brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase with strap
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase
brown leather navigator briefcase

No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase

Stand out with this timeless WWII inspired full-grain leather briefcase. Meticulously handcrafted in America.



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100% Warranted
    • Full-grain, polished American steerhide leather
    • Interior dimensions: 15.5” W x 10.5” H x 4” D (expanded), 4.3 lbs
    • Solid brass custom closure, hardware and personalizable plate 
    • Adjustable shoulder strap: 39” – 57”
    • Convenient interior dividers and pockets fit all necessities
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  • FREE U.S. Ground Shipping

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Leather Navigator Briefcase

This leather executive briefcase exudes confidence. With unmatched construction, materials, and functionality, you’ll never need another bag. Roomy, expandable, WWII inspired, and sleek enough for everyday carry. There’s no missing this bag – watch heads turn as you carry the Navigator to and from the office, meetings, airport, and everywhere your travels takes you.

Personalize the brass oval plate on the lower front, adding to the exclusivity of the bag.

My office is inundated with relics from the past, and I’m probably chief among them. Military artifacts especially seem to find a home with me. I’ve been looking at an old, official Army-issue World War II Navigator’s Bag (circa 1943) in my office for years. The design seemed timeless; and with all the compartments inside, I thought it would be a perfect fit for today’s busy executive. 

– Colonel Littleton

Construction & Features

Handmade and individually inspected at the Col. Littleton Workshop in Lynnville TN, USA with full-grain, polished steerhide. This leather has been vegetable-tanned and hand-tanned to a smooth finish. Minimal processing allows the bag’s natural leather to develop its own character and patina. Available in vintage brown, this executive leather briefcase will only look better with regular use. This item is also available in American Buffalo

This bag anticipates your every need. The body of the briefcase expands with adjustable side gussets to accommodate necessities. Straps with workable buckles securely wrap around the bag and also have snap closures for easy access. Two interior dividers give you a total of three deep pockets. A leather pocket on the front of the first divider holds your iPad®, pen, stylus, business cards, etc. The adjustable, detachable shoulder strap is an upgrade to this bag’s ancestors – WWII navigators would surely have appreciated this convenience in addition to the handle for longer treks.

Perhaps the most exclusive feature of this incredible leather briefcase is the custom designed, solid brass closure – designed and manufactured by Colonel Littleton himself on a kick press from the 1800’s.

  • Briefcase weight: 4.3 lbs
  • Interior dimensions: 15.5” W x 10.5” H x 4” D(expanded)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap length: 39″ – 57″
  • Unique solid brass closure, designed for the No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase 
  • Serial numbered brass pommel shield on the back
  • Personalizable solid brass oval plate on the lower front
  • Product packaging includes a protective cotton canvas dust bag with Colonel Cameo logo
  • Warranted

iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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  1. When I was a child, my grandfather would tell stories of his time in the US Army Air Forces as a navigator in the Pacific during WWII. He dropped out of school to follow his brother to war, and had his parents sign his enlistment papers. Needless to say, these stories stuck with me over the years.

    You can imagine, as a follower of Colonel Littleton, the joy I felt when the Navigator briefcase was first launched. I wasn’t making a lot at the time, but when I got a promotion at work, I realized that I had to have this piece to remind me of my grandfather every day. As a note, I chose the American Buffalo, and have not regretted that decision once.

    This item is made beautifully, and represents that man and era to me in such a perfect way. I’ve carried it to work every day, much like I imagined he did.

    There is plenty of room for my notebook, a laptop, and paperwork. It’s more beautiful now than the day I got it over five years ago. This is certainly heirloom quality. Now, the big question is, with two children, will I have to get a second briefcase so that I have one to pass on to both of them?

    Thank you Colonel for keeping me in touch with such an important part of my family history. I’m so grateful for such a wonderful piece. It brings me joy every day!


