the bag that provides for a great place to hold my keys.

    The strap is incredibly comfortable even when the bag is heavily loaded. The handle is also just perfect. I really mean that. The handle is perfectly padded and falls so nicely

    I encourage everyone to get the bag “personalized”, my initials look gorgeous in it.

    I will save my pennies for the document bag to go with it.

    To conclude: I love this bag. It is has a simple and classic look. It also holds ample amount of daily needed items.


  25. Joe Covington 4/2/17
    My wife gave me this wonderful bag about 10 years ago and it is the best!! The longer I have it the better it looks. Always having folks ask me where in the world did I get such a great bag. It will hold my dell laptop and iPad as well as a couple books and chargers for my phone, laptop and iPad. The perfect size! The folks at colonel Littleton are the best!


  26. I’ve had this bag for about five years, now, and it gets better every day I carry it. I carry a 13″ MacBook Pro, the Col Littleton 3 ring binder, a Moleskine planner, and a carry pouch full of miscellaneous stuffs every day for school (high school history teacher) and I frequently get stopped by people asking about the bag.


  27. forget about fighting over it when i’m gone…my adult children have already started and i only received it today! seriously, it is the most beautiful leather bag that this hillbilly has ever owned! looks and smells amazing! there’s no regrets with the Colonel! Merry Christmas all!!!

    CHARLES (verified owner)

  28. I am a serious leather aficionado and collector and currently own the No. 83 Book Bag, No. 42 Courier Bag, No. 16 Document Bag, No. 1 Saddlebag, No. 1943 Navigator, No. 18 Portfolio, P 51 Aviator and the Pencil Case. I have more Colonel Littleton in my collection than any other company due to the consistently high leather quality and craftsmanship, unique and beautiful designs and unparalleled customer service department not even remotely matched by other leather companies. The only issue I have with Colonel Littleton products is how difficult it is for me to decide which bag to take on my business and personal trips and what to purchase next.


  29. I purchase the saddlebag briefcase over 2 years ago. I am an attorney and I know without a doubt that I own the coolest briefcase whenever I enter a courtroom. I highly recommend this product!! I own several of the Colonel’s products including the 18L and 18 portfolios. I just bought my 11 year old son his first Colonel piece, a braided bracelet. Thanks for everything Colonel and Sarah. I appreciate everything you and your employees do to make the Colonel experience so great!


  30. Well designed and thoughtfully engineered! I’ve wanted this bag since I retired from the Army in 2009. I parlayed to a cheaper variety and wish I would’ve never waivered. This is ONE VERY nice briefcase! I get nothing but compliments and everyone is always asking where they can get it. Perfect for the amount of work related items you need for your business needs!!

    theaustins01 (verified owner)

  31. I have used my Saddlebag Briefcase for several years now and it is my “go to” case when have lots of items to carry. It has room for my 15″ laptop and all of its accessories, my iPad, chargers, notebook, travel umbrella and other items. The shoulder strap makes carrying a big load easy and the leather trim always gets compliments. The Colonel is right that these cases just get better with age.


  32. I’ve had my Col. Littleton No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase for over 5 years now. Every day, when I go to pick it up, I’m always struck by how good it looks and feels. It’s a beautiful case and it looks right, whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans. I’m always getting compliments on it—waiting in line at a coffee shop or by a receptionist at one of my clients—folks love hearing that it was inspired by an old
    Cavalry saddlebag. It’s a classic design that looks great today and will still look great 50 years from now. There is nothing that I’d change about it.


  33. Finally took delivery of my Colonel. LITTLETON No.1 saddle briefcase…vintage brown…with my 3 block initials engraved on oval plate KJY. Each one comes with its own serial no. I’m the PROUD owner of Serial No. 1676. It’s something that will surely pass from me to another generation and even to another. You will see more of this in my coming photos especially on my instagram …I recommend it for you. By the way the women can also have a look. When I ordered it my friend stopped me saying “Alhaji don’t you think this is too expensive considering the economic situation back home”. But when I remember it’s what I’ve always wanted I went for it. Did I mention I got a free Colonel Coffee-Medium Roast? The smell and taste have been competing for my endorsement. The Colonel is proud to have a fabulous staff as Rebecca H.…her patience and time really helped in getting this because when I first made my order I was still in London but her email guiding me on “out of country credit card” rule made it all happen. Now I’m thinking a good travel bag. Checking the #3. By the way, Check @colonellittleton if you’re on Instagram.


  34. Serial No. 1475. A great bag. Enough dividers to help organize the contents without being restrictive. Hangs nicely off the shoulder. Wonderful leather that looks better with use. Always draws comments.


  35. Just received my No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase (Christmas present from my wife) very happy …this is a very nice bag and will probably last for ever. The Customer Service is the best I have ever seen. Thanks Colonel….very satisfied and will definably order again.


  36. I have owned this briefcase now for several years! It was a Christmas present to myself! I have had numerous compliments on it and one person wants it left to him in my will. It is sturdy, has great compartments, cleans up easily and I love the pouch on the back for papers or iPad that I want to get to easily! Great briefcase!