  2. No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase: GROUND CONTROL TO ELON MUSK…

    Prior to Texas saying YES, word on the street was that Elon Musk originally wanted to relocate to Lynnville, Tenn, to harness some of that magical elixir that launches Colonel Littleton products. That’s why each new Tesla owner now gets a Mars Bar in their glove compartment.

    Every American warrior knows that “shoot, move, and communicate” is how you take care of business, but that movin’ bit requires some extra energies….

    Before GPS and all those other fancy, modern do-dads and what-evers took over our lives, cartography and maps were the coin of the realm. And NAVIGATORS enjoyed a special status as those entrusted to get you where you needed to be.

    The ’43 Navigator pays homage to that analog world where anything of consequence was done at the hands of true masters….

    By definition, there is no “finest” in the CL realm of offerings, but the ’43 is my favorite business bag and, by my reckoning, ought to be sitting next to Athena in Nashville’s Parthenon. Of course, museum officials can’t do it because it would out-radiate their main attraction.
    Speaking of complimentary celestial Mars Bars and Moon Pies . . . with the recent Presidential announcement of a Space Force manned by a legion of GUARDIANS, rumors are running rampant!

    Here’s what we know:

    -YES, there will be a base on Mars in our lifetimes!

    -YES, there will be a Colonel Littleton franchise on Mars to accessorize our American service people!

    NEVER underestimate Colonel and his team. Elon Musk wanted in on what the Colonel knows…. “Made in America” is a UNIVERSAL truth!


  3. I had been looking for the perfect briefcase for years when I found this bag. I had been using a case I bought in Florence Italy for years and wanted something of the same quality to replace. I get many complements and I have never seen anything as elegant as this case in all of my travels.

    wscottclark (verified owner)

  4. I have had the 1943 Navigator for two years now. I travel all over the US and have received multiple compliments about the case. “Where did you get that briefcase?” “Wow, that’s nice.” “That is very stylish.” I have abused it. Sticking it under plane seats, over filling it, tossing it around are just a few of the abuses. I have only conditioned it once. It looks better now than when I bought it. I did have to ship it to Lynnville, TN. so it could have the Brass Ball stud replaced on the closure because I had knocked it off somewhere. Colonel Littleton replaced the missing part, shipped it back to me for free with a moon pie and a luggage tag. I shipped on Monday and received it back on that Wednesday! That’s the kind of warranty and service that I am not used to.


  5. I am very pleased with my Navigator briefcase. While I would like it to be a little bit larger, the style and quality of craftsmanship more than make up for a slight lack of room. It is truly a pleasure to carry such a great briefcase! i must admit that I tend to place it down in the room in a spot where I can enjoy looking at it throughout the day!

    wallace (verified owner)

  6. I’ve had a series of Attache, Messenger Bags, and similar over the years. Some were iron clad, others fell apart in a few years, but the Colonel’s 1943 Navigator Briefcase (which arrived today) eclipses them all. I expect never to have to replace it. Nor would I want to. Thank you.


  7. The No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase is a work of art! I have been contemplating the purchase for some time. I celebrated my 50th birthday a few days ago and the love of my life gave this to me as a present! Such a wonderful and thoughtful woman! I have taken this to every meeting the past couple of days and have received many compliments! I have shared your website with a number of colleagues who immediately recognized the quality! Thank you so much!


  8. The No. 1943 Navigator Briefcase exceeded all my expectations! The quality will ensure that this bag will be used long after my lifetime! The style and functionality is absolutely stunning and timeless. I am proudly using my 1943 everywhere I go for work and pleasure; it’s my new world travel companion! I strongly recommend it to everyone who enjoys real old fashioned, American style quality! – Roy


  9. This is by far the best briefcase that I have ever owned. I have used it every day for two years. I get compliments anywhere from 3-10 times per week on the subway commuting to work. It has ample room for pens, my CL portfolio, glasses case and other paperwork that I need to bring home at the end of the day. I would recommend purchasing the leather care kit. I use it on all of my CL products and it really keeps the investment you have made looking great for a lifetime. Not only is it beautiful it is well made and if I could give it ten stars I would!


  10. Recently sent your catalog to my Grandson who lives in California for him to pick out something for his college graduation in May. Received the 1943 Navigator Briefcase yesterday and I’m absolutely thrilled. It is a beautiful bag and large enough for him to hold all his stuff for when he goes to Graduate school. He also can use it as a carry-bag when he travels. Most important of all, this is a gift for a lifetime. It will only get more beautiful with age. Love Col. Littleton products and like that they’re made in the USA.

    nitakyle (verified owner)

  11. I have been a long time customer of the Colonel’s and have quite a few of his products. I purchased this bag for my son after graduating college. As with all the Colonel’s products, it is a work of art. Thank you again Colonel, your products always exceed expectations.

    Hunter P


  12. I have owned this bag for years and I can say it gets better with age, looks even better than in the photos, and functions phenomenally well. Thank you again Colonel for another stellar product.

    – Colter K


  13. I absolutely love my Navigator’s Bag. I have had it now for 7 years, and it just gets better with age. It looks great, is super functional and gets lots of compliments!


  14. I have had this bag for about 8 years. It is amazing. Really unique and attractive but also durable. Moreover, the service has been great. I have had the stitching replaced once as well as the clasp on another occasion. Both times the company did it for free and did it promptly.

    I’ll use this bag until I retire without question.


  15. This is a premium product. I regret waiting until I retired to purchase it. I have had a number of positive comments on it in the short time I have owned it.


  16. This was my first purchase. It will not be my last. The bag is amazing. The craftsmanship is amazing. You know you have something special when you open the box!

    judah.auld (verified owner)

  17. Compliments To The Colonel!
    I received the Navigator Bag as a gift and it is absolutely stunning. The style, craftsmanship and attention to detail are without equal. The fact that craftwork like this is still being made in America warms my heart,

    Col. Littleton You are a National Treasure!

    Highest Compliments,

    Paul Merrick NY


  18. Three years plus carrying the No. 43 every day. No regrets with this purchase. Endlessly practical and a good looking bag in a sea of black ballistic nylon.
    Thanks again, Colonel.


  19. I received this briefcase for my 35th birthday, and am amazed at the craftsmanship and quality. I use it everyday and it’s only getting better. I highly recommend this bag.


  20. This was my first purchase of a Col Littleton Bag. Wow, what quality and attention to detail. This will be a product that stays with me for a lifetime of enjoyment. I own fine riding saddles and hand made cowboy boots. This briefcase is the perfect accessory for my career. I am impressed by the strong business skills of this firm and I thoroughly enjoyed the leather gingerbread men and coaster. Lastly, but most important, I loved the moon pie! Can’t wait for my next purchase.


  21. Really like this bag. I’ve had it for over 4 years now, and it’s perfect for my daily commute, or, when I bring a #1 grip, a one or two night trip. I really like the authentic feel, and the fact that there aren’t any zippers or any other “modern” fasteners.

    After a lot of use (back and forth to work every day, and 4 years of diamond-level travel) the brass fasteners on the strap wore out. Col Littleton fixed the strap super fast, no issues. It’s great to know that not only the bag is high quality, but also the organization that stands behind it! Keep up the great work, guys!


  22. I purchased this briefcase about 4 months ago and couldn’t be happier. I’m a young professional and was looking for something nicer and more professional to carry every day. I finally made the decision to take the plunge and purchase this investment after researching other briefcases, going to look some in stores, etc. I had the No. 18 padfolio so I knew their products were quality. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’m able to carry a mouse, a full-size laptop, charger, and No. 18 padfolio in it every day. I’m constantly getting compliments and inquiries about the bag. For those on the edge, 100% make the purchase. I’ll be using mine for many more years to come!