  37. I purchased the #1 Saddlebag (serial number 558)10 years or so ago after I fell in love with it at the Greenbriar resort in West Virginia. I use it every day and it’s been all over the world with me. The leather and craftsmanship are simply outstanding.I get compliments on it all the time. This bag will be in our family long after I’m gone and will still look amazing!


  38. What a usable piece of art!
    Friends, I’ve been a Colonel Littleton devotee for a couple of years now. I’d acquired a number of smaller pieces, but really wanted one of the Colonel’s many business bags for most of that time. When my last case began showing severe signs of wear in December, it wasn’t a hard decision to buy from the Colonel’s collection—except which bag to buy!

    After reviewing the many options and what my normal load looks like on an average trip, I opted for the Colonel’s original and one of his favorites, the Saddlebag Briefcase. When this gem arrived, I was absolutely floored with the quality of the leather and workmanship, as well as the seemingly unlimited capacity of this bag! I don’t think I’ve even come close to filling it completely in the three months I’ve had it, and, believe me, I’ve tried! I get loads of compliments (mostly from ladies, who are often far more observant than us fellas) and a lot of “where did you get that?” inquiries from admirers.

    The only thing I wish now is that I hadn’t waited so long to invest in this bag, which clearly will be something my grandsons will both want!


  39. No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase vs Saddleback Briefcase
    I own both the Saddleback Briefcase and the No.1 Saddlebag Briefcase (ser. no. 1436). I bought the Saddleback briefcase first because it was a little less expensive and I believed it was well made. The Saddleback briefcase is very well made, and will probably last a lifetime, yet it is rather crudely made. All of the edges are left raw and unfinished, and the feel of the leather is rather hard with an almost synthetic cardboard like feel and flat color. It lacks all refinement and character and reminds me of a military item, you know, be though-last forever-who care what it looks or feels like! The No.1 Saddlebag Briefcase on the other hand is also very well made and looks and feels like it will last a lifetime. The stitching is very refined compared to the Saddleback briefcase, both are over-stitched for reinforcement at the edges, but the Saddlebag stitching blends in with the leather and looks less cartoonish and seems tighter. The richness of color, and feel of the Saddlebag Briefcase is far and away better! You just want to touch it all the time. The leather is thick yet supple, with a good hand (feel). The edges are all dressed and finished properly, giving the bag a real high quality look and presence. The brass hardware is all first rate. The snaps that are hidden under the three straps are tough enough to last forever. They are not flimsy or lightweight, they are more like the snaps on your favorite pair of jeans. I thought it might not work so great if I had to always be lifting the flap to access items while at the office, as it is a big thick flap, but to my delight, I found that the large front flap will just fold completely over and down the back of the bag, leaving the bag completely open on top with easy access to everything while on the floor next to my desk. The Saddleback briefcase does not do this. The design of the Saddlebag Briefcase really stands out after you get it, and use it. When I carry it with the shoulder strap, the bag stays close to the body and won’t fall off my shoulder. The Saddleback bag was always falling off my shoulder because the center of gravity is father out. That drove me crazy as the Saddleback bag was alway slipping down my arm when I would bend over slightly to put my key in the cardoor, or just walking along, what a bother! The Saddlebag Briefcase is tough enough to last forever, yet the quality of the leather, the beautiful rich deep color, and very well thought out design, makes this by far the nicer of the two! Now I am a real “form follows function” kind of guy, but after getting my Saddlebag Briefcase, I can see that “form equals function” with Col. Littleton’s designs, and am I happy with the combination! Now off to Ebay to sell my Saddleback bag, I simply don’t need it or want it anymore.

    James Crane

  40. Quality Americana
    I am the proud owner of no. 1537 and I can say after only a few weeks that I am thrilled with the look, feel, quality and craftsmanship of this bag. I have owned quite a few leather satchels and this bag is in a league of its own. Thanks Colonel!

    Mark H

  41. Excellent Product!!
    Absolutely love this product! Looks better today than it did the day I bought it. Top quality and very functional!


  42. Excellent Business Case
    I purchased this used and amazed by the quality and functionality. It fits my 14″ wide-screen corporate Dell laptop, portable umbrella, power cable, LAN cable, docs, and other assorted stuff. It looks great and ages beautifully. The snaps work well, allowing quick access.

    Although I purchased used, I was still able to send it back to have my Initials engraved on a custom replacement plate for a minimal charge. It was done quickly and professionally.

    Great product, great service.

    Charlotte Customer

  43. Very, very happy
    I’ve owned some leather briefcases in the past and due to their poor quality over time I transitioned to canvas. I wanted to give leather another chance. I researched for months and came down to two companies, Col. Littleton and Saddleback Leather.

    Final decision came to Col. Littleton’s Saddlebag Briefcase. Soft, supple leather, lighter weight, sturdy, not to big, but large enough to handle everything I carry.

    The leather is amazing. The canvas interior with the limited pockets space is just right. Helps you organize your small items. The design of the carry handle works opened or closed when you carry the bag and is very comfortable to hold. The front straps with buttons are easy to manage on a daily basis and through airport security. The shoulder strap is long enough to comfortably carry in multiple positions.