  23. I received this as a gift after passing the Kentucky State Bar examination. The construction is sturdy, yet beautifully done. After three years of practice, my briefcase doesn’t fail to get noticed and complimented on at least once per week. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to “buy it for life.”

    wcsmallwood (verified owner)

  24. This was my first Littleton purchase and admittedly wasn’t my last.
    To plagiarize the past: my tastes are simple; I’m always satisfied with the best.
    This bag is an outstanding example of old school workmanship and truly embodies American tradition.
    I have carried mine every day for the last two years and it looks better than new. Well constructed inside as well. Handy as can be.
    Still garners notice and compliments with clients and at HQ.
    Its a beauty; no regrets. Get one and enjoy.
    Thanks again, Colonel.


  25. Perfect for the business casual professional, this bag is beautifully crafted, expertly designed, and brings to mind the romance and America of the past. Buy it now for your pre-school children – it will be broken in and perfect for another generation of use once you are done with it. Thank you for a wonderful product and great customer service.


  26. I have been a long time admirer of Colonel Littleton’s wares, but there has always been one of his items that I have desired above all others: it is this bag, the 1943 Navigator Briefcase. I am proud to say it is now leaning against my suitcase as I get ready to take a trip across the world.
    This bag is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and looks even better in real life than it does on the website. It is simply the most well made bag I have ever seen. There is a durability to it that you just don’t see in modern products; it is of heirloom quality and constructed in a thoughtful way that manages to be understated while still being an object of beauty and practicality. The thickness and smell of the leather, the satisfying weight, the just perfect amount of brass bling, all speak to a piece of American craftsmanship that thankfully is still with us.
    I am a merchant mariner and first started going to sea 20 years ago, working my way up from the bottom to the rank of captain. Part of the reason I started going to sea was because of the romance of it. The Navigator is one of those rare objects that manages to encapsulate this romance.


  27. I purchased this bag after receiving a portfolio as a gift and enjoying it immensely for several months. It has that WWII nostalgic feel to it. I travel all of the time and I invariably receive at least one compliment on the bag every time that I do. It is extremely well built and durable. Every so often I rub a little Fiebing’s in it to keep it treated and hydrated and to smooth out the blemishes and nicks. It continues to age like fine wine. Already eyeing a few more purchases this year. -John


  28. Beautiful and of high quality. However, several hardware elements while stylish, are thorns in my side. 1) The length of the strap is adjusted by inserting a small brass knob or button in holes in the strap. The brass constantly pops out of the holes. I’m on my second strap– same problem. 2) There is a decorative brass shield that has 3 upward-facing points. Because the decoration is on the rear of the briefcase (so against your body when you carry it using the shoulder strap), it invariably catches on your clothing. Wool slacks, sweaters, tweed jackets, etc. 3) the flap of the briefcase is secured by a circular piece of metal that turns at a single contact point. It resembles a keyhole cover. As the metal is turned, it rubs against the beautiful leather, creating a circular abrasion.

    In all of these issues, style was chosen over function. In my opinion, to the detriment of the overall product. The strap issue is particularly problematic.

    Note from Col. Littleton: We appreciate all product reviews. We have reached out to this customer concerning these points to help make his briefcase more functional for his uses.

    Dennis (verified owner)

  29. Over the last few months, I have bought a few products from Colonel Littleton, including a No. 1 Grip (which is truly gorgeous). But, given that the Navigator Bag was my first purchase, I thought I would leave a comment here. With the possible exception of Apple, I’ve never been so impressed with a U.S. vendor’s products AND customer service. The quality of all the leather bags I have bought from Colonel Littleton has been consistently terrific. And, the heirloom-quality Navigator Bag is truly special. For someone like me, who is not accustomed to splurging on myself, this bag is particularly satisfying. While it’s distinctly conservative (perfect for a lawyer), it gets compliments EVERYWHERE and bespeaks excellent taste wherever you go with it. Colonel Littleton is rightly proud of this product, and they back it up with customer service (Sarah and Naleta are tremendously helpful) that is committed to making sure you’re happy with your purchase. Bravo Zulu Colonel Littleton!! You secured a loyal customer with me!

    pecarril (verified owner)

  30. This was my first purchase from ColonelLittleton and what a purchase it was! It was going to be a Christmas present for my husband, but two days after receiving it in the mail he talked me into giving it to him early. This is truly an amazing piece of workmanship. He just loves it.

    I will definitely be making more purchases!


  31. This is seriously fabulous!! Just one hold on the handle and you’ll be hooked. The people at Colonel Littleton stand by their work too. I had a small problem with my bag when I dropped it. One of the metal clasps broke. I called them up to see if I could get is fixed and they took care of that one and all the others like on the top of the briefcase. Great service, fabulous product.


  32. I love it!
    Thank you.
    You are a true master.
    This bag is perfection at its very best!


  33. Could be the best bag I’ve ever seen.
    Understated is the rule. Remove the metal plaques for the initials on the front and the triangular metal piece on the back. Then permit the buyer to have his initials embossed in the leather. I can live with or without the open pocket, as this is a briefcase not an overnighter. If these changes were made, I’d buy it. It could be the best bag I’ve ever seen.


  34. If you are on the fence, buy this briefcase!
    I have owned this bag long enough to know that my love for it at first sight is to be an enduring love affair. I would bet a lot of folks who find themselves here (reading the reviews) are like me in that they are here to keep selling themselves on this bag over all others. At least for myself, as a true test I would leave this site and try to forget about this bag. Until I would see someone else who found themselves happy with a bag I secretly felt was inferior. Then, I would race back here, lust for this bag, and repeat the process enough times to know this was the one. Earlier this year I finally bought the Navigator.

    I immediately received compliments. I travel a lot and this bag goes with me everywhere. It is very durable and is seasoning well. It is difficult to say more positive than has already been said.

    I would like to comment on concerns and thoughts that others have raised regarding a back pocket. At first I thought this was a good idea, too. I have carrier many bags with pockets and understand the value of immediate functional utility. Perhaps someday there will be a version with such a pocket, but if there was such a version when I bought mine, If I had to do it again, I would be glad I have one without the pocket.

    This bag matches and complements my style and personality. While I am a professional with an attention to detail, I also tend to be a packrat–if I could fit something in a bag, I would take it, regardless whether I really needed it. This bag is more that roomy enough as designed for what I have learned that I need. It has taught me to discriminate between what I really, really need– and what I want with me. This bag expands and the leather is flexible enough that it can bulge to swallow items that are irregular (like a carefully bundled computer power cord that by nature devolves into a wadded tangle). This can be good and bad. Good if you really need that item, but bad in that you can end up looking less elegant in style carrying an oddly bulging bag. I am afraid that an external pocket would make it too easy for me to succumb to the temptation to pack items that I really should not and compromise the style and elegance that this bag has worked hard to teach me.

    Some suggest that it would be nice to have a pocket for immediate access to travel documents; for air travel as an example. I fly frequently and have never felt that the lack of an easy access pocket on this bag is even a minor design flaw, much less a deal breaker . I still need to access my wallet or passport for my ID, which I would never carry either in a easy access (read easy to steal or drop out) pocket. I usually check in on line and have electronic documents on my phone. Or I print boarding passes just before going through security, in which case I still have to open my bag to either add items off my person or remove my laptop.

    Finally, regarding an external pocket, there is something to be said for the purposeful need to slow down, open the bag, and retrieve an item. I look organized and thoughtful and implicitly people surrender control and offer patience for a calm professional taking the time to share a morsel that was contained in this beautiful bag!

    Buy this bag so that I can identify you in my travels and we can share our stories. You will not regret it.

    J S III

  35. Just a few nits
    The overall design of this bag is fantastic, but there are a couple of nits that just make it impossible to purchase for me. I completely agree with Bob about the embossing and the brass plaque. The one on the back is especially a deal killer – having that rub against a suit or jacket every day is just a complete no-go for professionals. I understand wanting the brand out there, but it definitely needs to be more subtle (like the small marks on the brass). If these issues were fixed, I would’ve already purchased this bag.