    The buckle on the strap lightly scraped me when I first pulled it over my head, but that was a learning experience. It is a sharp (no pun intended) addition to the bag and is not uncomfortable.

    I easily carry my 13″ Macbook Air, iPad, power cables (bagged), magazine, work documents, water bottle, writing notebook and head phones. It gets tight with all of these items, but it also forces me to go light.

    This is my first Col. Littleton product and will not be the last. The leather quality is top-notch. I made the right decision at the end of my research!


  44. Best bag ever
    My husband has used this for 6+ years and it still looks great. He works in a hospital and this thing gets dragged all over it. . .every day. I would definitely buy it again!


  45. Outstanding!!!
    This bag gets better and better. I carry my saddlebag ever where I go. Thanks Colonel for another great product.


    This is absolutely a unique piece. WOW. I am truly impressed with this oustanding piece. I had thought it was a bit to smalll but HECK NO!! i STUFFED IT WITH ALL KINDS OF STUFF ! laptop, 4 books, ipad……pens pencils….fits perfect. and not to big at all, a lot of these bags can be monstrous…………and the snaps make it quick open which I need to do, the buckles and such can be very time consuming. These bags are serialized and made in the USA (another reason why I purchased) plus the Colonel’s Southern hospitality and his personal military experience was another reason I purchased. I heard about the company in magazines and such, excellent reviews from other people and even the magazines give an oustanding overview of the bags and such. I ordered I think 5 bags in total but worth it…..will never have to buy a bag again…… time and the Colonel’s guarantee made it a done deal……thanks for providing great service and true Americana pieces……… should be called the Admiral…….lol ! Admiral Littleton………


  47. Fine craftsmanship, Heirloom quality
    My wife gave me my Saddlebag Briefcase in 2008 for Christmas. I love the way the leather looks better with age. Always a conversation piece. The saddlebag has however created a problem; I have 2 sons-they both want it.

    Guess I’ll have to get another bag in a different style.
    Colonel keep up the good work.


  48. No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase
    Another fantastic Colonel Littleton piece. Just received it today, along with my personalized tags. Love at first sight. American craftsmanship at its finest. My personal shopping habits have gravitated toward high quality, American made products. The delivery date for my latest Colonel Littleton product has quickly become one of the high points of my month. Keep it up folks, you will have a customer for life.


  49. Superior Quality, Lifetime Treasure
    I have now owned my Saddlebag Briefcase for over 6 years and many miles of wear. I was initially very cautious about spending this much money on a bag that I couldn’t touch or feel first, however once it arrived….I immediatly fell in love! I have really put my bag to the test, whether it was on an outdoor adventure, camping, fishing trips, or the everyday work at the office with shirt and tie, this bag has stood up to the challenge. The more miles and years that go by, the more beautiful the soft leather becomes.
    Since I first purchased this bag, I have gone on to purchase over 15 additional items from the Colonel and have been more than pleased with every purchase. The quality by itself is exceptional but the people who stand behind these products are even more amazing. Whether its a phone call with a simple question or some type of service need, they treat you like family and you feel as if you are just calling a good friend from down the street. True Southern Hospitality and good old fashion quality and service. Thanks Colonel! I’m a customer for life.

    Will Baldwin

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Our Warranty

We are committed to producing quality, handcrafted products that showcase our time-honored standards of excellence and deep respect for the Americana tradition. Col. Littleton products go through rigorous testing and numerous quality inspections before being shipped to our customers. Should you receive a Col. Littleton product that is defective in materials or workmanship, you can count on us to make it right. Our guarantee is limited to the cost of the product itself. It also does not cover normal wear and tear. We feel if you just plain “wore it out,” you got your money’s worth. Also, we cannot be responsible for an item which has suffered through alteration, damage due to improper cleaning, improper use, mishandling or accident. If we made a mistake in personalizing your product or if the product is defective in materials or workmanship, of course we’ll replace it. Otherwise, personalized products are not returnable.

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Leather is a passion for me. There are more kinds of leather and leather processing out there than you can shake a stick at. You can mold leather into just about any shape or form. You can make every hide look just alike. You can dye it green, blue or even pink. You can apply a finish, coat it, spray it or make it look slick and shiny. That’s not what we’re about at Col. Littleton. To me the beauty is in the naturalness of the leather. People always comment to me about the special “feel” of our leather and how it becomes even more beautiful after it has some wear on it. It’s all about our leather process. When you buy Col. Littleton leather goods, you’re buying, for the most part, full-grain American vegetable-tanned steer hide that has received a minimum of alteration. We don’t apply a finish to hide character markings. The way I see it, every marking tells a story and covering them robs the piece of its life and character.

Our Leather
Our Craftsmanship
Our Craftsmanship

I see a real resurgence in the country today for products made in America. Our focus is to design and create products that speak to the time-honored traditions that have made this country great such as handmade craftsmanship, authentic rich leathers and quality workmanship. There’s a nostalgic feel about the products we make . . . most of them could have been made 100 years ago and many are made using turn-of-the-20th-century methodology and machinery. Our products are true Americana; forged as our forefathers intended by people who care and take pride in making a beautiful product.