    I also agree that an open back pocket would be a great addition – even better would be a pocket with a zippered bottom or some other mechanism that would allow the bottom to be opened so the bag can be easily hung on the handle of a rolling travel bag.


  36. Wonderful
    Historic, well-made, American icon.

    Bob G

  37. Outstanding
    Everything I have purchased from the Colonel has been of superlative design and workmanship. This bag is just absolutely perfect- elegant, rugged and practical. I have to admit I have well over a dozen now-discarded briefcases that were expensive and well made, but they didn’t quite have what I wanted. This bag is it! This is something you will be proud to have in the boardroom on the 50th floor as well as on vacation way in the country and you will get compliments on it in both places. This is really a piece of American art- congrats and thanks.

    Patrick C

  38. One thing missing
    Anyone who travels by plane will ask for a open back pocket. A place to stick the boarding pass and put the iPad so you can grab it easily before putting the bag in the overhead. Regrettably I bought a Mullholland for this reason but will gladly purchase one of the Col’s bags when this feature comes. This comment applies to several of these great bags.


  39. Wished it had a back pocket
    Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship. The only thing lacking is a back pocket.


  40. A Wonderful Solution
    I received my #1943 Navigator briefcase yesterday for my birthday. It is a very understated yet impressive quality solution to keeping me organized. I travel a lot in my job and do not take on new travel solutions lightly. This bag is a simple yet elegant traditional briefcase which I will be proud to use for many years to come. The attention to detail, the quality of construction, the innovative touches are all well executed. I am very well pleased with this purchase. Thanks to all the craftsmen and women who are part of Colonel Littleton (and thanks to the Colonel himself). I could not be happier with the quality or appearance of this item or recommend it with more enthusiasm. If you are on the fence considering the value of this item go ahead and purchase it. You will be a happy camper indeed!

    John Brandon

  41. Awesome bag !!! Wished it had a back pocket
    I have been using the Original Saddle briefcase for some years now and thought the Navigator could be a great upgrade but just had to wait to see what Col has to offer next year since this great piece doesn’t have a back pocket !
    Since I travel a lot , having a back pocket in a briefcase saves a lot of hassle and is a must for me !! I trust a lot of Littleton fans will agree with my view on the missing back pocket ..
    Quality wise I don’t think anyone can ever come close to Col.littleton’s products…
    Just fix this issue and I’m sure to buy one !


  42. The best

    Had this bag about a month now and all I can say is that it is simply the best. I have had multiple compliments about the beauty and quality of the bag. There really is nothing like at any price. Frankly for the quality of the workmanship,the quality of the leather and quality of the unique brass hardware it is really a steal ! Bags at 3X or 4X don’t even come close. I am sold on Colonel Littleton products; they are the finest.

    Craig M

  43. AAAAAAA+
    I am a lawyer and thought long and hard before buying this case. You get what you pay for. If you are a lawyer you are a winner even before entering the courthouse. Workmanship is outstanding and it was exactly what I was looking for.


    I opened the bag. I was completely shocked at the attention to detail and I checked this bag to the “T” Nothing was not left checked ..military style. I am totally impressed with the Colonel’s products, truly the best I have encountered. I really enjoy his videos and excellent customer service. The bag is perfect, I tested it, stuffed books and a lap top, ipad…can fit all kinds of stuff, not just papers and documents…you can fit about 2 medium books, a lap top, pens pencils, calculator, ipad…etc……it fits perfect, not a monster bag, perfect and precise. The leather smell is unbelievable. very strong but smells great ! I can’t believe I found this piece.


  45. Magnificent!!!
    You have outdone yourself!! This bag is magnificent!!. I have been searching for this style for over 20 years. Your bag has ended my search. Everything I need for the classes I teach fit perfectly into this wonderful case. You have truly outdone
    yourself. I love your newly designed closure, it makes the bag even more unique. The workmanship is superb, the styling perfect, and the leather smell intoxicating. Thank you

    Brian M (verified owner)

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